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Operating since 2003, UnitForce Technologies Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (UFT) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified IT Consultancy firm headquartered in Bangalore. The company provides talent acquisition, engineering and software services to its clients. It’s a specialist in recruitment consulting, providing niche permanent and contract manpower to meet client needs. UnitForce Technologies boasts of 15 years of experience in talent acquisition with over 5000 full time equivalents placed on permanent and contract basis.


Prior to using RMS, UnitForce Technologies was facing multiple challenges due to their manual methods of hiring. There was no centralized database, making it difficult and time consuming to find candidates for a particular role. Recruiters had to go through every email manually to download CV and store locally on their respective systems. Even the shared server drive had limited storage capacity.

In the words of Ashwini Sundar, Team Lead, Talent Acquisition at UnitForce Technologies, “We were not using any automated tool and everything was manual. Everything was spread across our own desktops. When candidate applies came to our inbox, the team had to browse through each and every email manually to download CVs. Also, reports were created manually through excel sheets.”


To provide world class professionals to clients, UnitForce needed a state-of-the-art recruiting tool and Naukri RMS fit the role perfectly. “Naukri RMS was our first choice. We were already using Naukri Resdex very regularly. Since RMS had a lot of features that could reduce manual work for the team, we decided to opt for it,” says Ashwini.

With RMS, recruiters could have a centralized searchable database in place, accessible from anywhere. With features such as automatic email import and direct integration with Naukri & Career Site, all candidate responses could be easily collated at one place. This made RMS the perfect choice for UnitForce Technologies.


Improved Turnaround Time
Post RMS implementation, overall TAT has gone down for UnitForce in terms of less time spent on sourcing of resumes from multiple channels, storing them in one place and manually screening each one of them. As Ashwini explains, “Previously we posted on Naukri, searched for CVs in Resdex, downloaded them, did some modification, attached the CVs in an email and then sent them to clients. Now this entire process has been automated through RMS. We are also able to process the CVs faster and send them to our clients from RMS itself. We would also love to see RMS utilize AI in a big way which will help us further minimize the time spent on sourcing and screening.”

RMS has not only helped collate all responses automatically on a single platform but it has also made shortlisting of candidates easier through its intelligent CV recommendations and advanced search technology. Its CV masking, CV summary & logo insertion features have further made it easier for recruiters to modify the shortlisted CVs before forwarding them to their clients, thus reducing their overall TAT.

Not only this, RMS has also reduced the time spent by recruiters on getting the interviews scheduled. As Ashwini elaborates, “In the interview process, we were doing three different things earlier. One is scheduling interviews, then preparing manual excel trackers and finally sending interview mails to both the candidate and client. Now it’s all done in one shot with RMS.”

With RMS, interviews can be scheduled with multiple candidates in a go, excel trackers can be created and calendar invite can be triggered automatically to all the stakeholders involved. This frees up a lot of time of the recruiters and improves their overall TAT in just a click.

Wider Candidate Pool

Recruiters at UnitForce are not dependent solely on Naukri & Resdex now. They are able to get more responses through their Career Site and other external channels as well. “There are more options on the table to choose from,” says Ashwini.

Easy Coordination with Candidates

Naukri RMS is a comprehensive recruitment solution that aims at improving the overall recruitment performance through enhanced candidate experience. With features such as Whatsapp for Web and Document Management System, recruiters at UnitForce are directly able to coordinate with candidates. “Connecting with candidates through Whatsapp for Web has made the hiring process a lot easier. Also, one real advantage that we have experienced is in terms of the document management system wherein we can request for documents on the email and get documents from the candidates directly into RMS,” says Ashwini.

Enhanced Internal Collaboration

One of the biggest advantages of RMS for UnitForce is enhanced collaboration within the hiring team. Recruiters can mark status as Called, Messaged, Call not picked etc. against candidate profiles. Same is visible to other members in the team. This helps avoid duplication of effort. Ashwini was in fact pretty upbeat about the same, “Now if we know that the candidate has already been contacted, nobody else will contact the same candidate again for the same requirement. These are small features which have made the process a lot easier.”

Easy Assessment of Recruitment Performance

Whether it’s tracking the performance of the entire team or an individual recruiter, RMS dashboard & reports are capable of both. With RMS, it has become really easy for Ashwini to track the performance of her recruiters. As she says, “Previously when we wanted to monitor the performance of the team, we had to manually collect all the data, use excel sheets and charts to make a comparison. Now all we need to do is to pull out reports from RMS. Also, the data visible on the dashboard help us get an instant update on our activity and monitor who is doing what.”

From manual recruitment methods to adopting RMS as their default recruitment solution, UnitForce Technologies has come a long way. As Ashwini finally concludes, “RMS has been very helpful and has made a lot of impact on our TAT and overall process.”

Employees: 201-500
Product: Naukri RMS Consultant

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Turnaround Time
  • Wider Candidate Pool
  • Easy Coordination with Candidates
  • Enhanced Internal Collaboration
  • Easy Assessment of Recruitment Performance

Automate Your
End to End
Hiring Process
with Naukri RMS

RMS has helped improve visibility of the recruitment process and provides a clear picture of the team’s performance through its solid analytics module. “We are able to generate different kind of dashboards and reports,” says Manoj. RMS provides multiple downloadable, pre-configured reports in graphical and excel form which help track recruitment performance at HuQuo. Leveraging all these advantages of RMS, HuQuo’s recruitment team has experienced better productivity. The entire hiring workflow has also become streamlined and centralized. As Manoj sums it up in a line, “Overall effect is enhanced efficiency of work in my organization”.

Manoj Sharma (CEO)

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