• Naukri RMS Helps
    Recruitment Process Evolve
    at Sisco Jobs

About Company

Incorporated in 2007, Sisco Jobs is one of the fastest growing HR service providers in India. With headquarters in Trichy (Tamil Nadu), Sisco Jobs boasts of a nationwide presence. It specializes in providing recruitment services, training & development programs and temporary workforce solutions to its esteemed clients. Owing to its focus on professional and ethical HR practices, Sisco Jobs has been able to gain direct access to the most outstanding talent in the region.


Sisco Jobs was earlier managing its recruitment process using Zoho Recruit. However, since Naukri was central to their recruitment strategy, recruiters at Sisco were finding it difficult to keep switching between the two different interfaces of Zoho Recruit and Naukri. In the words of Anwar Saadat, the Managing Partner @ Sisco Jobs, “First of all, with Zoho we had to switch between two different interfaces. Then Zoho had features that would appeal more to an American customer rather than an Indian recruiter.” Also, pulling candidate data from Naukri into Zoho was a challenge.


“The main reason to switch to Naukri RMS was its familiar user friendly interface,” says Anwar. He further elaborates, “Due to the familiar interface of RMS, it became more convenient for me to connect the dots and explain the hiring process to a new recruiter. Pushing data into RMS was also quite easy, which was very important for us. Also, Naukri RMS is more targeted towards the Indian recruiter.”


Faster Recruitment Process

Naukri RMS has helped speed up the recruitment process at Sisco Jobs.

As Anwar explains, “A lot of things have changed in recruitment for us with RMS. The recruitment process is much more responsive than before. Even if I get a client who asks me to get candidates immediately, I can quickly provide them the profiles using RMS. Working on requirements and moving candidates to various stages of recruitment is much more convenient in RMS.”

This is possible due to direct integration of RMS with Naukri, its one click job distribution and the advanced search filters that allow sourcing and shortlisting of the right profiles quickly. Communication with different stakeholders is also instantaneous.

Higher Response Rate

Naukri powered career site is enabling Sisco Jobs generate more candidate responses than before. The career site is completely SEO optimized, which boosts their brand equity and ability to get better talent. “The SEO optimization of Naukri is really good. More people follow the website and apply to the career site. Those responses are unique responses which are really good sometimes,” says Anwar.

Complete Control and Visibility

“Reports are really good. We know everything is being monitored,” says Anwar. RMS is not just another automation tool. It’s equipped with strong analytics in the form of a dashboard & easily comprehensible reports which not only provide an overview of the recruitment activities at a glance but also help closely monitor recruiters’ performance.

RMS has played a key role in helping the recruitment process evolve at Sisco Jobs. “Everything is based on RMS now. RMS has completely changed our outlook of recruitment. We all now recruit the RMS way. We have complete visibility on what other stakeholders are doing. It makes our lives easier and organized,” Anwar concludes.

Employees: 11-50
Customer Since: 2017
Product: Naukri RMS Consultant

Key Benefits:

  • Faster Recruitment Process
  • Higher Response Rate
  • Complete Control and Visibility

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