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Savic Technologies is one of the leading partners of SAP that presently works on SAP S/4HANA Implementations, Support, Conversion & Cloud Based Services. It is a privately held company, having corporate office in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra and presence in more than 10 cities across India. It started operations in 2016 and has customers spanning across all regions of India, Sri Lanka, USA, Bangladesh, Middle East and Africa. Customer satisfaction has always been the biggest mantra at Savic. In the coming years, Savic will be venturing into next generation technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain.


In the words of Mohammad Shakir, Vice President at Savic Technologies, “Before Naukri RMS, we were using a different recruitment solution. However, it lacked certain features like multiple approval levels and a robust email notification system. Also, there was a lot of manual work involved.” Preety Anand, General Manager HR at Savic Technologies adds, “Since the existing tool did not have a direct integration with Naukri’s Resdex, we first had to download resumes from Resdex and then manually upload them to take the process forward. It was also difficult to customize the product as per our process requirements. Our experience with their support team was also not satisfactory.”


Struggling with the limitations of their existing tool, Savic was looking for a comprehensive recruitment solution that could not only address the prevailing challenges but also give them a much needed technological edge in recruitment. Naukri RMS, an advanced, end to end hiring solution offered much more. RMS could provide seamless integration with Resdex. Recruiters at Savic could also get multilevel approval flows with RMS. Also, the flexible nature of RMS allowed it to be configured as per Savic’s process requirements, thereby making it the right choice for them.


Greater Transparency of the Hiring Process
In the words of Preety, “The best thing about RMS is the visibility it provides over various activities like CV uploads, approvals received and other recruitment data. Everything is now transparent. The system gives the exact date and time of each CV movement, and other recruitment activities happening in the organization. Hiring Managers have visibility over the raised requisitions, pending feedbacks and approval status. RMS also makes it easy for the recruiters to know the status of the raised requisition.”

Faster Hiring Process and Improved Productivity

“A key benefit of using RMS is automation of various recruitment activities. Earlier we used to manually upload every Resdex profile to our database which was time consuming. Now we can directly move profiles from Resdex to RMS at the click of a button,” says Preety.
She further adds, “Also, whenever we posted an opening, a number of applicants would apply to those positions and searching the right profile from those applications manually would become tiresome for us. RMS helped us solve that”. RMS offered Savic Technologies advanced search and matching filters that helped them find relevant profiles quickly from the database. Preety continues, “All requisition & offer approvals were happening manually through emails prior to RMS. With a Pan India presence, it was getting difficult for us to follow up with every hiring manager to get approvals on time. With RMS, Hiring Managers now get automatic email notifications and they approve or reject the candidates directly through email at the click of a button, which is efficient and time saving.” This has greatly helped recruiters at Savic hire quality candidates faster.

Better Collaboration among Stakeholders

In RMS, approvers can add comments while approving or rejecting requisitions and offer letters. Recruiters can add comments against a profile for communicating with other team members. Hiring managers can provide their feedback against candidates, with the same being automatically visible to the recruiters. Such features promote seamless collaboration among various stakeholders. As Preety says, “Without considering the comments, feedback and star rating, we never move on to the next step of hiring. It is the most vital part of our hiring process.”

Advanced Interview Process

With Naukri RMS, it’s always about providing the best value to its client through cutting edge innovation. Skype Video Interviews was one such feature that really impressed recruiters at Savic. As Preety says, “We have used the Skype Video Interview feature and it’s really good. I actually know that none of the software that we have seen so far in the recruitment space has given us that kind of flexibility for conducting interviews. It’s a good innovation added to the product.”

Complete Visibility of Recruitment Performance

RMS is equipped with BI and data analytics technology which provides useful insights into the performance and efficiency of the recruitment process. Savic got comprehensive understanding of its recruitment performance through the pre-configured graphical reports in RMS. As Preety says, “The format of the pre-configured report is pretty good and easy to comprehend. Also, as far as I know, there is no other tool that gives us configurable reports where we can select custom fields for the report as per our requirement.”

RMS has greatly simplified recruitment for recruiters at Savic which is substantiated by Preety when she says, “RMS has definitely made my life easy as a recruiter”.

Employees: 201-500
Customer Since: 2017
Customer Since: 2017
Industry: IT

Key Benefits:

  • Greater Transparency of the Hiring Process
  • Faster Hiring Process and Improved Productivity
  • Better Collaboration among Stakeholders
  • Advanced Interview Process
  • Complete Visibility of Recruitment Performance

Automate Your
End to End
Hiring Process
with Naukri RMS

Naukri RMS is a cloud-based recruitment management system which completely automates the hiring process, including raising of requisitions, employee referrals, applicant screening, candidate interviews and job offers. Workflows were customized to suit our organization’s requirements, and a range of processes including applicant screening, and sending emails to candidates were automated.

Mohammad Shakir (Savic Technologies)

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