• Russell Tobin India Transforms
    their Recruitment Process
    with Naukri RMS

About Company

Established in 2006, Pride Technologies India is an ISO 9001:2008 certified subsidiary of Pride Global, a private equity holding company headquartered in New York with operating and portfolio companies located in the United States, UK and India.

In 2018 Pride Technologies rebranded its staffing solutions to align itself with the globally recognized staffing arm of Pride Global and continues to offer its services under the banner of Russell Tobin. Russell Tobin India has its head office located in Chennai with branches in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Vadodara. It specializes in Human Capital Management solutions and is known for providing clients with customized and flexible solutions to manage their manpower needs, in a cost effective and efficient manner


Russell Tobin India was relying on manual methods of recruitment prior to leveraging Naukri RMS. In the words of Aarthi Ilangovan, Director of Operations at Russell Tobin India, “Prior to Naukri RMS, there was no automation in place. The process was manual and data used to be maintained on spreadsheets and people’s desktops.” These manual methods were obviously not helping them as they were suffering from productivity and efficiency loss.


Looking to move away from their manual methods of recruitment, Russell Tobin India scouted for a recruitment software in the market to best suit their needs. After having gone through demos of products like Hirecraft, their search ended with Naukri RMS. It was not only the most feature rich recruitment software but also the most value for money. Naukri RMS could also provide them with a centralized, searchable CV repository. As Aarthi says, “Naukri RMS was just the right tool for us as it offered the optimal balance of cost and features. It was cost effective in comparison with the more expensive software tool options, and feature rich when compared with the less expensive ones. With Naukri RMS, we hit the sweet spot. ”


Complete Visibility of Recruitment Performance
The recruitment leads at Russell Tobin India no longer have to rely on excel sheets for capturing recruiters’ performance. As quoted by Aarthi, “I would give credit to reporting. I think the existing reporting in RMS is helpful compared to the whole manual exercise previously. RMS has given us visibility to efforts put in by recruiters in terms of the number of candidate submissions made by them. It also definitely helps in understanding the actual lifecycle of our candidates and how far they are making it in the selection process.” RMS’ detailed dashboard and reports allow team leads to analyze the performance of their recruiters and also make qualitative assessments of the incoming applications by tracking the candidate’s journey in the hiring pipeline.

Improved Efficiency with Automated Workflows

RMS is equipped with automated workflows that mirror the hiring process of the organization. These workflows automate different hiring activities making them effortless, transparent, efficient and less time consuming. Whether it is collecting documents from candidates or sending offer letters to them, RMS has helped Russell Tobin India perform each recruitment activity in a click of a button. As Aarthi says, “An important aspect of RMS is its workflow feature. Certain workflows of RMS allow us to translate the delivery activity into onboarding initiation. We send the offer letter to candidates through RMS along with a follow up email that directs them to our onboarding portal.”

Enhanced Transparency of Recruitment Process

“The recruitment process at Russell Tobin has become more organized and transparent with respect to the issuance of offer letter and collection of documents from candidates. While earlier, offer letters were sent via email and tracked manually, they are now released through RMS which helps keep a record of the salary offered, date of offer letter release, type of documents collected from the candidate and more. This was difficult to track earlier,” says Arunkumar Sankaran, Head, Talent Acquisition & Strategic Account Management at Russell Tobin India.

Better Quality Control

RMS helps Russell Tobin India manage both its internal hiring needs as well as the manpower needs of its clients. As Aarthi says, “We have created custom feedback forms and use the interview feedback forms for our own internal quality control purpose. Our organization has multiple levels of internal vetting before we forward applications to the client. Hence, we use these feedback forms to capture whether an application is good enough to be forwarded to the client or not and why. We can always go back to the recorded feedback to perform future assessments”. Thus, the comprehensive interview feedback mechanism in RMS helps recruiters at Russell Tobin India to identify and keep track of quality candidates.

Improved number of Closures

Leveraging the latest recruitment technology has been conducive to generating more closures for Russell Tobin India’s recruitment team. As Arun says, “The closures are higher this year compared to last year. If we were doing 30 closures same time last year, we are doing 50 closures with RMS now.”

When asked to summarize RMS’ contribution, Aarthi says, “We have come a long way from where we were to how much we are using your tool today. We would like to continue on the same path.” Arun also adds, “Having worked with multiple ATS solutions earlier, I can safely say that Naukri RMS is better than most of them. I have seen RMS evolve from its nascent stage. Owing to RMS’ openness to incorporate clients’ feedback and customize the product as per clients’ requirements, it has completely transformed into a comprehensive recruitment solution. For us, it serves as a tool that captures our entire recruitment process with ongoing opportunities to bring incremental changes and improvements to our journey.”

Employees: 201-500
Customer Since: 2018
Industry: ITES
Product: RMS Enterprise

Key Benefits:

  • Complete Visibility of Recruitment Performance
  • Improved Efficiency with Automated Workflows
  • Enhanced Transparency of Recruitment Process
  • Better Quality Control
  • Improved number of Closures

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