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About Company

Established in the year 2010, RS Consultants has been providing quality and cost effective HR services to SMEs and large enterprises.  The consultancy’s HR solutions are result oriented, scalable, time bound & efficient. RS Consultancy helps clients with their long-term hiring plans by sourcing candidates who are best qualified to meet their unique challenges. Whether it is executive hiring or campus hiring, RS consultants is fully capable of finding the right talent for their valued client.


Prior to using Naukri RMS, RS Consultants was using an internally developed automation tool for managing their hiring. “We were always high on automation. We had a custom built ATS that we had developed out of the box, however we couldn’t pull data directly from Naukri to the ATS,” says Rahul Inamdar, Co-founder of RS Consultants. Hence, lack of integration with Naukri was a challenge.


The unmatched advantage that RMS provided in the form of having a direct legal integration with Naukri was the main reason why RS Consultants chose Naukri RMS over their in-house tool. Now they could easily move applications from Resdex to RMS and create a centralized database to work on.
Also, since RMS had the familiar Naukri interface, it meant a shorter learning curve for their team.


Huge Spike in Career Site Traffic

Naukri RMS powered SEO enabled mobile friendly career site has had a positive impact on their overall employer branding. As Rahul explains, “The biggest advantage I see with Naukri RMS is that the website traffic has gone up drastically and a lot of applies come directly from the career site.” More applies coming from career site also implies that reliance on other job advertising platforms would reduce, eventually leading to a drop in the advertising costs.

Easy Coordination with Candidates

The recently introduced features in Naukri RMS have also been a real time saver for RS consultants. Whether it is the scheduling of Skype Video Interviews directly from RMS or the Whatsapp for Web feature that allows recruiters to chat directly with candidates or the particularly useful Call from App feature, recruiters at RS Consultants are saving a lot of time and effort while communicating with candidates. As Rahul elaborates, “We were recently trying out the Skype Interview feature. It’s a big problem for us when we have to ask the candidate for their Skype ID, add them to our Skype and then finally conduct the interview. I think scheduling those live video interviews directly from RMS would be really helpful. Whatsapp for Web is also a good feature to have. My recruiters are regularly using that. But the one feature I like a lot is Call from App. We don’t need to dial candidates’ numbers now. All we do is click on Call from App in RMS and place the call through our smartphones.”

Easy Reporting & Improved Business Performance

“RMS helps us recognize a couple of things. One thing is what data we have. Cross sale has increased because of that,” says Rahul. The pre-configured reports and real time dashboard have provided them a deeper insight into the hiring activities happening within the organization, thus helping them optimize their process for better conversions.
Also, with better visibility of the recruitment performance through reports, it is easier to put a point across with clients. “Initially we were facing challenges in reports because recruiters never used to mark ‘Called’ or ‘Sent a message’ or move the candidates in pipeline but over time that’s changing and I am seeing good improvement. It does well typically for difficult clients where we can pull the data directly and tell them; this number of resumes has been posted for you. Reports help us argue better,” says Rahul in his concluding remarks.

Employees: 2-10
Customer Since: 2017
Product: Naukri RMS Consultant

Key Benefits:

  • Huge Spike in Website Traffic
  • Easy Coordination with Candidates
  • Easy Reporting & Improved Business Performance

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