• Phoenix Global Trade Solutions
    Transforms their Recruitment Process
    with Naukri RMS

About Company

Phoenix Global Trade Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is part of the Phoenix Group, a global Agrifoods and Resources enterprise that is engaged in production, procurement, processing, merchanting, wholesale, and distribution through an integrated supply chain. The Phoenix Group has its presence in 26 offices, connecting 35+ origin and 65+ destination countries. It boasts of a 2500+ strong team that manages 45+ supply chain assets and transacts over 11Mn MT across 65+ product categories with 3500+ customers worldwide.


Phoenix Global Trade Solutions was not using any automation prior to Naukri RMS which led to a number of challenges. “The data was not structured. Since we were not using any kind of automation, tracking the recruitment activities happening inside the organization was difficult. It was also difficult to keep a check on the status of every applicant,” says Chhavi, HR Manager at Phoenix Global Trade Solutions.


With an urge to provide a structure to their recruitment process, Phoenix Global came across Naukri RMS, an advanced end to end recruitment solution. That was the beginning of a fruitful partnership which continues till date. Not only could RMS streamline their entire hiring process but also could assist them in using other Naukri services more effectively. “Naukri Job Posting was working out very well for us. Now all we wanted was a second tool which could help us economically utilize these job postings. That’s when we looked at RMS as the perfect solution,” says Chhavi. RMS’ ability to automate the complete hiring flow and its direct integration with Naukri firmly convinced the HR team at Phoenix Global about the usefulness of RMS as a recruitment tool. As Chhavi further explains, “We were already looking for a RMS kind of solution with which we could streamline our hiring process. That was the time when we were about to renew our Naukri Job Posting subscription. We had a couple of meetings, with demos conducted by the RMS team. Thanks to the way they explained everything, our HR head and the entire team was convinced to buy RMS.”


Improved Sourcing with Career Site and Social Sharing
“One thing we always wanted was to have an active career site. RMS has helped us achieve that”, says Ariti Roy, the Talent Acquisition Lead at Phoenix Gobal Trade Solutions. The direct integration of RMS with their career site allows recruiters at Phoenix to post jobs on their career site with a single click, thereby utilizing one of the most vital job advertising channels for sourcing. Also, since the RMS powered career site is completely responsive and SEO-friendly, it further improves the reach and visibility of the brand. Social sharing feature of RMS also enhances the sourcing capabilities of recruiters as they can now share jobs on various social networks in just a click. Ariti says, “RMS is directly linked with multiple sources, which allows us to automatically post jobs on various platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook easily. That’s a huge change for us. Also, all the responses from these sources are consolidated into one RMS database.”

Huge Time Savings

“We have definitely saved a substantial amount of time post RMS implementation. The speed of hiring has also increased,” says Chhavi. Being a cutting edge automation tool, RMS provides features such as advanced duplicity check, scanning through multiple incoming CVs and automatically identifying duplicate profiles. The duplicity check feature works with accuracy with multiple CV sources and parameters.
As Chhavi explains, “The moment I get a CV through a third party consultant, the system automatically identifies it as a duplicate profile if it already exists in my database, or the job has already been applied to by the referred candidate. We are also using RMS Referral along with RMS Pro. So the same holds true for duplicate applies coming through employee referrals as well. For me, it’s a huge time saver. I can now utilize the same time doing other important things than just manually identifying duplicate CVs from my database.”

Intelligent CV Recommendations

RMS’ advanced search and automatic recommendations help recruiters get the best matches for a particular role with minimal effort. As Chhavi further explains, “RMS provides me with the best suited resumes against the JD I have entered into the system. So the initial screening is already done. My recruiter doesn’t actually have to look at thousands of applications to manually screen CVs and shortlist the right one. Most of the time, CVs recommended by the intelligent system of Naukri RMS are good enough to give you the right pool of candidates.”

Superior Visibility over Recruitment process

Naukri RMS allows organisations to not only automate their recruitment process but also gain a deeper insight into their recruitment performance through its easily comprehensible graphical reports. As Chhavi explains, “With a system like RMS, we are able to track where the CVs are; at what stage they have reached. Also, when I am doing a job posting from RMS, I am posting it on multiple channels such as my career site and other job portals like Naukri. Now I am actually able to track the source of every CV; whether it has come from the career site, referrals or Naukri’s job posting. RMS gives you a complete breakdown of the sources.”

Reduced Dependency on Recruitment Agencies

With a tool like Naukri RMS, not only the recruitment process gets automated but the hiring cost, which is a major cause of concern for most organizations, also goes down. With RMS’ job distribution, one stop sourcing, advanced search and automatic recommendation features, companies are able to hire good quality candidates faster, thus reducing their reliance on third party recruitment agencies. As Chhavi says, “With RMS, our dependency on consultants has gone down.”
Chhavi’s final thoughts on RMS are best reflected in her concluding remarks, “RMS is a great recruitment tool. Any company that is using Naukri for hiring must use RMS to see improvement in their overall recruitment process. It adds substantial value and we can definitely vouch for it. RMS with a good team of recruiters is a deadly combination!”

Employees: 2500+
Customer Since: 2017
Product: Naukri RMS Pro

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Turnaround Time
  • Improved Visibility of Performance
  • Improved Overall Efficiency

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