• Jekson Vision Overcomes
    Performance Barriers with
    Naukri RMS

About Company

Jekson Vision is a global provider of vision inspection and track & trace solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Backed by an experience of 20 years, the Ahmedabad based company offers customers cutting edge solutions by following innovative machine-vision techniques for industrial automatic inspections and traceability.
Jekson Vision focuses on research, design, software development and engineering, through which it is able to provide high quality and reliable, yet affordable solutions. The company has offices across the globe in countries like Germany, UK, Italy, Malta, Russia and USA.


Prior to using Naukri RMS, Jekson Vision was relying on manual methods of recruitment and was facing a couple of challenges. “We were not using any kind of automation prior to RMS. Tracking applications was a major challenge. Remembering everything and keeping a record of every recruitment activity was also difficult. As a result, recruiters used to miss out on critical candidates at times,” says Parth Shah, Manager, Talent Acquisition at Jekson Vision.


Being a global player, Jekson Vision needed a recruitment tool that matches the global standards of excellence. Naukri RMS proved to be that one stop recruitment solution that would not only automate their entire recruitment process but also provide an overview of all the hiring activities performed in the organization.


Easier Application Tracking
As Parth says, “After being introduced to RMS it now seems a lot easier to track candidate’s application. RMS not only helps close new positions but at the same time also helps in keeping a record of the candidates and active profiles.”
In RMS it’s possible for everyone in the recruitment team to have a visibility over a candidate’s status in the hiring pipeline. This allows recruiters to track which applications are at interview or assessment stage and take action accordingly. Recruiters’ ability to move candidates from one stage to another also makes it easier for them to track the applications later. They can further add comments and feedback against applications with the same being visible to others in the recruitment team.

Effortless Performance Tracking
“Our experience with Naukri RMS has been pretty good. Now we don’t have to keep looking into excel sheets for data. With RMS, all information of the recruitment process is readily available on a single platform,” says Parth. Through its dashboard and reports, RMS has provided Jeskon Vision with deeper insights into their recruitment performance, helping them identify and overcome performance barriers.
Overall, Naukri RMS has provided a much required boost to the recruitment process of Jekson Vision. As Parth concludes, “It’s a pretty good, simple and user friendly tool to have. I can rate it 8 out of 10.”

Employees: 201-500
Industry: Manufacturing
Product: Naukri RMS Pro

Automate Your
End to End
Hiring Process
with Naukri RMS

We have been using Naukri for a very long time now. It is a helpful tool to find relevant talent for our positions. Earlier there was only Resdex as the key product of Naukri, but now after being introduced to RMS, it has become lot easier to track candidate’s application till we share the offer letter with candidate. Thanks Naukri for a tool like RMS. It is simply incredible and easy to use.

Parth Shah (Manager TA)

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