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    Improves Recruitment
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About Company

Dotsquares Technologies is a leading Web App Solutions & Application Development company. With 14+ years of experience of working with SMEs and large enterprises, the UK based company credits its success to its agile methodology and superior communication skills. Dotsquares has a global presence, with three development centers in Jaipur, India. Having completed in excess of 8000 projects, including content managed systems, e-commerce stores and social networking apps, Dotsquares now boasts of over 600 experienced technical staff and continues to expand.


Prior to using Naukri RMS, Dotsquares Technologies faced multiple challenges in their recruitment process as the entire CV database was lying across different systems. Maintaining a record of recruitment activities was not easy, as all entries had to be done manually. Also, lack of visibility over the status of an application to other team members led to repetition of efforts, resulting in productivity and time loss. In the words of Pallavi Panwar, Sr. Executive HR at Dotsquares, “Earlier other team members used to end up calling the same candidate again if someone in the team forgot to update the final status of candidate.”


Being a rapidly growing IT firm, Dotsquares Technologies India required a recruitment solution that could keep up with their expanding needs. Naukri RMS could perfectly fulfill those requirements as it could provide them with the latest in recruitment technology. Its cloud based searchable database could help them create a central repository of CVs accessible to everyone in the team from anywhere. Also, the ability to mark status against a candidate profile in one click could provide the recruitment team at Dotsquare the necessary visibility over their hiring process.


Reduced Time to Hire

With all CVs getting collated recruiters at Dotsquare no longer need to check different sources of CVs for incoming applications. “We now have a centralized CV database; therefore we don’t need to check Resdex, referrals and other sources for CVs individually. We can find all the CVs at one place in RMS and that is quite time saving,” says Pallavi.

Improved Collaboration among Stakeholders

Pallavi says, “Now whenever I need to send the interview email to the candidate, I can do that right from RMS. If I need to send a calendar invite, that can also be done directly from RMS. I can check whether a candidate was called or not. I can even ask other team members by commenting against a candidate’s profile.”
Flexibility to send interview calendar invites to candidates from RMS eliminates the need for recruiters to call them or send them an interview email separately. Neither do they have to wait for an email confirmation as candidates can directly accept or reject the calendar invite in a single click. Also, comments allow recruiters to communicate effectively with other team members.

More Efficient Hiring Process

“Now our recruitment process is more sorted. If we have called a candidate we can mark his status as called. If the candidate doesn’t pick up the call, we can mark it as call not picked,” says Pallavi. RMS thus allows the recruitment team to get complete visibility of the application status. As a result, there is better collaboration, less duplicity of efforts and a more efficient hiring process.
Pallavi sums up the Naukri RMS experience in one line, “For me RMS is a time saving, and recruiter friendly tool. It’s easy to work with. Also, whenever I am faced with any hiccup, the support team is always there to help.”

Employees: 500-1000
Customer Since: 2018
Industry: Information Technology and Services
Product: Naukri RMS Pro

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced Time to Hire
  • Improved Collaboration among Stakeholders
  • More Efficient Hiring Process

Automate Your
End to End
Hiring Process
with Naukri RMS

” We are enjoying working on RMS because of its user friendly features and automated process. We find it to be a perfect medium to share and manage our requirements. “

Pallavi Panwar (Senior HR Executive, DotSquares Technologies)

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