• Quality of Hiring Improves
    at Brain Behind Brand
    with Naukri RMS

About Company

Founded in 2008, B3-Brain Behind Brand is a rapidly growing consultancy in Kolkata that specializes in providing tailor-made recruitment solutions to its clients. It’s one of the most trusted corporate recruitment and job consultancy firms in eastern India and has an esteemed clientele in India, Malaysia, UAE and Qatar. The firm provides services like management consultancy, head hunting and executive search across different sectors including manufacturing, IT & Software, Engineering, Education and Hospitality amongst others.


B3-Brain Behind Brand was not using much of automation prior to RMS implementation. Since talent hunting has turned out to be a fiercely competitive space, manual methods of recruitment were posing serious productivity and performance challenges for the team. There was lack of efficient data management with most data scattered in excel sheets. In the absence of a centralized database, the recruitment process was time consuming and complex.


RMS could provide the much needed impetus to the hiring abilities of B3-Brain Behind Brand. It could simplify the recruitment process by automating it end to end. With RMS, it was possible to source profiles from multiple channels and build a centralized cloud based CV database. In the words of Amitava Bannerjee, CEO of B3-Brain Behind Brand, “Recruitment is becoming complex now a days, so a platform like RMS where we can get in touch with the CVs even outside the Naukri platform is definitely a handy and advantageous tool for us.”


Reduction in Time to Hire

“RMS has reduced the time of shortlisting CVs. We are processing CVs and forwarding them to clients faster than before,” says Amitava. Equipped with the advanced search technology and intelligent CV recommendations, RMS helps recruiters get relevant candidate profiles quickly, thus reducing the overall time to hire.

Better Quality of Hires

RMS, being a one-stop sourcing platform, allows clients to source profiles from multiple channels on a single platform, resulting in a wider candidate pool to choose from. Owing to this, Brain Behind Brand has been able to attract higher quality candidate profiles. As Amitava confirms, “We are getting more appropriate CVs using RMS. Clients are also more satisfied with the quality of CVs we are forwarding to them.”

Stronger Brand Recall

Brain Behind Brand has also experienced a stronger brand recall post RMS. “We have noticed an increase in client interest post implementation of RMS. We are getting new clients when we are advertising jobs through RMS,” says Amitava.

Effective Reporting & Analytics

RMS reports and dashboard provide the necessary intelligence to monitor and assess the recruitment performance of the team. As Amitava says, “One great advantage about RMS is its Reports. RMS reports are interesting and definitely help in performance assessment.”
RMS has worked to a greater advantage of its clients and B3-Brain Behind Brand has experienced it firsthand as mentioned by Amitava in his concluding remarks, “RMS has upgraded our recruitment process. It has provided us with more knowledge and exposure to get appropriate and interested candidates in lesser time.”

Employees: 2-10
Customer Since: 2017
Product: Naukri RMS Consultant

Key Benefits:

  • Reduction in Time to Hire
  • Better Quality of Hires
  • Stronger Brand Recall
  • Effective Reporting & Analytics

Automate Your
End to End
Hiring Process
with Naukri RMS

This is what we like about RMS – Ease of posting jobs across Naukri RMS, RMS’ matching filters enable auto-shortlisting of candidates that match with our client’s job criteria, Ability to reach out to multiple candidates through mass mails, Re-use existing profiles shortlisted for other requirements to close new positions, RMS provides us with a scope to access CVs not available on Naukri.com and therefore , an opportunity to track appropriate CVs based on specific keywords from multiple avenues, RMS provided us with a systematic management system to monitor & simplify the complex steps involved in Recruitment Solutions. RMS is the Futuristic Recruitment Solution Module and the impact of it will increase in the days to come.

Amitava Banerjee (CEO)

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