Naukri RMS Consultant helps you build a strong brand presence among jobseekers and clients


  • Build credibility among jobseekers through a professional looking mobile ready career site
  • Your Company branded careers url and logo on the career site
  • SEO friendly site to rank higher in google search results
  • Social sharing widgets to make the brand presence felt on sharing of jobs
  • Send mailer communication to jobseekers with your brand name on top


  • Get brand visibility by whitelabeling CVs with your brand before sharing with clients
  • Use your own email ids to send CVs to clients in desirable format without much effort

Naukri RMS Consultant maximizes your candidate reach & helps you find suitable profiles from a wider pool

  • SEO friendly mobile ready career site to reach out to more candidates through google search
  • Ease of posting jobs across Naukri, career site and social media from a single platform
  • Ease of sharing jobs with subcontractors to reach more potential candidates
  • Ability to share jobs/career site links with potential jobseekers on Whatsapp
  • One-click apply for jobseekers using their Naukri profile
  • Ability to reach out to multiple candidates through mass mails

Naukri RMS consultant boosts the speed and productivity of your recruiters

  • Post jobs across multiple platforms in a click to reach out to potential candidates faster
  • Collate responses from multiple channels on a centralized platform to connect with relevant candidates faster
  • Mask multiple CVs, insert CV summary and whitelabel them with consultant brand before sending them to clients
  • Customize CV tracker template as per clients’ requirement & share it with them in a go
  • Check duplicity of resumes at employer level to ensure that same resume doesn’t go twice
  • Re-use existing profiles shortlisted for other requirements to close new positions
  • Send personalized mailer communication to candidates using pre-defined mailer templates

Naukri RMS Consultant helps you identify quality hires that match your client’s requirements

  • Hiring from multiple sources through a common platform enables selection of candidates from a wide pool
  • Naukri’s search technology allows you to find the most relevant profiles for your requirements from your database
  • Naukri’s matching filters enable auto-shortlisting of candidates that match with your job criteria
  • Naukri’s star rating filters help you get suitable candidate profile recommendations automatically

Naukri RMS Consultant gives you complete control & visibility over your recruitment process

Detailed dashboard to get an overview of the hiring status

  • Visibility on active & open requirements, new applications
  • Overview of current pipeline status of requirements
  • Notifications for assigned requirements
  • Interviews lined up and the ones that have been completed
  • Offers rolled out and candidates who are scheduled to join

Comprehensive reports to evaluate program effectiveness

  • Reports to closely monitor recruiters’ activities to gauge their performance
  • Reports to analyse the conversion rate of CVs submitted to clients
  • Reports to identify top clients based on closures, billing value etc.
  • Reports to analyse the effectiveness of sources used to closepositions
  • Reports to analyse the current pipeline of your positions

Benefits of RMS being in the cloud

Always Up-To-Date

Latest version of the software with automatic updates

Always Secure

Data security ensures safety of information on cloud

Always Backed Up

Data is backed up allowing you protection from device crashing

Always Accessible

Anytime, Anywhere access from computer, mobile and tablet

A Few of Our Delighted Customers

“Since we are a Sales based organization, we do mass hiring and spend a lot of our time in feeding the data and maintaining them in excel sheets. With Naukri RMS, this task has been refined and automated to a great extent. This tool gives us greater control over the data and generate accurate reports which helps us in streamlining the whole recruitment process.”

Arun Gupta
Kent RO Systems Limited

“The ability to manage everything in a single place has a huge impact on productivity. Naukri RMS has eliminated the need for separate tools or ATS and brings everything together in one easy-to-use platform and delivers measurable results. As a result, our teams are more intertwined and focused on common goals than ever before and we now have insight into every step of recruitment process.”

Nidhi Bhardwaj
Sterling Indo Tech Consultants

“Naukri RMS has easy to use interface which is very easy to understand and manage, making it the ideal choice for those who are not very tech-savvy. It provides a simple and easy recruitment solution, by way of giving the end user the option of setting filters for specific keywords or titles for fresh and relevant search results. It helps automate the entire hiring process and makes it easy for a single recruiter to work on multiple requirements. Having a huge cloud database storage is an add on. We rely mostly on Naukri RMS for all our recruitment needs and will highly recommend the same.”

Preity Grover
Profuse HR Consultancy

“We are a tech start-up company in quest of a simple & effective ATS and given our expectations Naukri RMS really stood out! I’m impressed with the highest level of professional approach by the whole RMS team starting from Sales, Trainers, Tech support to their back-end development team. We have been successfully managing our Recruitment so far, with good visibility and happy with the features and especially the Naukri team for their utmost devotion in responding to customers and to constantly improvise.”

Pardhu Narukula
Machint Solutions

“We have written earlier also about RMS Naukri being a wonderful value add & the extra features that it has.
The fact that it is in a way a self-owned data base, the tracking mechanism for candidates progress, for comments, and the search parameters in consonance with Resdex is a big value-add. Several consultants can work on the same data base is an added advantage. There are many suggestions that we had given which have been incorporated and it is heartening to be in connect and proactive support of the team.”

Arvind Elhance
Jobs Navigator

“Naukri RMS portal eased the lives of our recruiters as it has served as a single platform for almost all of our recruiting activities.
It automated our end to end hiring process, from getting a requisition to sending an offer. It increased our speed of hiring substantially. RMS also facilitated the saving of our database and generating relevant reports.”

Suraj Shetty
Kalpataru Limited

“Paladion TA team has been regularly using RMS Referral tool for 6 months and above now, and it has been impactful for us wherein we have received and seen 80% increase in referral CVs on ATS. The way ER dashboards are released and engagement mailers are sent around ER by RMS Referral tool has helped to build in employee engagement and enthusiasm across Business Units. We look forward to see ER channel closure contribution raise by 100% visa-vise last year’s ER closures. Team is responsive and has addressed tool concerns raised with shorter TATs. Please make sure most recently added testimonials are visible first on the RMS website.”

Nishant Telang
Paladion Networks Pvt. Ltd.

“Naukri RMS is a great tool to organize your CVs databank. The Inbox linking feature is the most useful part of this product, as it helped us to create our own data of resumes which otherwise was cumbersome to do manually by downloading CVs through mails.

Overall a great product and very useful for big organizations”

Manasi Hadkar
J M Baxi & Co.

“Before trying Naukri RMS we have tried other platforms, and were searching for something stronger, better and easy to adapt. With RMS our search came to an end. It has been tremendous journey for us with RMS, and it always provides on-time support and latest technology updates. Training is conducted systematically. Very glad that we have chosen RMS and we have also grown along with them in the last few years! It has directly impacted our business growth where every hour is utilized more smartly.”

Soumya Pattabisitaram

“Our team was facing huge production loss due to overflowing email inboxes, manual job postings on multiple job boards, sorting resumes, screening applicants, aligning an interview with clients and making multiple dashboard for internal and client review. However, we have been able to address all these issues post implementation of Naukri RMS, which has helped us in giving discipline to entire work by restructuring our entire data base, providing better applicant tracking experience, enabling better communication & relationship building, enabling job board integration etc. Good job by RMS team and looking forward to constant improvement in RMS to support us better hence forward.”

Manoj Sharma
HuQuo Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

“RMS has helped us in managing both our candidates and clients. It’s a one stop solution of all our needs. Now, we do not have to waste our manpower in maintaining databases and all. In addition to being extremely professional, friendly and efficient they provide a truly personalized service which has made all the difference in finding us top candidates for many different roles. We have a long relationship with RMS and would strongly recommend RMS to other professionals in the industry.”

Kamakshi Sharma
VRS Advisory Services

“Use of RMS tool has given us a lot of visibility of entire recruitment process flow and also the ability to analyze the data at every stage. Recruiter output can be measured from the tool. Before we started using Naukri RMS, we lost a lot of precious time in having to maintain manual tracker and working on responses. . With Naukri RMS, this challenge has been solved to a great extent. The automated tool has sped up the entire process and also given us greater control and process visibility through comprehensive reports. This has had a positive impact on our overall business performance.”

Anand Prakash
Bureau Veritas

“Naukri RMS is a great tool to organise our recruitment process. Sitting at the head office and managing the work centrally across location is a huge benefit of RMS for Talpro and the ability to manage everything in a single place has a huge impact on productivity. Naukri RMS has eliminated the need for different tools and brings everything together in one easy-to-use platform and delivers measurable results. The support provided is immensely commendable for the trainings provide deep insight & technical skills about the product.”

Bhaskar Anand

“Before using Naukri RMS, we spent a lot of time in manually shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews and collecting feedbacks. We did not have a private secured searchable database. Naukri RMS has helped us on both the counts. Since it is completely automated software, there is a lot of time saved which improves productivity and efficiency. Our recruitment costs have reduced and time to hire new candidates has also improved. Features such as requisition tracking, customized requisition form, Resdex integration and One Stop Sourcing really make the product stand out. We would love to recommend Naukri RMS to other customers also.”

Ashwini Lokhande
Parle Products Private Limited

“Naukri RMS is a cloud-based recruitment management system, which completely automates hiring process, including job requisitions, employee referrals, applicant screening, candidate interviews, job offers. Workflows was customized to suit our organization’s requirements, and automate a range of processes including applicant screening, sending of emails to candidates. Naukri RMS referral management solution provides real-time employee updates and customizable communications”

Mohammad Shakir
Savic Technologies

“This tool had been of great help in reaching out to our employees regarding the various current openings. It has been a one stop solution for all our referral activities. We have received overwhelming responses in terms of resume references from our employees and have successfully closed a number of positions through employee referral.”

Berger Paints

“We were introduced to the RMS platform on Naukri last year and thorough demos/ training were provided which were also repeated for each recruiter PAN India. The platform helped increase the reach of our sourcing which in turn aided in getting more profiles. The comprehensive reports that can be extracted through this platform give better control and visibility of the function as a whole. The RMS Team at Naukri is always available for any query / issue and the same is resolved on priority. Overall we are very satisfied with the platform and the service.”

Ridhi Prasad

“RMS has been an excellent product catering to full cycle of a specific segment of consulting/hiring business. A focused product with high level of integrity to one of the largest databases. Its user friendly interface and tutorials videos helps recruiters to understand the process of execution easily. Reports generation with different aspects of stake holders keeps transparency and track of teams performance while giving an analytical picture of the trend organization is following. Every product keeps on enhancing its approach and so does RMS. We expect a lot more positive enhancements n changes like invoicing, logo watermarks for CV tagging in time to come.
Wishing all the very best to the Naukri !!!”

Gurprit Singh Anand
Founder & Director (Hiretek Solutions Pvt. Ltd)

“Prior to using Naukri RMS Enterprise, we spent a lot of time in manually coordinating for scheduling interviews and collecting feedbacks. Also we didn’t have much control over the process also. Naukri RMS Enterprise has helped us on both the counts. Owing to its completely automated process, Naukri RMS Enterprise helped us to create a database also for entire hiring process. Owing to its completely automated process, now we have sped up the entire process and the comprehensive reports give us complete control and process visibility. If Naukri RMS put an option of Search Sharing it will add an advantage”

Jobs Territory

“We are with Naukri RMS from the last two years. Naukri RMS has also automated our hiring process saving a lot of resources and improving our productivity at the same time. In addition to several useful features the product also has excellent customer support that is quick to respond to any concerns whatsoever. The product has positively impacted our business performance. Definitely recommended!”

Karvy HR Team

“We have been using the Referral tool for the past year and have found it to be very convenient. The backend team is very responsive to queries. The tool has simplified our Referral process.”

Valona Mascarenhas
Entertainment Network India Limited

“It’s one of the amazing tools which ease my day to day life as a recruiter. Now our internal employee can refer and share the internal jobs to other social media platform just using a click. I can also easily filter out the candidates who are not fitting into the requirement and it’s all just a click away.”

Rakesh Kumar
Kongsberg Digital Software & Services

“The RMS application has been quite effective in helping us to create a data bank of all candidates applying through various sources and channels, hence easing the complete search process by bringing the candidates together at one place. The application is user friendly and with various added features helps us to do multiple activities with one click on a single page.”

Rashi Ramani
Religare Health Insurance Company Limited

“We have been using Naukri for a very long time and it is a helpful tool to find relevant talent and candidates for our positions. Earlier there was only “Resdex” as a key feature of Naukri but now after introducing RMS, it has become lot easier to track candidate’s application till we share the offer letter with candidate. Thanks for adding new features/ tool like RMS, it is simply incredible and easy to use.”

Parth Shah
Jekson Vision Pvt. Ltd.

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