What is mobile recruitment and its benefits?

What is Mobile Recruiting and its Benefits?

Mobile recruitment is not a recent trend, however, with the ever growing technological capabilities of smartphones, mobile recruitment has also grown stronger and acquired more prominent place in the overall recruitment strategy. So how exactly mobile recruitment works and what are its benefits? Let’s examine now.

What is Mobile Recruiting?

Mobile recruiting is a term collectively used for recruiting talent using mobile technology and hiring them on the go. Leveraging mobile technology for candidate engagement also comes under mobile recruitment.

Why is Mobile Recruitment Important?

Research tells us that the number of smartphone users is growing rapidly. In 2011, only 10 percent of the world population had access to smartphones while in 2018 this has grown to 36 percent. There were 2.1 billion smartphone users in 2016 which is expected to rise to 2.5 billion in 2019. Thus, the widespread adoption of smartphones by people across the globe indicates an immense potential in this technology to reach out to jobseekers from around the world.

This makes mobile recruitment one of the biggest game changers of the recruitment space. Besides, social media and mobile technology are closely related to each other and recruiters who are able to use these two technologies to their benefit can surely attract better talent.

What are the benefits of Mobile Recruitment?


Improved candidate engagement is one of the top benefits of mobile recruiting

People are using smartphones as their single point of contact with the world. Whether it is checking their emails, social media accounts, or messages, it is now becoming the de-facto place for communication.  This holds true for jobseekers as well.  If recruiters have an active career site they can add a functionality to allow jobseekers receive alerts on their smartphones when they are shortlisted. Whatsapp, which is now the biggest instant messaging app in terms of active users can also prove an effective engagement tool where recruiters can communicate with candidates immediately when they are shortlisted for a particular role.

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Social Media Integration is an advantage of smartphone recruiting

Social media surfing is one of the most prominent usages of smartphones. By building a good social media presence and integrating it with your mobile recruitment strategy you can drastically increase your reach. By posting on social media accounts you can drive visits to your own career site also. People are also more likely to refer their contacts for a job advertised on the social media channel owing to the convenience of sharing.  It is important to have a mobile optimized career site which provides a seamless experience of social sharing to effectively utilize the power of mobile with social media.

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A wider target audience is enabled by mobile recruiting

Mobile recruitment has the potential to significantly increase the company reach to passive candidates who are too busy to go to a job board or career site and search for a better opportunity. Even these candidates would be checking their smartphones on daily basis. By creating a mobile optimized career site and optimizing the application process for the “mobile” user, recruiters can greatly improve their application rate. Organizations can also build recruiter mobile app that allows them to post jobs on the go, and view the status of the job created by them. This will not only add to the speed of hiring but also boost the overall productivity of the recruiters.

Better brand perception is an important value addition of mobile recruiting

Even if you do not want to create a separate mobile recruiting strategy, even having a mobile optimized company branded site can greatly affect the quantity and quality of the talent that your organization attracts. Most candidates, before applying to a job, research about the company and most probably use their smartphone for the same. Having a company website that breaks down on the mobile can leave a lasting poor impression thus harming the application rate. Thus, a mobile optimized company website is an important must-have.

Increased productivity is achieved by recruiting on mobile

With recruitment mobile apps, there is real time information available to recruiters who can check the status of the jobs created by them, review the candidate applications on the go and shortlist candidates remotely. They can also schedule interviews through these apps or view candidate documents like CV and others within a matter of minutes, anywhere, anytime. These smartphone recruitment apps allow recruiters to perform more in less time and with lesser efforts and hence a positive impact on their performance.

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