What Changes Artificial Intelligence Can Bring In Recruitment 2020?

With artificial intelligence (AI) redefining the recruitment landscape on a global level, the battle to attract and hire talented individuals is getting fierce. Since there is no dearth of good employment opportunities in the job market, candidates have become more selective than ever. They are mostly interested in working for companies that have a robust employer brand. For this reason, the majority of businesses around the world are abandoning obsolete hiring techniques and perpetually striving to build a strong presence on the internet with the assistance of technologies. Taking the ever-increasing competition for talent into consideration, one cannot deny that opting for software solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence has become an essential prerequisite for turbocharging recruiting efforts in today’s age. From decreasing time-to-hire to enhancing recruitment practices, the use of new-age technologies is proving to be beneficial for organizations of all sizes. The proper implementation of Artificial Intelligence can work wonders for boosting business efficiency and producing desirable results in less time. Here, we will discuss in detail how AI can introduce changes in the recruitment process and help the new breed of HR professionals win the war for top talent.



Top 5 ways AI can transform recruitment


There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is gaining more traction with each passing day. Apart from the recruitment industry, AI technologies are being widely used in various other sectors such as IT, healthcare, retail etc., because they help businesses with digital transformation and increase profitability to a great extent. Listed below are the top 5 ways AI can bring changes in the modern talent acquisition scenario in 2020.


Automation of manual tasks 


Businesses globally are leveraging Artificial Intelligence in different ways to reap the maximum benefits of this new-age technology. AI can be really useful for effectively managing essential business operations and automating tasks that do not require much creativity. By making good use of technologies like big data and machine learning, recruiters can easily supercharge hiring efficiency. It is a known fact that recruiting apt candidates for open job positions in the organization is an uphill task as it requires plenty of effort and resources. But by picking out an artificial intelligence-based recruitment software, talent acquisition professionals can find candidates, analyze skill sets, and perform background checks much faster.


Facilitating accurate and catchy job descriptions


Contrary to popular belief, manually creating impactful job descriptions is not as easy as it seems. When it comes to formulating a description for a particular job position, HR teams have to cover everything from role responsibilities to educational qualifications and work experience. But the good news is that recruiters no longer have to spend numerous hours creating job descriptions. Artificial Intelligence can facilitate the generation of catchy job descriptions and ensure that they are sufficiently detailed, thereby significantly reducing the workload of recruiters.


Smart hiring algorithms can help shortlist prospective job candidates much faster


Most experienced hiring managers concur on the fact that making use of data in recruiting is of prime importance. Although manually scrutinizing data can be a difficult and time-consuming task for humans, smart hiring algorithms can do the job quite well. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, human resources personnel can swiftly scan resumes and fetch out the information needed to analyze applicants’ skills to determine whether they are suitable for the advertised job role or not. This way prospective job candidates can be shortlisted for going to the next stage in less time.


Streamlining  management of interviews for identifying the best talent


Candidates are hired only after they clear all the tests and perform well in multiple rounds of interviews. It is never advisable to hire an applicant just on the basis of one interview because a thorough evaluation of skills, aptitude, and character is extremely important. The best way to go about selecting the right job candidate is to hold a well-structured interview as it will make it easier for you to filter out unsuitable applicants who lack the required qualifications and skill sets. Artificial Intelligence can be useful for streamlining the conduction and management of well-structured job interviews. It can make the recruitment process more efficient and help you choose the best talent for your company from a large pool of applicants.


Predictive analytics to make more informed and strategic decisions


The increasing usage of predictive analytics in the talent acquisition sphere is one of the latest AI recruitment trends of 2020. The effective utilization of predictive analytics is slowly becoming a top priority for companies as it enables human resources professionals to make more informed and strategic business decisions with ease. The greatest benefit of predictive analysis is that it eliminates biases and human errors from recruitment. By giving a clear picture of the bottlenecks that impair the hiring process, it assists HR managers in developing a better recruiting strategy to ensure that they do not face any major hardships while connecting with skilled applicants. Besides preparing the path for a stronger recruitment process, predictive analytics can also come in handy for effectively assessing the screening sources to determine the best ones. Recruiters can thoroughly study the data gathered over time to facilitate the prediction of future hiring trends so that the necessary steps can be taken beforehand to achieve important organizational goals at the earliest possible time frame.


Now that Artificial Intelligence has made its way into the talent acquisition landscape, companies are investing in AI-powered recruitment tools to hire effectively in the current tough labor market. Since most manual business activities can easily be streamlined owing to the advent of technology, it has now become possible for recruiters to complete core operational tasks with the utmost professionalism. The most notable advantage of AI is that it has paved the way for smart hiring tactics and enabled HR teams to perform more efficiently. So, make sure that you shun old recruitment methods and leverage modern-day technologies to step up your recruiting game with minimum effort.