Video Interviews : Tips For Recruiters

In response to the coronavirus crisis, a large number of modern-day recruiters are resorting to new-age hiring methods to connect with highly qualified applicants for filling open job positions. Human resources professionals are embracing technological innovations and streamlining manual aspects of the recruitment process so that they have more time on their hands for other high-value organizational activities. One cannot deny that the competition for talent is getting fiercer and recruiting skilled candidates faster has become a necessity in today’s era.

However, shortlisting the best-fit employees for your organization just by skimming through applicants’ resumes would indeed be a detrimental decision. This is the main reason why conducting video interviews is necessary for ensuring the proper evaluation of potential candidates in the current hyper-competitive job market. Businesses worldwide are resorting to holding live video interviews during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, it is noteworthy that the use of video interviews for talent acquisition purposes has increased by 67% over the last few weeks. Besides saving valuable time and eliminating commuting costs, video interviewing can be really useful for analyzing candidates’ performance.


5 best tips for holding a successful video interview:


It is a known fact that live video job interviews can come in handy for accelerating the recruitment process and providing applicants with a stellar experience at the same time. The most notable benefit of remotely interviewing potential candidates is that it allows talent acquisition professionals to reduce hiring expenses and pave the way for a bias-free recruitment process instantly. Continue reading to know the various ways you can hold a successful video interview.

Leverage the best video interviewing technology

There is no doubt that avoiding face-to-face interviews has become imperative owing to social distancing protocols and the only option left is to shift to video interviews. When it comes to conducting live job interviews with prospective applicants, leveraging the best available technology is of paramount importance for ensuring efficient candidate screening and good quality hires. Recruiters must invest in a cloud-based modern recruiting solution that comes equipped with video interviewing tools needed to hold effective remote interviews for assessing job candidates. This way you will be able to save plenty of valuable time and recruit highly talented candidates at the earliest.

Keep the interview short and to the point

While planning a remote video interview with a job candidate, recruiters must set a realistic time limit. Poorly planned video interviews that last for too long are a waste of time as they neither serve the purpose nor drive the needed outcomes. Having said that, see to it that you keep the interview short and to the point in order to assess the candidate’s personal qualities, skills, and suitability for the job position in the best way possible. More importantly, make sure that the job applicant is comfortable enough to respond to questions effectively and approach the interview without hesitation.

Emphasize your company culture throughout the interview

It is essential to acquaint prospective candidates’ with the organizational culture of the company where they might be working in the near future. The best way to emphasize your company culture is to talk about it every once in a while, throughout your conversation and let the applicant know what it is really like to be employed at your organization. Also, make it a point to highlight your company’s vision, long-term goals, core values etc. Above all, remember that the way you present yourself during a video interview is extremely important. Eliminate all sorts of distractions and make eye contact with the candidate to establish a sense of connection.

Make sure that you ask the right questions to assess the potential of job candidates

If you really want to determine a candidate’s aptness for a particular job role, you must do the evaluation in the right way. Irrespective of how you interview the candidate, asking the right set of questions will help you evaluate the potential of candidates. Another important thing is that you must avoid formulating questions on the spot. Instead, prepare a list of all the essential questions in advance to keep last-minute hassles at bay. Make certain that you ask only job-specific questions revolving around subjects like workload management, past work experience etc. Once you get the answers to all such vital questions, it would be easier to evaluate and compare applicants on the basis of their responses given during the interview.

Request feedback from candidates to enhance the video interviewing process

There are high chances that your video interviewing strategy may not be up to the mark. If you want to make the best use of your time and make the video interview sessions productive, you must put in some consistent efforts from your side. Consider implementing an improvement process to conduct video interviews more effectively by requesting regular feedback from all the job applicants. Ensure that you carefully analyze the feedback given by the candidates in order to spot inefficiencies in the video interviewing process. Once you identify the areas where efforts are lacking, you can get back on track by making the needed improvements as you move along.