The Top 10 Staffing Agency Software

There is no doubt that recruitment has become more difficult and costlier than ever. Consultancies or staffing agencies face plenty of challenges when it comes to opting for a recruitment solution since their business requirements are different than that of a corporate. Although there are a lot of options available, not every recruitment software is ideal for the execution of intricate functions like client data management and invoice creation. Hence, a lot of research and planning is imperative to narrow down on the best recruitment software for agencies.

In this article, we have prepared a list of the top recruitment software that specifically caters to the requirements of recruitment agencies.


Naukri RMS Consultant is the best recruitment agency software in India

Naukri’s RMS Consultant  is a simple-to-use cloud-based recruitment solution for agencies. The software comes with certain features that are essential for top-class talent acquisition. Owing to the remarkable automation capabilities of the recruitment software, Naukri RMS eliminates the need for manual data entry and optimizes the entire hiring process in one go. With Naukri RMS, staffing agencies can enhance productivity while cutting down on unnecessary hiring expenses at the same time. Besides, recruiters can also make use of the tracking features and extensive reports provided by this software to keep a check on their overall business performance. It’s no surprise that Naukri RMS has, over the years, emerged as the most preferred choice for recruitment agencies as it has simplified and enhanced the process of hiring by leaps and bounds.

Zoho Recruit is one of the top recruitment software for agencies


Zoho Recruit is web-based recruitment software that is being used by several top-performing recruitment agencies for streamlining the hiring process and managing the existing candidate pool. The recruitment solution allows businesses to keep track of all the job openings, resumes, clients and candidates for making the hiring process faster. Zoho Recruit scans thousands  of profiles in the database and other data sources to find the best candidates who are an ideal match for the job.

Talentnow RecruitX is a leading recruiting software for staffing agencies


Claiming to be one of the most intelligent applicant tracking systems, agencies can easily increase their candidate base and client submissions with Talentnow RecruitX. This smart recruitment software takes care of the various aspects of recruitment from job requisition to resume parsing. Built exclusively for staffing agencies and recruitment companies, Talentnow RecruitX makes it possible to manage all the clients’ data in one platform.

Jobvite is a top recruitment agency software


Jobvite is a leading recruitment solution that helps staffing agencies hire the best talents with minimal effort. The software comes with in-built automated intelligence which enables companies to select the best interview times, screen, and rank potential candidates instantaneously. The recruitment software makes it easier for agencies to find the best candidates by streamlining the hiring process. Moreover, Jobvite has recently acquired three recruitment companies for the expansion of its platform.

CEIPAL Talenthire is a top 10 recruitment agency software


CEIPAL TalentHire is recruitment software that helps recruiters identify the best talent, conduct interviews, provide feedback and onboard shortlisted applicants for optimizing the hiring process. More essentially, the software offers real-time insights to staffing agencies so that they can perform better. Furthermore, the recruitment solution is ideal for various industry segments such as healthcare, education sector etc.

Freshteam is a popular software for staffing firms


Freshteam is affordable and simple-to-use recruitment software. The solution helps staffing firms to effectively find, screen, interview and hire deserving candidates. Freshteam attracts the best talent through social media channels, job postings etc. Furthermore, the software allows recruiters to set up remarkable career pages and work in tandem with the hiring team. Most importantly, it helps staffing agencies to recognize CV emails from job boards so that they can be added to the candidate database instantly.

Recruiterflow is a top recruitment automation software for consultants


Recruiterflow is an easy-to-use modern recruitment solution that offers an outstanding applicant tracking system and CRM software for staffing agencies. It allows recruiters to hire and retain new talent while managing other essential processes efficaciously. Recruiters can easily find the contact information of potential candidates with this recruitment solution. Moreover, the software helps staffing agencies to work more efficiently by automating the recruitment process.

Teamtailor is a top hiring software for agencies


Teamtailor encapsulates an applicant tracking system, career site and an analytics dashboard to make it easier for recruiters to find the best candidates for the team. This modern recruitment software has been facilitating numerous staffing agencies with candidate management and employer branding. The best part about this cloud-based solution is that it supports calendar integration as well. In addition to improving the recruitment process, Teamtailor also connects the different social media handles of a business. Many recruitment consultancies are making use of this software to hire the best talent.

Breezy HR is a top 10 talent acquisition software for agencies


BreezyHR is an all-in-one recruitment software for consultants and staffing agencies. Its outstanding applicant tracking system efficaciously modernizes the hiring process by making it possible for recruiters to attract and hire the best talent in the industry with less effort. The recruitment solution comes with top-notch tools for reference checking, real-time messaging, interview scheduling etc. Staffing agencies can reap great benefits from the effective utilization of this recruitment software.

iCIMS Recruit is one of the best hiring software for consultancies


iCIMS Recruit comes equipped with a dedicated talent acquisition technology and is solely focused on simplifying the recruitment process. The software makes it easier for consutants to discover new talent, thereby allowing staffing agencies to find and hire the best candidates. Amongst the of the biggest talent acquisition software providers, iCIMS helps organizations in various stages of the recruitment process. To add to this, iCIMS has acquired a recruitment technology platform, namely Jibe to boost candidate engagement and grow its business.



Owing to the ever-increasing competition for talent in the world of business, finding the best candidates is no longer an easy task for recruiters. However, staffing agencies can easily attract and source the right talent with the help of a reliable recruitment solution. So, make sure that you choose the best recruitment software for your recruitment firm to make the hiring process more efficient and less time-consuming.