Top Online Recruitment Tools to Simplify Your Hiring Process in 2020

Are you looking for top online recruitment tools to simplify your hiring process in the new year? In the current hyper-competitive talent market, recruiting skilled job candidates has become harder than ever. Moreover, the various recruiting costs associated with the hiring process like advertising fees and relocation expenses can impose a huge financial burden on your business. For this reason, HR professionals must utilize AI-powered recruiting tools for hiring more efficiently.

By leveraging modern recruiting technologies, you can easily cut back on extraneous expenses by streamlining the talent acquisition process in one go. Automated recruiting tools not only increase recruitment efficacy but also shorten the total amount of time taken to source and hire fresh talent for quickly filling vacant job positions within the firm.

In this article, we have come up with a comprehensive list of top 7 online recruitment tools that will help you to simplify your hiring process without much ado.

A Cloud-based Recruitment Software is one of the best online recruitment tool

 A cloud-based recruitment software can make it feasible for HR professionals to eliminate routine paperwork from the hiring process within the twinkling of an eye. Recruiters can employ a cloud-based hiring solution to streamline various monotonous processes such as job publishing, resume evaluation, candidate sourcing, and so on. Other than that, cloud recruiting solutions can also be very useful for automating candidate communications. With a feature-filled cloud-based recruitment solution, you can properly manage all the important data and create excellent collaboration opportunities in your business. The best part is that you do not need to be in any particular location to access your cloud-based recruitment tool. No matter where you are, you can always access the software whenever the need arises. Lastly, make sure that you take your organizational requirements into consideration and pick a smart cloud-based hiring software to simplify your recruitment process in as little time as possible.

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AI-enabled Chatbots are Innovative Recruitment Tools


AI-enabled chatbots are some of the most valuable recruiting tools that hiring managers have at their disposal today. In fact, they are slowly becoming a vital aspect of the new-age recruitment process. Chatbots guide potential applicants throughout the application process while allowing them to ask questions whenever they require clarification for their doubts. Moreover, AI-enabled chatbots reply to queries instantly and provide effective solutions to problems, thereby delivering a pleasant experience to applicants. So, see to it that you invest in this recruitment tool to enhance the candidate experience at once without facing any kind of hassle.

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Job Aggregator is a good online recruitment app


In simple words, job aggregators are advanced search engines that gather job postings from all over the internet and consolidate them into one single place. Job aggregators waive off the need for candidates to sift through different channels like career pages, recruiting sites, popular job boards etc. to find new vacancies. Candidates can easily come across their preferred job openings on aggregators if they search the interface with the right set of keywords. Moreover, job aggregators are considered the most cost-effective channel for recruitment as they make it much easier for the new breed of recruiters to reduce the overall hiring expenses so that they can maximize savings.


Video Interviewing Tools are best for simplifying the hiring process


Most HR professionals agree that digital video interviews can come in handy for simplifying the recruitment process manifold. With these AI-powered recruiting tools, hiring managers can conduct live face-to-face video interviews with job applicants irrespective of wherever they are. Candidates living in remote areas can appear for such interviews without having to worry about travel expenses. This way recruiters can save their precious time and provide a positive experience to candidates as well. The greatest advantage of digital video interviews is that they facilitate collaborative hiring by allowing recruiters to make other team members a part of the process.


Employee Onboarding Tools are good for hiring process


HR professionals deploy these tools to organize and streamline their company’s employee onboarding process for simplifying hiring in the best way possible. By leveling up your onboarding game with the right technology, you can increase retention rates, boost overall business growth and foster long-term relationships with employees at the same time. With more and more organizations embracing the latest AI-powered recruitment tools, the international employee onboarding software market is pegged to grow at a CAGR of 12.2% by the year 2027.


Candidate Relationship Management Tools are a must for smooth recruitment process


Without a doubt, building and fostering strong relationships with candidates is a prerequisite for making quality placements in today’s age. Candidate relationship management tools help recruiters to augment their employer branding so that they can attract, hire and retain top-tier talent without facing any sort of difficulties. With the efficacious utilization of technologically-advanced CRM tools, you can easily build excellent long-term relationships with candidates within a short span of time. In addition to paving the way for more successful hires, candidate relationship management tools can simplify the hiring process and boost employee satisfaction too.

Pre-employment assessment Tools are highly popular recruitment tool


Nowadays, most organizations globally have started using pre-employment assessment tools to make their recruitment process prompt and faster. These tests allow recruiters to evaluate the skills of potential job candidates from anywhere in the world. This saves the time of both recruiters and candidates significantly. Besides being an excellent timesaver, pre-employment assessment tools also contribute to a great candidate experience as well. With the right set of pre-employment tools in hand, you can easily screen potential applicants and find the most ideal match for the open job vacancy in your organization.


One cannot deny that hiring managers face a plethora of challenges when it comes to recruiting top industry talent for filling certain key positions in the company. But owing to the rising adoption of new-age HR technologies in the recruitment landscape, recruiters can now optimize their hiring process with ease and convenience. So, make sure  you consider implementing the aforementioned recruitment tools in your business for best results.