Top 10 Applicant Tracking System 2019

An applicant tracking system is software that helps recruiters manage and keep track of all of the job openings, candidate CVs, vendors, while automating their entire hiring process. It also provides a CV database, allows recruiters to search for the relevant profiles and helps them in shortlisting candidates by screening their resumes.  While earlier the ATS were mainly used for CV screening and shortlisting, with advancement of technology, these software come equipped with features like interview scheduling and candidate tracking playing an important role in automating and managing the recruitment process.

There are umpteen numbers of ATS available in the market and choosing the best out of them requires a lot of research and due diligence. To simplify your job we have gone through top 10 hiring software in the market and enlisted them here for your ready reference. We will see how these top 10 applicant tracking solutions compare with each other’s features in details.

Applicant tracking system comparison

Finding the right applicant tracking system has become a challenging prospect, since there are so many options available in the market. Companies looking to improve their sourcing prowess and hiring quality can turn to ATS as they provide an easy and quick way to source from multiple sources at a click.  These software will make your hiring process more effective than ever. In order to compare different ATS you have to first consider your company’s specific needs. Find how well the software integrates with your existing resources like career website and corporate email solutions. Other areas where you can conduct a comparison include the screening and search capabilities of the software. Also, one shouldn’t forget to perform the cost comparison.  Below is given the comparison chart for applicant tracking system comparison.


Top 10 Recruitment Software in India


Oracle Taleo is One of the Top Recruitment Solutions


Oracle’s fully integrated talent acquisition solution is a cloud based system that includes recruitment marketing and employee referrals to source talent, provide end-to-end recruiting automation, and streamline employee onboarding. The Global HRMS was founded in 1996, and later acquired by Oracle in 2012.  The product has two variants, Taleo Business Edition for small enterprises & Taleo Enterprise Edition for large enterprises.  The Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud helps recruiters easily source, recruit, train, and retain talent through a social and data-rich talent management software suite. Oracle Taleo offers many unique features such as:

  • Multiple roles for same user – Same user can be assigned the role of a hiring manager or a recruiter
  • Background verification portal – Third party vendors can login to the portal and provide the background verification
  • Actionable intelligence – Eg. if a requisition has been approved and still no action has been taken by the recruiter in next 5 days, a report can be generated around such scenarios that help in taking the necessary action.
  • Employee referral portal – Employees can view all jobs on the referral portal and share them with their network.


Greenhouse Software is One of the Best ATS Tools



 Greenhouse is one of the best recruiting software around. It is an integrated platform which streamlines the hiring process and enables structured hiring. It allows recruitment teams to collaborate with each other, share application reviews, jobs and offer approvals. To ensure recruiters hire higher quality candidates, the software allows creating a scorecard that rates the candidate on key attributes required for success.  Greenhouse software doesn’t cater to recruitment agencies and is only targeted towards SMBs and enterprise. Airbnb, Pinterest, Shazam are some of its clients. Some unique features of Greenhouse software are:

  • Ability to source profiles from LinkedIn & other online sites using Chrome extension – Recruiters can download the candidate profile from LinkedIn, drag & drop it directly to the Chrome extension window where it gets parsed automatically into Greenhouse.
  • Easily configurable process rights – Process right can be given to anybody as per company’s requirement. Eg. Hiring manager or recruiter can be given the right to raise the requisition and send it for approval.
  • Tracking of Email communication within Greenhouse – Any kind of email communication done with the candidate gets logged in Greenhouse.

Jobvite is One of the Top Ten Recruitment Software


Founded in 2006, Jobvite is a global recruiting solution that relies on more than 10 years of experience in the field of recruitment. The Jobvite platform has six major modules, which provide best-in-class features and practices, including a mobile hiring app, and a Reporting & Analytics suite. Jobvite is one of the most secure hiring platforms, as it protects applicant data with built-in firewalls, TLS encryption and DDoS data mitigation. It also offers open API infrastructure that allows custom integrations with third-party software. Some unique features of Jobvite are:

  • Employee Referral Integration with Jobvite Hire – Employees can login to Jobvite Hire, view all referral jobs & share them with their network either manually or automatically.
  • Agency Portal – Recruitment agencies/vendors can login to the agency portal to view jobs and upload profiles of their candidates. They can also track their status.
  • Customizable dashboard & reports

Kenexa Brassring is One of the Best Hiring Solutions


IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite is package of various recruitment solutions that help recruiters to find, hire and on board top talent.  It encapsulates their ATS, IBM Kenexa Brassring which handles the entire recruitment flow from requisition tracking to offer generation. In addition to the ATS, IBM also offers the famous IBM Watson Recruitment module where an AI powered algorithm assists in candidate success and skill scoring, requisition prioritization and social listening. BrassRing was founded in 1999 and was later acquired by Kenexa in 2005. IBM acquired Kenexa (BrassRing) in 2012. Some of the unique features of IBM Kenexa Brassring are:

  • Custom Duplicity Check – BrassRing supports more than 20 rules for duplicity check. Client can set these rules based on their preference.
  • Speed Browsing – Recruiters/Hiring managers can review information of multiple candidates side-by-side & compare them after logging into the system.
  • Calendar Invites for specific slots – Candidates can get calendar invites to select specific slots for interview through Event Manager

SAP Successfactors is One of the Best ATS in the market


SAP SuccessFactors wants you to “win the talent war, keep employees fully engaged, and transform your workforce for the future.” Their software is designed to help you achieve the same.  SAP Successfactors offers a complete HCM suite with recruiting, onboarding, learning, performance, compensation and successions as its major modules.  Their solution is targeted towards large enterprise who want to streamline their entire HR process, gain an edge on recruitment and retention and achieve training and re-skilling capabilities for their workforce.  The software takes advantage of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Some of the unique features of Successfactors are:

  • Requisition parsing – Requisition can be automatically imported from spread sheet and parsed (after the spread sheet format has been configured into the system).
  • Mobile App – Available for both recruiters & hiring managers

Lever is a Top Hiring Software


The makers of Lever put it proudly as one of the platforms that introduces a human element into an impersonal hiring approach, and helps build a strong relationship between employers and their employees.  Lever is one-of-a-kind system that binds ATS and CRM, and lets recruiters build professional career websites. Once it collates all necessary data, Lever displays candidates that matches job requirements, and uses its Talent Intelligence feature to shortlist the best among them.  Lever syncs easily with recruiters’ calendars and email service providers. Lever Hire is its main recruitment module while Lever Nurture is the Intelligent sourcing software that helps you engage passive candidates & make them interested in specific roles through entirely personalized and automated email campaigns. The Lever Talent Intelligence module offers advanced dashboards for global reporting. Some of the unique features of Lever are:

  • Ability to source profiles from LinkedIn using chrome extension – Recruiters can download the candidate profile from LinkedIn, drag & drop it directly to the Chrome extension window where it gets parsed automatically into Lever.
  • Flexibility for candidates to self-schedule their interviews – Recruiters can send links to their live calendar or hiring managers’ calendar to the candidate. This gives visibility to the candidate on the available time slots for the interview. Candidate can then schedule it as per his convenience


Zoho Recruit is one of the Top 10 Recruitment Software in India


Zoho Recruit is a specialized applicant tracking system which provides recruiting solutions to both, corporates and staffing firms. Zoho is an Indian software development company with two HR centric products – Zoho People & Zoho Recruit.  While Zoho People is an HRMS for small & medium businesses, focusing on employee onboarding & engagement, Zoho Recruit is the recruitment software (launched in 2009).


With Zoho Recruit, recruiters can easily manage applicant data, organize, screen and shortlist candidates in minimum possible time. Zoho also provides seamless communication with candidates through integrated email, text and phone options.  Some of the unique features of Zoho Recruit are:

  • Source Boosters – Allow recruiters to search for relevant resumes in certain job boards and import them in bulk to Zoho Recruit.
  • Candidate Login – Candidates can login to the career site portal, upload their CVs against the jobs and also save their documents.
  • Mobile App available for all stakeholders

Talent Recruit is one of the Top 10 ATS in India


Talent Recruit is an India based ATS provider headquartered in Bangalore. The company provides an advanced and comprehensive recruitment platform driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Talent Recruit is a highly configurable solution that can be customized to suit to client’s needs. Its AI driven module, TalentRecruitCorp uses machine learning capabilities to enable the system to understand the shortlisting patterns of hiring managers and interview panelists to increase the recruitment success ratio. Some unique features of this ATS are:

  • Automatic recommendations – System provides automatic CV recommendations based on semantic search based on JD, sourcing pattern of the recruiter & shortlisting pattern of the hiring manager. For a particular candidate profile, system also highlights if it is recommended for any other position.
  • Comprehensive analytics – Graphical reports available on candidate engagement, user performance matrix, ageing analysis, social recruit

Naukri RMS is a Top Recruitment Software in India


Naukri RMS is a product of, India’s leading job portal. It is a cloud based, easy to use new age recruitment solution, which automates the complete hiring process, right from requisition to offer.  Naukri RMS is inclusive of a comprehensive applicant tracking system that comes equipped with features essential for speedy and quality talent acquisition. RMS’ configurable workflows and advanced automation capabilities makes it powerful recruitment software. Being an advanced hiring solution Naukri RMS saves time and efforts, and streamlines the entire hiring process. Some unique features of Naukri RMS are:

  • Seamless integration with Naukri Resdex
  • Excellent Sourcing capabilities: Users can source from multiple channels, including Naukri Resdex, Career website, employee referrals, social media channels and multiple job portals
  • Advanced search and screening: Equipped with Naukri’s advanced search and matching filters that allow quick screening and shortlisting of candidate CVs.
  • Automatic recommendations: Provides automatic recommendations for every requirement using AI and machine learning and identifies top talent by rewarding star rating

Hirecraft is one of the Best ATS for Recruiting


Hirecraft is a leading talent acquisition solution in India. It is highly configurable recruitment software that caters to a large clientele of corporate and consultants. The software is available, on premise as well as in the cloud. Hirecraft has developed TALLINT platform that helps manage sales force automation, talent acquisition, workforce provisioning, and project management. The talent acquisition suite of TALLINT, helps organizations manage complete lifecycle of talent acquisition process from forecasting, sourcing to onboarding. Some of the unique features of Hirecraft TALLINT talent acquisition suite are:

  • Manpower Forecasting/ Planning
  • Manpower Request Approval Process
  • On-boarding Process including paperless on-boarding practice


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