The Top Recruiting Platforms For 2020

With the soaring number of businesses globally integrating digital talent acquisition solutions into their recruitment process, it has become essential for hiring managers to invest in the top recruiting platforms. Apart from augmenting the quality of hire and decreasing overall costs, human resources professionals are leveraging tech tools for streamlining their workflows to ensure a consistent hiring process around the clock. According to a recently released survey, AI-powered recruitment technologies will automate up to 69% of the HR manager’s manual routine work by the year 2024.

But when it comes to finding a trustworthy recruiting software platform, the ultimate selection should not be based on guesswork. Vital factors like company size, business needs, ease of use and scalability must be taken into consideration before arriving at the final decision. In today’s article, we will cast some light on the top recruiting platforms for 2020 that are getting the maximum attention from the modern breed of recruiters owing to their innovation and technological prowess.



Naukri RMS is one of the top Recruiting Platforms you should buy in 2020

Naukri RMS is India’s leading AI-driven recruiting platform that has assisted thousands of HR professionals in enhancing their hiring processes. Equipped with cutting-edge digitized talent acquisition tools, this software employs the latest technology and also provides end-to-end automation for recruitment. Unlike most hiring solutions available in the present-day HR software market, Naukri RMS allows hiring managers to set up personalized recruiting workflows that best suit their business needs. Moreover, the software makes it feasible for recruiters to create mobile-optimized and customizable career pages, thereby giving a solid boost to applicant experience. API integration, advanced resume search, multi-channel candidate sourcing, and requisition management are some of the prime features that make Naukri RMS stand out in the modern-day recruitment landscape. By deploying this software’s remarkable automation capabilities, recruiters can easily keep up with their organization’s unique hiring requirements without facing any kind of hassle.

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CEIPAL TalentHire is a popular recruiting platform you should consider

 CEIPAL TalentHire is another well-known name in the recruitment industry. This recruitment platform comes with a wide range of highly advanced features to automate hiring workflows and enable human resources professionals to make placements as fast as possible. Being a fully-integrated talent acquisition solution, this recruitment solution makes it a lot easier for hiring managers to improve business process efficiencies, thereby allowing them to get in touch with prospective job applicants within the shortest possible time period. CEIPAL TalentHire comes packed with candidate relationship management tools so that recruiters do not have to put in any additional effort for delivering a positive experience to potential job applicants. Some of the key features offered by this recruitment platform include CV screening, resume parsing, job board integration, hiring workflow management etc.


Zoho Recruit is a good recruiting platform to buy

 Zoho Recruit is another top-rated recruitment platform that caters to the different requirements of staffing agencies as well as in-house HR professionals. It helps modern-day recruiters source, track and recruit highly qualified applicants without spending countless hours on manual routine hiring tasks. It can also come in handy for generating recruiting reports and making effective use of analytics for facilitating the implementation of better hiring strategies. With the proper utilization of this ultramodern recruiting solution, hiring managers can significantly increase their productivity levels by automating specific tasks such as forwarding relevant emails, scheduling live face-to-face interviews, screening resumes, sending job offers etc.

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iCIMS Recruit is one of the best recruiting platforms in 2020

Without a doubt, recruiting and retaining exceptionally qualified job candidates in today’s age is no cakewalk. This is where iCIMS Recruit helps the present-day recruiters to effectively deal with the various intricacies associated with sourcing the best talent in the industry. Featuring top-notch digital hiring technologies, this software helps hiring managers to customize job postings to boost the chances of landing better hires. iCIMS Recruit also comes with sophisticated inbuilt search features to simplify the process of finding suitable candidates for filling open vacancies in the firm. This recruiting platform can work wonders for assisting recruiters in keeping passive talent engaged and fostering robust relationships with job prospects. By providing applicants with a personalized experience, HR managers can strengthen their talent pool instantly. Other than that, iCIMS Recruit’s strong integration capabilities and data analytics features pave the way for a phenomenal hiring experience for all the parties involved in the different stages of the recruiting process.


Workable is a well known recruiting platform


Workable is a recruitment platform that helps human resources personnel attract and recruit remarkably talented job candidates. From enabling the effective management of applicants’ profiles to holding live interviews with shortlisted candidates, this technologically-advanced recruitment solution can streamline almost every aspect of the talent acquisition process without any kind of difficulties. Packed with all the requisite features like applicant tracking, interview management, background screening etc., Workable can greatly improve hire quality. In fact, recruiters can utilize this software to waive off extraneous costs while speeding up the hiring process. The greatest benefit of this recruiting platform is that it allows organizations to boost their employer branding and build a robust social presence across the internet.

Breezy HR is a good recruiting platform to buy in 2020


This is a popular modern recruiting platform that empowers HR teams to work more efficaciously by automating the monotonous parts of the hiring process. Breezy HR can make it much easier for hiring managers to post job openings on different channels online, schedule live interviews, follow up with applicants etc. This recruitment software can also be leveraged by recruiters and hiring managers looking to run effective employee referral campaigns for increasing hiring efficacy. Best of all, the powerful reporting features of Breezy HR can be really useful for evaluating the effectiveness of the recruitment process.


Most human resources personnel nowadays are embracing technological advancements to stay ahead of their competition in the race for top industry talent. Since today’s job market is heavily driven by candidates, businesses across the world are striving hard to enhance employee experience for building a powerful brand image in the recruitment industry. So, ensure that you choose a top-notch recruiting platform to overcome talent acquisition hurdles and streamline your hiring process for quick and best results.