The Top 10 Recruitment Software 2019

As a recruiter, recruitment software is a must today to ensure you never miss the right talent. There is no doubt that recruitment is a time and labor intensive process which requires a lot of manual efforts and constant collaboration between different stakeholders. There are a number of tasks involved.  A heap of resumes are received for every vacancy, from which the right CVs are to be shortlisted. The shortlisted applicants then need to be interviewed, sorted and ranked as per their eligibility. Decisions are to be done based on multiple data points which are mostly scattered across the process. Then, one also has to keep a track of the generated offer letters and candidate responses. Thus, considering the complexities involved, every organization today, however big or small, should invest in stellar recruitment software.

 What is a Recruitment Software?

A recruitment software automates the end to end recruitment process including tasks like sourcing, screening & shortlisting, candidate pipelining, interviewing candidates, offer generation & tracking. Thus a recruiting software helps manage all aspects of hiring and can help recruiters streamline their recruitment process. Often referred to as Applicant Tracking System, recruitment software can do much more than just applicant tracking which mainly concerns with sourcing, screening and managing applications. A recruitment software can test the knowledge, skills and abilities of candidates, provide important insights into recruitment process through actionable intelligent analytics, generate and send offer letters to candidates, track their responses and also onboard them effortlessly in the system.

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Recruitment Software Comparison

To find the right recruitment software, one needs to perform due diligence. It is an important decision for the organization with serious consequences. Therefore, guesswork would not do justice to such an important decision. Neither should the selection process be simply based on a snapshot comparison of features and pricing.  To select the recruitment software, it is necessary to consider factors such as capability to customize solutions as per the organization’s need, ease of use, scalability and intuitiveness of interface. Taking product demos is the first step, which should be followed by questions such as:

  • Will this software help my team achieve better applicants?
  • Will the software reduce my time to hire?
  • Will this software fulfill my end to end recruitment needs?

Answers to such questions will help you arrive at the best recruitment for your organization’s needs. To save you some trouble, here are the top 10 recruitment software in the market right now:

  1. Naukri RMS is the best recruitment software in India
  2. Zoho Recruit is a leading recruitment software
  3. LinkedIn Talent Hub is one of the top recruitment software
  4. SmartRecruiters is one of the top 10 recruiting softwares
  5. Jobvite is one of the most popular recruitment software
  6. Greenhouse is one of the best recruitment software in 2019
  7. iCIMS is a top recruitment software platform
  8. Workable is one of the best recruitment software in market
  9. Recruiterbox is a leading recruiting software
  10. Talentpool is a top recruitment software


Naukri RMS is the best recruitment software in India


When it comes to understanding the needs of a recruiter in India, no one ups Naukri, which is the biggest recruitment brand in India for the longest time now. Naukri RMS offers an advanced recruitment software, RMS Enterprise that not only automates the end to end hiring process but also provides advanced analytical capabilities for enhanced decision making by top HR leadership. The software offers a mix of cutting edge technologies like AI and Machine Learning along with ease of use and unmatched advantage of direct integration with Naukri job portal. The cloud based recruitment software is highly secure and always accessible thus making it one of the best choice for Indian buyers.

Zoho Recruit is leading recruitment software


Zoho Recruit offers a complete hiring solution to manage various aspects of recruitment. The recruitment solution helps recruiters streamline their hiring process and reduce time to hire. Using Zoho Recruit’s recruitment software, recruiters can use multiple channels for sourcing candidates. Most of the recruiter-candidate communication is automated thereby eliminating the need of constant follow ups.  Zoho Recruit boasts of an Advanced Recruit Analytics that offers multiple reports to help recruiters find what’s working and what’s not.

LinkedIn Talent Hub is one of the top recruiting software


LinkedIn is well-known for its professional network and recruitment solutions like LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Talent Insights, and LinkedIn Pipeline Builder. They have recently launched their own Applicant Tracking System which is known as LinkedIn Talent Hub. Their recruitment solutions, including the ATS are well received by recruiters as they are directly integrated with the LinkedIn professional network. For recruiters who are heavily reliant on LinkedIn for their hiring needs, LinkedIn Talent Hub can prove to be a good choice.

SmartRecruiters is one of the top 10 recruiting software


SmartRecruiters provides an end to end Talent Acquisition Suite that covers applicant tracking, talent sourcing & engagement. It has configurable workflows that help recruiters automate and customize their workflow from beginning to end. SmartRecruiters’ pre-integrated marketplace offers 350+ apps and add-ons that can be added to the recruiting suite with just few clicks. Their real time dashboard offers complete visibility over candidate journey thereby giving more control in the hands of recruiters and making hiring a better managed process overall.

Jobvite is one of the most popular recruitment software

Jobvite offers a comprehensive recruiting platform that improves hiring process with their state-of-the-art Applicant Tracking System, Jobvite Hire, a mobile-ready career site, recruiting branding solution, advanced analytics, on-demand video screening and seamless integration with third party HR vendors. Their Talent Acquisition suite follows a marketing-first recruiting approach by shifting to a continuous candidate engagement strategy. It boasts of being the first candidate-centric recruitment software in the industry, which has both, automation and intelligence built in making it easy to use for both, recruiters, and hiring managers.

Greenhouse is one of the best recruitment software in 2019


Greenhouse is one of the leading HR software that companies use to plan, optimize and execute their recruiting process. Greenhouse, through its software enables recruiters to be beat competition for hiring the top talent. It helps keep the recruitment process organized and speeds it up to ensure a competitive advantage. The Greenhouse Talent Acquisition Suite covers various unique aspects of recruitment such as building diverse teams. Its Greenhouse Inclusion module mitigates unconscious bias, evaluates candidates consistently and identifies problem areas.

iCIMS is a top recruitment software platform


iCIMS is a powerful recruiting platform that combines three flexible recruiting suites in one. The recruiting platform helps recruiters market, communicate and hire at scale. Recruiters can experience seamless recruitment process with iCIMS and also integrate it with their existing applicant tracking and HR systems for added flexibility. Organizations can position themselves as a market leader with iCIMS’ Recruitment Marketing suite and communicate with candidates easily through the Advanced Communication suite. The Hiring Suite automates the hiring process thereby completing the entire recruitment cycle.

Workable is one of the best recruitment software in market


Workable is a cutting edge recruitment tool which uses AI-powered search and advertising to find the relevant candidates for a job posting. It also allows recruiters to post jobs to multiple job boards in a click thus considerably speeding up the hiring process. The in-built assessment tests, interview kits and scorecards helps hiring teams quickly identify the most eligible candidates and make better hiring decisions. Approval processes are automated thus reducing the need to constantly follow up with hiring managers. Also, visually appealing reports provides accurate data in an easy to understand format for making data-driven hiring decisions.

Recruiterbox is leading recruiting software


Recruiterbox is easy to use recruiting software that allows automation of hiring processes and enhances collaboration between team members.  Recruiterbox is a web –based hiring platform which reduces the dependency on IT team, and also eliminates the cost of maintaining own server.  The modular system allows teams to only buy and use features that match their hiring needs.

Talentpool is top recruitment software


Talentpool is a well-known recruitment software that focuses on recruitment landscape of India. First launched in 2006, the recruitment platform has been in the business for quite some time to understand what actually works for recruitment in Indian market. It is highly configurable, secure and scalable to support big recruitment teams spread across different geographical locations. It provides multiple language and currency support. Talentpool allows integration with multiple sourcing channels. It also offers comprehensive reports to enable data-driven conclusions.