The 5 Best Employee Referral Software

Owing to the ever-changing trends in the current job market, employee referral is typically considered the most effective and result-oriented method for recruitment across the world. Being the best source for new hires, candidates recruited through referrals quickly undergo the interview process and tend to remain employed for a longer than usual time period. Moreover, it has become imperative for modern-day businesses to select a feature-rich employee referral software to increase referrals, offer rewards, and so on. In this guide, we have listed and discussed the top 5 employee referral management software in India to help you pick out the best tool for your company.

Now, let us get started and talk about the 5 best employee referral solutions one by one.



RMS Referral from Naukri RMS is the best employee referral software

Naukri RMS is India’s best recruitment software that facilitates the complete automation of the employee referral program. Popularly known as RMS Referral, this new age recruitment tool features a centralized interface for the publishing of vacant referral job positions. Since the software comes with a single interface, recruiters can source, track and manage all the referral applications in one place. Moreover, this modern-day employee referral solution also offers actionable analytics and provide businesses with ample golden opportunities to boost the total number of referrals in their company. Recruiters can make use of the comprehensive reports generated by Naukri Referral and gain full control over the various referral activities taking place in the organization. There is absolutely no doubt that this software can significantly improve the hiring efficiency of any business. Keeping everything else aside, you can also give real-time updates to employees about their referral efforts. If you are really on the lookout for the best employee referral software in India, Naukri RMS is a one-stop solution for all your hiring needs. So, make sure that you integrate this feature-rich ATS solution into your business in order to supercharge your company’s referrals instantaneously.

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Boon is another top employee referral solution

Another well-known employee referral software, Boon comes with a stunning dashboard that keeps the recruiters updated about the referral efforts of various employees. Businesses can easily build an efficient referral program without spending much money and time. This employee referral software makes use of the automation facility to enhance the efficacy of the employee referral process and yield the best results instantly. Boon allows recruiters to identify potential leads and get in touch with them as soon as possible, thereby helping companies gain an evident edge over competitors in industries where finding the best talent is a very herculean task. Furthermore, the employee referral software links all the networks of partaking employees, thereby leading to the formation of one big interconnected network. The tool makes effective use of machine learning to find the most suitable candidates and allows employees to refer jobs accordingly. Once a company recruits new candidates, the referral network continues to grow and hence, the business can easily find quality hires from its diverse talent pool. Owing to gamification. Owing to the inbuilt custom rewards, employees never run of motivation to send out successful referrals. Lastly, the employees can also choose to receive progress reports regarding their referral endeavors.

Rolepoint is a well known employee referral software

RolePoint is an employee referral software that automates the entire hiring procedure and eliminates the need for businesses to create spreadsheets in order to keep track of employee referrals and bonus payments. The best part about this employee referral solution is that it promotes employee participation in the hiring procedure. Whenever employees make successful referrals, they receive notifications about the same to ensure that they do not feel that their efforts are being wasted. The software is mobile-friendly and it makes it possible for employees to make referrals whenever they want. Not only that, but the software also allows potential candidates to apply for the job position straightway from a mobile device. With Rolepoint, businesses can recruit and onboard new candidates in a much faster way without having to incur any hefty charges.

Simppler is one of the best employee referral solutions

As the name suggests, this employee referral software has a user-friendly interface and it is very simple to use. Besides engaging employees to come up with more referrals, Simppler allows hiring managers to easily keep a check on the efforts of employees so that they can be rewarded accordingly. With this employee referral tool, you do not have to squander your precious time skimming through hundreds of applications and hence, you only have to onboard quality employee referrals. In addition to all that, employees can also link their social media profiles Simppler so that the software can pick out the best leads from employees’ networks, thereby making it easier and convenient to recruit new hires. This employee referral software also comes with plenty of analytics and reporting tools that allow recruiters to measure their referral campaigns online. Furthermore, you can also analyze employee engagement and track your referral efforts with this employee referral management tool.

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Jobvite Refer is a top employee referral software

One of the greatest challenges faced by rapidly growing organizations is getting quality hires. Jobvite Refer makes use of the social network profiles of your employees so that you can extend your hiring reach in as little time as possible. It even has a fully-dedicated Facebook application that allows employees to send individual invitations to potential candidates. With Jobvite Refer, recruiters are easily able to find the best candidates for the job position and furthermore, they can reward employees for successful referrals in a number of ways.

 One cannot deny that employee referral programs are becoming an integral aspect of modern recruitment. Hence, it is necessary for companies to opt for a top-notch employee referral solution to facilitate the conduction of successful referral programs. Additionally, your company can save on plenty of time, money, and other valuable resources with proper deployment of the best employee referral management tool in the market. So, take help from the aforementioned guide to select the most-suited employee referral software for your business to boost the total number of quality hires instantaneously without any hassle.