Why candidate experience is important

Why is Candidate Experience So Important?

A great candidate experience has today become the basic requirement for all organizations. Recruiters have to make sure that candidates who become a part of the hiring process do not go away disgruntled with the process.  HR managers have to make sure that employees feel good about working in the company. It is essential to […]

How to measure quality of hire

How to Measure the Quality of Hire?

When we had earlier talked about top recruitment metrics, Quality of Hire was right at the top of the discussion. While most ATS and recruitment software claim to make the recruitment process more efficient, the ultimate focus should be on hiring the best possible candidates because that will have a greater impact on the final […]

applicant tracking system security

Applicant Tracking System Security: Points You Must Know

Data security has become of great concern these days and rightly so as a huge chunk of critical user data is stored on remote datacenters and accessed on daily basis by various systems through the cloud. In such a scenario, even a small breach can place the entire system at risk of being hijacked and […]

Create recruitment sourcing strategy

6 Steps to Create a Recruitment Sourcing Strategy

Sourcing is an indispensable part of recruitment. There are plenty of benefits to sourcing candidates. However, those benefits can be best utilized only if you have in place a solid candidate sourcing plan. Here we tell you the basics of creating a new recruitment sourcing strategy. For those of you who already have such a […]

How to create a social recruiting strategy

How to Create a Social Recruiting Strategy?

The race to hiring the top talent has become more competitive than ever. Recruiters can’t trust job boards and the career site as their only source of candidates. They need to broaden their recruiting strategy to include more channels and opportunities for making their next hire. These indirect channels sometimes prove more effective means of […]

5 hr technology challenges

5 HR Technology Implementation Challenges

Whenever a new technology disrupts an industry, there is a huge wave of optimism around the immense possibilities and innovations brought about by the technology. It’s only when the excitement settles down that we begin to see through the possibilities and look at the challenges that will arise either while implementing the technology or in […]

why employee referral is best source of hire

Why Employee Referrals are the Best Source of Hire?

Every organization wants to hire the best talent out there and therefore spends great time and money on advertising jobs on multiple boards to source maximum applicants for a role. But do you know that there is one source which doesn’t require any significant advertising budget and yet returns better quality talent than other sources? […]

why employee engagement is important

Why Employee Engagement Is Important?

Talent management is becoming a key area of concern for most C-suit executives. Business leaders know that workforce is their biggest asset and plays the most pivotal role in success of a business. Therefore it is important to ensure that employees are happy, motivated and share the same vision as the company. It is in […]

how to measure candidate experience

How to Measure Candidate Experience?

Candidate experience is of immense significance if you want to improve the employer brand and attract the best talent for your next hiring drive. Most companies keep complaining about the apparent shortage of talent in the market but do not have in place any significant methods to measure and compare the candidate experience they provide. […]

Top 5 Recruitment Metrics That Matter

Top 5 Recruitment Metrics That Matter

Metrics are the key to measuring success of any process. Without certain KPIs you wouldn’t be able to identify the areas where performance could be improved. In recruitment also, metrics act as a key indicator of the effectiveness of your recruitment process. As the usage of analytics in HR gains strength by the day, the […]

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