Why your Applicant Tracking System needs to be changed?

Why Your Applicant Tracking System Needs to be Changed?

The case for using applicant tracking systems in recruitment is becoming stronger as business heads now acknowledge the role of next generation HR technology in improving HR productivity and efficiency. The C-Suite executives now understand that talent is their biggest asset. This is precisely why, whether it is an enterprise or a startup, every business […]

How to increase Employee engagement

How to Increase Employee Engagement – Five Important Tips

We know how everyone says that a company’s workforce is its biggest asset. However, to see this idea from the prism of performance, it will reveal that not every employee is an asset. Employees that perform well are assets; those who don’t are more of a liability. Is there an easy way of transforming your […]

How Recruitment Software Works, its Benefits and Main Features

How Recruitment Software Works, its Benefits and Main Features

HR is going digital and the recruiters are taking full advantage of the technology at hand for maximizing their productivity and effectiveness. The existing breed of recruitment technology is advanced enough to take on any challenge and hurdle arising in your hiring process. However, since every HR technology vendor out there claims to have the […]

The importance of HR analytics in Organization

The Importance of HR Analytics in an Organization

A recruiter’s role has evolved over the years. Earlier they were only responsible for filling up vacancies arising out of a new role or requirement, or an employee moving out. In the current context, a recruiter has a bigger role to play. Organizations now understand that their biggest asset is their workforce, which explains why […]

How to Improve Talent Acquisition?

How to Improve Talent Acquisition?

Talent acquisition is more than just advertising for open vacancies, shortlisting the matching profiles and selecting candidates after an interview. Hiring the right talent is multipronged process with as much as the company’s future at stake. There are plenty of things to watch out for; for instance, is your recruiting strategy biased towards a particular […]

Chatbots-In-Recruitment: How-Do-They-Help?

Chatbots In Recruitment: How Do They Help?

Chatbots have finally arrived. Gartner predicts by 2021, 50% of enterprises will spend greater budget on chatbot creation and bots than traditional mobile app development. Chatbots are the future of interactions happening between you and your customer. They will define the quality and outcome of conversations between people and digital business services and data.  For […]

what are benefits of using semantic search in recruiting

The Benefits of Semantic Search in Recruiting

We have already dealt with the basics of Boolean search and its applications in sourcing and recruitment.  Owing to the limitations of Boolean search there was a need to migrate towards a more comprehensive and intelligent search technology which was partly fulfilled by semantic search. Let’s examine how semantic search has proved to be a […]

ATS Vendors

A Guide to Boolean Search Recruiting with Examples

Talent sourcing is simple. You have an open vacancy in your organization. All you have to do is perform search basis keywords, designation, location, job title, experience, skills and other requirements in your ATS which obviously will return the best profiles matching your query and behold! You have found your candidate. Okay. That was all […]

Hiring Trends In 2018 That You Can't Ignore

Hiring Trends In 2018 That You Can’t Ignore

The excitement of the New Year has settled in and everyone is back to the meeting rooms formulating strategies to make the most out of 2018. Recruitment saw an onset of technology based tools and solutions in 2017 and the whole year was witness to an unprecedented growth of HR technology. Now that HR has […]

Cognitive Computing in HR: The Evolution

Cognitive Computing in HR: The Evolution

Anyone with a flair for technology must have heard about the seemingly miraculous feats that have been accomplished by IBM’s Watson; a question answering super computer system, which relies on the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to replicate a high-functioning human’s ability to answer questions and with a greater accuracy. Watson has […]