Why Implement a Employee Referral Software?

An employee referral software allows current employees to refer friends, families and other acquaintances for open job vacancies within the organization in exchange for rewards. Companies can build a huge talent pool in a short span of time just by connecting with their employees’ professional network. This article will shed some light on the various advantages […]


Finding Best Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses

Owing to the fact that recruitment has gone digital in the last couple of years, the adoption of modern-day technology has become vital for the overall growth of small businesses. However, startups and small businesses are not as financially strong as large enterprises.  Also, their recruitment process is not that intricate and they have very […]


Best Free Applicant Tracking System You Should Try Now

Mining for the right candidates that fit a given job profile is not easy. Recruiters face a challenging time sorting out applicants from various platforms such as social media and job search websites. Logistically, it is a bit taxing to retrieve the right profiles from a heap of unorganized data. That is when companies, irrespective […]


5 Best AI Based Recruitment Software in India

The advent of the internet and consequent digitization has made getting employed significantly easier for candidates. Tasks that once took hours can now be done with a single click. But this ease has made recruitment all the more difficult for employers. Today, companies see a massive flood of applications for any job posting. How does […]


An Overview of the Recruitment Software Market

The recruitment software market has emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry today. In fact, a large number of small and medium-sized businesses are making use of recruiting technology to improve overall efficiency in the recruitment process. What is noteworthy is that recruiters are now more open and receptive to transition from old and traditional methods […]


Top Recruitment Automation Ideas for Your Hiring Process

Recruitment automation has become an inevitable requirement for big enterprises and emerging startups alike, for it plays a pivotal role in enhancing their recruitment processes and increasing overall productivity. High-stakes competition with rival businesses has made it an utmost necessity for companies to employ recruitment automation in their operations so as to hire the best […]


How Much Do Applicant Tracking Systems Cost?

Without a doubt, effective utilization of Applicant Tracking Systems is a prerequisite for becoming a smart recruitment specialist. However, modern-day recruitment technology like Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is indeed a capital-intensive investment. In fact, pricing is one of the most essential factors that must be taken into consideration while determining which Applicant Tracking Software is […]


How Does Recruitment Software Work?

In any organization, recruitment is one of the most important responsibilities of the HR department.   There are multiple recruitment teams that handle the entire recruitment process from identifying the requirement to bringing the most appropriate and productive candidate on board. However, with changing times and technological advancement, recruitment processes have now been digitized and automated […]


Applicant Tracking System Pros and Cons You Should Keep In Mind

Owing to the technological revolution in the recruitment industry, the ATS market is booming across the world. It is a well-known fact that Applicant Tracking Systems are the lifeblood of the new age tech-savvy recruiter. Companies that employ an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can easily streamline their hiring procedures to attract, identify and recruit the […]


The Top 10 Staffing Agency Software

There is no doubt that recruitment has become more difficult and costlier than ever. Consultancies or staffing agencies face plenty of challenges when it comes to opting for a recruitment solution since their business requirements are different than that of a corporate. Although there are a lot of options available, not every recruitment software is […]

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