ATS vs CRM: Things You Should Know

Owing to the growing demand for quality candidates in today’s employment market, human resources professionals worldwide are perpetually striving to identify the right talent for filling vacant posts. With the arrival of new recruitment technologies in the HR software market, implementing digital solutions has become a necessity, especially for companies looking to outperform their business […]


5 Effective Strategies for Mastering Passive Hiring

Taking into account the serious talent shortage in today’s hyper-competitive hiring market, finding skilled and qualified candidates has become extremely difficult for the majority of companies. Being occupied with time-consuming hiring tasks like manually posting job adverts and searching through lengthy documents, HR professionals are often unable to focus on pursuing top industry talent for […]


6 Myths About Automation In HR

Taking into consideration the swift adoption of modern digital technologies in the present-day recruitment industry, the human resources software market is expected to be valued at $9.89 billion by the year 2022. Despite the rising number of recruiters supporting the use of tech-enabled tools, a lot of misinformation about HR technologies is being circulated across […]


How to Use Social Media for Recruiting Employees

Owing to the remarkable advancements that are continually transforming the talent acquisition landscape, social media has emerged as a popular recruitment channel for hiring top-tier applicants. In fact, finding quality employees in today’s hot candidate-driven labor market can be extremely challenging for human resources professionals who do not abandon conventional hiring strategies. It is so […]


4 Employer Branding Tools To Use In 2020

A company’s online reputation plays a major role in determining the overall success rate of the recruitment campaign. According to a recent report, employer branding has become a key priority for most job applicants. This is why a multitude of organizations globally have started shifting their focus to developing an employer brand that attracts top […]


Evolution of Applicant Tracking System

The world knows that Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) made their way into the recruitment landscape just a few years ago. Although, previously, ATS solutions were implemented only by a handful of companies that could bear the heavy investment costs but now their use in the HR arena has risen to a great extent. It is […]


How to Improve Candidate Experience Using AI in Recruitment?

The majority of modern-day human resource personnel are in agreement with the fact that creating an excellent employee experience is imperative for winning the fierce talent war in today’s highly competitive candidate labor market. Bad candidate engagement can pave the way for serious inefficiencies in the recruitment process and hinder efforts to attract well-qualified individuals, […]


How To Get More Applicants To Apply To Your Job?

Since today’s recruitment industry is driven by rapid digital innovations, getting in touch with prospective candidates has become a piece of cake for the new breed of HR professionals. Previously, recruiters had to spend numerous hours on talent acquisition activities and hence, they were hardly left with any time to source quality candidates needed for […]


The Top Recruiting Platforms For 2020

With the soaring number of businesses globally integrating digital talent acquisition solutions into their recruitment process, it has become essential for hiring managers to invest in the top recruiting platforms. Apart from augmenting the quality of hire and decreasing overall costs, human resources professionals are leveraging tech tools for streamlining their workflows to ensure a […]


10 Best Software For Recruiters

It is an undisputed fact that new-age technological solutions can help recruiters improve their productivity by leaps and bounds. Businesses worldwide are constantly investing in the latest recruitment technologies to compete for top industry talent in the current candidate-driven job market. With the right set of productivity tools in hand, HR professionals can effortlessly streamline […]

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