Must-Have Features In Top Recruitment Automation Software In 2020

With a jump in the number of companies leveraging new-age talent acquisition technologies, the global AI recruitment market is projected to reach USD 388 million by the year 2027. Since the recruitment landscape is buzzing with digital innovation, one cannot deny that deploying modern-day hiring automation solutions has become a prerequisite for surviving the intense competition for top industry talent in the current candidate-driven job market. Human resources personnel looking to streamline monotonous manual tasks for turbocharging their recruitment process can derive great benefits from digital hiring tools. However, it is extremely important for present-day HR professionals to assess their organizational requirements and consider certain key features before picking out the latest recruitment automation software.


Here, we have compiled a detailed list of the top 5 must-have recruitment automation features to help you make the right selection in 2020 in a seamless way.

Intelligent Candidate Search is an important feature for a Top Recruitment Automation Software


When it comes to manually matching potential candidates to the right job openings within the company, recruiters often have to sift through thousands of applicant profiles and acquire huge amounts of information for making intelligent hiring decisions. But things have changed a lot with the advent of cutting-edge technologies like machine learning that make it easier for recruiters to match qualifications to job openings with the help of sophisticated algorithms. This way human resources personnel can speedily ensure whether a particular applicant is a perfect match for the job with the greatest ease and convenience.


Automated Job Posting is a must have feature in a Top Recruitment Automation Software


Without a doubt, writing perfect job adverts and placing them on the right channels over the internet is requisite for attracting exceptionally talented job candidates. However, manually writing and posting job advertisements is nothing less than an uphill struggle for recruiters as the task requires a great deal of effort. But with the assistance of machine learning tech tools, human resources personnel can scrutinize language patterns of job posts and determine their outreach so that the needed improvements can be easily made. This way recruitment professionals modify and automate their job advertisements to attract more diverse talent with little to no effort, thereby driving optimal results at the earliest possible time frame.

Pre-employment Candidate Assessment is a good to have feature in a Recruitment Automation Software

 It is an undeniable fact that candidate pre-employment assessment tools can make it much easier for the new breed of HR professionals to ascertain whether an applicant would be capable of handling the various job responsibilities once he/she is hired by the company. AI-driven pre-employment assessment tools assess the applicants’ overall potential, cultural background, soft skills etc. to ensure that the candidates are the right fit for the role they are applying for. The best part about this AI-powered feature is that it employs machine learning and big data to allow HR professionals to predict hire quality with little effort.


AI-powered resume screening is a much sought after feature in today’s top recruitment automation software

 Manual resume screening is no longer a viable option for the majority of recruiters as the task is extremely monotonous and hence, it eats up their precious time. But the good news is that hiring managers can effortlessly reduce the total amount of time spent on searching through candidates’ resumes by utilizing screening tools that are driven by artificial intelligence. Since an AI-powered resume screening tool automatically sifts through candidates’ applications and recognizes certain keywords that correspond with the skills and educational qualifications needed for the job. This way recruiters can shortlist promising job applicants who meet the criteria for the open position.


Advanced talent analytics is a must have feature in top recruitment automation software

 The majority of human resources professionals agree that advanced talent analytics can come in handy for analyzing the overall efficacy of the hiring process. By opting for a talent acquisition solution that features advanced talent analytics, hiring managers can utilize statistical models to make better recruiting decisions. With so much valuable data in hand, recruiters can leverage deep insights to evaluate the performance of employees working in different business departments. Moreover, advanced talent analytics can help recruiters to predict future HR trends as well as identify effective practices so that they can form actionable plans and produce desirable business results as fast as possible.

Given the advantages of using digital tech tools in the recruitment industry, it is safe to say that new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are positively impacting the hiring landscape. Organizations worldwide are constantly utilizing recruitment automation technologies to improve their HR team’s efficiency for driving top-notch hiring results. Therefore, invest your money in the most advanced AI-powered recruitment automation software which is equipped with all the aforementioned features in order to boost workplace productivity without extra effort.