Latest Recruitment Trends for 2020 You Should Know

Owing to the increasing number of companies incorporating HR technology into their hiring strategy, the recruiting software market is flourishing across the world. Now that attracting and retaining top-tier talent has become harder than ever, employers are continually striving to stay relevant in today’s candidate-oriented job market. For this reason, companies looking to augment their hiring efforts in less time must make strategic use of technology and gain a clear understanding of modern-day recruitment trends.

Here, we highlight the latest hiring trends that are going to dominate the recruitment space in the coming year so that you can implement them same for yielding outstanding results in the best way possible.


Top Recruitment Trends for 2020

Let us take a brief look at the top 7 recruitment trends for 2020:

AI will be a key recruitment trend in 2020

One cannot deny that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the recruitment game with each passing day. Contrary to popular belief, the prime purpose of this technology is to improve the overall efficiency of recruiters and hiring managers. Thus, it must be taken into consideration that AI technology is not meant to replace human recruiters. Now that AI has entered into the recruitment space, it is being utilized for eliminating labor-intensive manual tasks through automation. The best part about this new-age technology is that it does not exhibit any biases when it comes to screening potential candidates for open job positions within the company. Moreover, smart conversational chatbots are being used by hiring managers to effectively engage applicants throughout the recruitment process. AI-powered chatbots can effortlessly handle intricate tasks like pre-screening candidates, offering efficacious solution etc.

Employer Branding will emerge as a key recruiting trend in 2020

There is absolutely no denying the fact that a compelling employer brand can work wonders for attracting top industry talent in the current hyper-competitive job market. An excellent brand image can help decrease the various costs associated with the hiring process. Nowadays, most job applicants consider employer brand before applying for a particular job position. Companies that do not have a good reputation can have a hard time attracting and retaining the best talent. On the other hand, an outstanding talent brand will make it possible for you to recruit well-qualified candidates to facilitate the creation of an inordinately dynamic workforce in less time.

Delivering a great candidate experience will be a recruitment focus area in 2020

Speaking of candidate experience, it refers to the perception of a job seeker about an employer based on the company’s recruitment process. An excellent candidate experience paves the way for a strong employer brand, better onboarding rates, increased talent pool growth etc.  Recruiters are now more focused on delivering a great candidate experience since it is an essential hiring metric. By optimizing candidate experience, you can build a better employer brand and keep your employees engaged without facing any kind of difficulties. Moreover, the best way to engage with applicants is to utilize an advanced Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Building big talent pools will become key recruitment priority in 2020

It is quite a well-known fact that talent pools are being used by HR professionals to give a boost to recruitment efficacy so that they can hire top-tier candidates without putting in any extra effort. Talent pools can help recruiters to effectively address and combat the skills shortage. Companies are increasingly focusing on strengthening their talent pools for the fulfillment of their future hiring needs via candidate rediscovery. In addition to facilitating talent retention, talent pools can help you cut down on unnecessary expenses when it comes to hiring new candidates.

Social media recruiting will be a recruitment strategy in 2020

One of the most popular hiring trends in 2020, social media recruiting is the new HR strategy. A majority of businesses worldwide are using different social media networks to attract and hire fresh talent for open job vacancies. Being the most powerful recruiting strategy in today’s age, you can sift through popular social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook to find exceptionally talented job candidates. Once you successfully connect with talented candidates, you can encourage them to apply for vacant job positions within the firm. More essentially, you can employ social media recruiting tools to achieve better hiring results instantly.

Automation will be a key focus area for recruiters in 2020

The actual reason for the increased reliance on HR automation is that it allows companies to automate certain tasks so that they can save time and cut down on hiring costs. Hiring managers utilize HR automation tools to hire and retain the best talent. Although this recruitment trend has been around for a while, it has soared in popularity recently. These tools can come in handy for automating the recruitment process, thereby making it more efficient and faster. Keeping everything else aside, it is extremely crucial to select a good applicant tracking software for reaping the benefits of HR automation.

HR analytics will be a key for enhancing the recruitment process in 2020

HR analytics is key to enhance the recruitment strategy as they make it easier for modern-day recruiters and hiring managers to indulge in more informed decision making. It involves the use of data to improve recruiting practices. By effectively making use of HR analytics, recruiters can enhance multiple metrics like overall hire quality, cost-to-hire etc. Organizations in different parts of the world are employing HR analytics to make their recruitment strategy stronger instantaneously.

It is an undeniable fact that the talent acquisition landscape is changing by the day. Moreover, the new breed of HR managers is making constant efforts to become more tech-savvy so that they can hire top industry talent and attain excellent recruiting results in as little time as possible. So, make sure you implement these latest recruitment trends in 2020 to fulfill your organization’s hiring needs more effectively.