Latest HR Tech Trends in 2020 You Should Know Of

The world of technology has been evolving at breakneck speed in recent years and there is hardly any area of our work or life that it hasn’t been touched by it. Businesses too have benefited tremendously by adopting technology in various areas of operations and seen faster growth owing to reduced costs and greater efficiency, so there was no way that the thriving HR and recruitment industry could be left behind. In fact, most progressive businesses understand the impact technology can make in giving them a competitive edge in the market, and therefore, consider it as the backbone for their operations.

Given below are some HR technology trends to that businesses can no longer ignore in the coming year. While some of these are an upgrade to the processes and technologies already in use, others are relatively new and are sure to increase efficacy.



Remote Working is the latest HR trend in 2020

While having remote teams is not new as a concept, the way remote teams function can be revolutionised to make the most of it. In fact, it is so popular that more than being a trend it has slowly shifted to becoming a norm. Some organisations completely rely on remote teams for most of their work. The way these teams are managed is what makes the real difference. It might not be easy to manage remote teams owing to the obvious hiccups of distance, time differences, etc. It comes with an array of benefits that include but are not limited to cost effectiveness and easy management via cloud-based HR systems or ATS which makes life easy for most hiring managers and companies. Video conferencing is also a great way to connect with remote teams. When the internet has made the world a smaller place and distances shorter than can be imagined, why not take advantage of the same to benefit your company?

New Age applicant tracking systems will be remain a HR Technology trend in 2020

 Applicant Tracking Systems have been a boon to HR departments and with more and more business acknowledging the value they bring to the business, large as well as small businesses will continue to embrace ATS in the coming years as well. From saving all applications in the database for future screening when new openings arise to the Boolean search system, everything favours time efficacy and better results. Whether there is a remote team working for your company or an in-house team, an ATS can help you get the best results quicker. Applicant Tracking Systems can be accessed easily by team members who have access to the software and makes communication between recruiters and hiring managers easier while making the entire process of hiring shorter than ever. Easier follow ups, quick searches and updates with data at your disposal only means that your job is done with just a few clicks. Any hiring process that could take probably 15 days can now be shortened to  5-7 days, depending on the specific criteria and rounds your company deems as a necessary part of the process.

Employer Branding will remain trending in 2020

 While positive reviews and prompt response to feedback and grievances have always been important aspects of managing the reputation of a company, there are some new ways in which you can build an even stronger positive image for your brand. In a fast paced professional life, people are constantly looking for work that is satisfying monetarily while also giving them enough space to enjoy their personal life. While responding to reviews or putting up testimonials on career site, a company must ensure to bring in the work-life balance that can be expected by a candidate when they work for you.  Make use of social media to promote these aspects as much as you can. Read more about the importance of employer branding in Attracting and Retaining Talent. 

AI for analytics is another HR Technology trend in 2020

 In a world where data has become bigger than any other metric for evaluation, there’s a need to make use of the same in order to make systems more efficient. Ranging from employee feedback tools to augmented analytics platforms, there’s a lot that can be done. AI is already in use for most things we see today and in 2020, it is expected to be one of the biggest HR technology trends. Analytics platforms help improve employee engagement and can be helpful in determining the driving factor behind employee engagement. According to experts, augmented analytics platforms are more user-friendly as they automate insights via machine learning. It can help deliver unparalleled results within a very short time span. Read more about How to successfully implement HR analytics?


While keeping technology as your base for everything going forward, keep in mind that Human Resources is a ‘human first’ experience. While you use the latest trends in technology to bring more efficiency to your business and drive better results, human touch and empathy remain your number one attribute in order to succeed as a department or organisation that relates to and resonates with its employees. Ensure that one-on-one conversations  happen, even if it involves video conferencing or telephonic conversations to keep it real and relatable with your candidates and employees. While technology might be a necessary tool, ‘humanity’ is an inevitable attribute that is key to ensuring the success and sustainability of any technology.