How To Virtually Onboard Your Candidates?

One cannot deny that talent acquisition practices are rapidly changing amid the ongoing pandemic. Now that connecting with well-qualified candidates in today’s competitive employment market has become incredibly hard, human resources professionals worldwide are opting for technological solutions to step up their hiring game. In fact, many companies are switching to video interviewing for recruiting new talent.

With the majority of recruiters working remotely owing to strict lockdown restrictions, resorting to virtual onboarding is slowly turning into a necessity. Nevertheless, it has often been seen that a large number of recruiters face serious difficulties when it comes to onboarding job applicants virtually. But the good news is that remote onboarding in these tough times is possible provided that talent acquisition professionals make the necessary efforts. Keep reading to find out how recruiters can virtually onboard candidates without visiting the office.


Top 4 tips to onboard applicants virtually



When a new employee is hired by a company, he/she needs to undergo an onboarding process. It must be noted that employee onboarding can work wonders for reducing turnover rate, building trust among new hires, and boost the overall business growth at the same time. Listed below are the top 4 effective tips to help recruiters onboard new employees virtually and drive productivity without any hassle.

Utilize the right technology and increase face-to-face interactions with employees


There is no doubt that the proper utilization of the right technology will help you automate the employee onboarding process to a great extent. Make sure that you leverage a leading talent acquisition solution that features all the modern remote onboarding tools to speed up the process. More importantly, the best part about modern technology is that it helps recruiters indulge in live face-to-face interactions with new hires and facilitate an excellent employee experience around the clock. Although it is not safe to visit the office amid the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing face-to-face connections and interacting with employees is essential for ensuring successful onboarding. Other than this, video conferencing tools can come in handy during these challenging times to connect with new hires and introduce them to their coworkers. Above all, live face-to-face interactions can serve the purpose of keeping employees engaged throughout the virtual onboarding process so that they feel connected.

Introduce new hires to your company culture and encourage them to contribute effectively


Most human resources professionals agree with the fact that it is crucial to instill a strong and positive company culture on the first day of work. Introducing new hires to your company culture is imperative for familiarizing them with the professional work environment. Make it a point to immerse new hires in your company culture so that they get to know how your business works at different levels. It is true that onboarding remotely can be somewhat challenging for some recruiters. However, it must be kept in mind that engaging new employees and making them feel comfortable is of paramount importance. It is essential to make new hires realize that they are part of the team to ensure that they contribute to achieving business objectives and perform up to their full potential. More essentially, whenever new employees accomplish organizational goals and exhibit exceptional performance, make certain that you recognize their contributions and give some good incentives in order to make them feel valued.


Define your expectations and acquaint employees with their responsibilities


Another important thing you must do is to ensure a successful onboarding process is to clearly define your expectations and acquaint employees with their core job responsibilities. Once you do this much, new hires will understand your company’s requirements and perform their roles accordingly to produce the needed outcomes in less time. Apart from this, see to it that your new workers possess an in-depth understanding of the software and systems they will be using for various vital organizational tasks. For this purpose, you must impart the necessary training and give employees access to all the important resources, insights etc. Moreover, try to be as transparent as possible and interact with new hires on a regular basis to avoid miscommunication. If you do not make your expectations clear to the newly hired employees at the very beginning, there are high chances that they may fail to meet your expectations.

Keep making improvements to the virtual onboarding process


Since the virtual onboarding of employees is a relatively new concept, there are bound to be some inefficiencies in the process. If your entire team is working remotely and you are increasingly onboarding new hires without visiting the office, now is the time to spot bottlenecks in the process so that the required changes can be made with the utmost ease and convenience. Learn from your virtual onboarding experiences and try to identify the areas where improvement is needed. The best way to make enhancements to your virtual onboarding process with minimal effort is to leverage the right set of modern digital HR tools. Also, you can ask your new employees for feedback after they are successfully onboarded as it will make it easier for you to get rid of bottlenecks and improve the virtual onboarding process.


It is an undisputed fact that remote work is bound to become prevalent in the coming times owing to the coronavirus crisis. With recruiters worldwide putting in consistent efforts to win the war for talent and make skilled individuals a part of their workforce, paving the way for a strong onboarding process has become extremely important. It must be taken into consideration that providing new hires with a stellar experience is imperative to boost retention rates. Candidates who bond better with an organization are likely to remain employed for a longer time period. In addition to this, they can contribute productively towards core organizational goals and help drive better results. This is the main reason why making use of modern-day technology is necessary for supercharging the employee onboarding process. So, ensure that you opt for a a new-age digital recruiting software to streamline the talent acquisition process and virtually onboard candidates from the comfort of your home.