How to Use Social Media for Recruiting Employees

Owing to the remarkable advancements that are continually transforming the talent acquisition landscape, social media has emerged as a popular recruitment channel for hiring top-tier applicants. In fact, finding quality employees in today’s hot candidate-driven labor market can be extremely challenging for human resources professionals who do not abandon conventional hiring strategies. It is so because the war for top talent is getting more fierce and companies across the world are facing a serious talent shortage. This is why most HR managers are putting in efforts to make social recruiting an integral part of their hiring strategy. Businesses looking to accelerate their hiring process can harness the power of social media recruiting to source prospective job candidates, thereby facilitating the creation of a high-quality talent pool in less time. Listed below are some of the top social media hiring strategies that can work wonders for helping you recruit skillful applicants.

Top 6 Social Media Recruiting Strategies

Contrary to popular belief, social media is one of the most vital channels for bolstering the company brand image and sourcing top-notch employees for efficiently filling open job posts in the firm. Moreover, the majority of recruiters agree with the fact that social media is an effective recruitment tool that holds a great deal of potential for turbocharging the talent acquisition process. Therefore, keep reading to learn how you can leverage social media recruiting for getting in touch with the best talent around.

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Use social media to strengthen your company’s online presence


To recruit effectively on renowned social media channels, you must strive to strengthen your online presence as most millennials are passionate about working with companies that are well established. You should effectively communicate your corporate values and give a clear picture of your organizational background in order to organically attract top industry talent on prominent social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc.


Involve your employees in the recruitment process


It is extremely important to understand that the prime purpose of indulging in social media recruiting is to extend your reach on the internet. You can involve your employees in the recruitment process to maximize your online reach and drive results much faster. By making your workers a part of the hiring process, you can encourage them to spread the word about your brand, thereby reaping great benefits from their social media networks. More essentially, see to it that you formulate a well-defined social media policy in advance and acquaint your employees with it before turning them into brand ambassadors to make sure that they do not end up causing damage to your organization’s brand image unintentionally.

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Use a recruitment software to connect with the right talent in the industry


When it comes to getting in touch with the right talent in the industry, you must communicate with candidates considering their interests if you really want to get the desired response. Make the applicants familiar with available opportunities in your company and send relevant emails to stay in touch with them throughout the hiring process. For this purpose, you must opt for a premiem social media recruitment software that will help you speed up the process of candidate selection. The recruitment solution will give you access to a consolidated database with all the relevant candidate-related data such as email IDs, addresses, phone numbers etc., which has been collected from various of sources online. This way you will have all the important information in hand without needing to sift through each candidate’s profile individually.


Invest in social media advertising


One cannot deny that social media advertising is a fast and cost-effective way of connecting with the right audience. Hiring managers who are recruiting actively should consider investing in social media advertising campaigns to maximize their reach over the web. This strategy will help you define search parameters so that you can target prospective job candidates with the utmost ease. In case you feel that the campaign is not producing the desired business outcomes, you can modify it taking into consideration your core organizational objectives. Other than this, you should also leverage AI-driven social media insight tools to gain access to key recruiting metrics that will help you analyze whether your campaigns are powerful enough to attract potential applicants.


Use live-streaming videos to engage passive applicants


Without a doubt, no type of content is as engaging as live-streaming videos since they possess the potential to engage passive applicants instantly. But the content you share in your live videos should be tailored based on the interests of your target audience so that you are effortlessly able to build a profound connection with them. Use live video broadcasts to hold rapid Q&A sessions to captivate your audience. Give candidates a sneak peek of your workplace via live footage so that they can get a glimpse of the company culture.


Put relevant hashtags to use


Recruiters should never underestimate the power of hashtags as they can help increase the reach of their brand message across the various popular channels on social media. Search the web for trending hashtags and pick the ones that will help you grasp the attention of your key audience with little effort. But make certain that you define your target audience before putting any hashtags to use or else your strategy might fail. Additionally, you can adhere to a personalized approach and come up with creative hashtags that are related to your company’s culture, organizational objectives etc.


Now that traditional hiring methods are becoming obsolete and ineffective with every passing day, employers are resorting to social media recruiting. From shortening the overall time taken to hire to giving a notable boost to employer brand awareness, social media hiring can come in handy for boosting an organization’s recruitment marketing efforts in an instant. Above all, social media channels are highly useful for reaching out to quality passive candidates who are quite unlikely to be found on traditional job boards. So, make it a point to carefully evaluate your business needs and create a powerful social media recruitment strategy that will assist you in connecting with vast pool of talent to tap into, thus giving you an edge over competitors.