How to Reduce Time To Fill in Recruitment?

Taking into consideration the stringent competition for top quality candidates in the current employment market, filling vacant job positions has become a herculean task for most organizations. Apart from losing valuable resources, businesses globally are facing a serious productivity loss owing to the dearth of talented job applicants. Being one of the most essential hiring metrics, the majority of talent acquisition leaders agree to the fact that time-to-fill can significantly impact the overall effectiveness of the recruitment process. This is why boosting the speed of hire is as important as sourcing highly skilled candidates. Nonetheless, it is true that manual HR tasks make it extremely tough for recruiters to focus on fulfilling important business goals. But thanks to the advent of new-age recruiting technology, HR professionals can now streamline monotonous hiring activities and dedicate time to key organizational tasks that actually matter. Listed below are the 6 most effective tips that will help recruiters to simplify their application process and improve time-to-fill so that they can produce stellar results in an instant.

6 effective tips to attract skilled candidates and speed up the recruitment process

One cannot deny that recruiters nowadays find it extremely challenging to hire and retain well-qualified candidates as the war for talent is getting fiercer with every passing day. However, the good news is that the effective utilization of the latest technology can be really useful for connecting with the best prospects. Let us quickly take a look at 6 recruiting practices that can help you make the job application process less complex and improve time to fill simultaneously.

Create a better candidate experience for strengthening the employer brand

Recruiters must understand that a poor candidate experience can deter top industry talent from applying and hence, this can be detrimental to a company’s success. A job application process that is extremely time-consuming and tedious is likely to be abandoned by most applicants. For this reason, you should keep the application short and only seek important information from candidates. Utilize digital tools to make sure that that your application page does not take ages to load. Other than this, you must also send follow-up emails to job candidates upon successful submission of their applications. While it is good to automate most aspects of the application process, you should never completely remove human interaction. Also, see to it that you foster strong personal connections with prospective applicants and provide them with a superb experience 24*7.

Write better job descriptions to encourage more prospects to apply

There is no doubt that job descriptions are an integral aspect of the application process as they can either attract or deter talented candidates. Make certain that you choose the right words to make your job descriptions appealing to read. Include all the essential details such as needed skill set, educational qualifications, job role requirements, annual compensation etc. More importantly, ensure that your job descriptions do not have any biased language. Always make use of gender inclusive language to drive significant responses from both male and female applicants.

Make use of a recruitment solution to amp up the overall talent acquisition efficiency

The most effective way to amp up the overall talent acquisition efficiency is to make use of a modern recruitment solution which is equipped with all the vital features requisite for improving the application process. From tracking prospective candidates to leveraging core data insights for making strategic HR decisions, hiring technology possesses the potential to optimize the recruitment process from start to finish. Recruiters can employ digital recruitment tools for automating a number of time-consuming tasks like scanning resumes, forwarding personalized emails, scheduling interviews with prospects, etc. Above all, the present-day HR technology can also be used for running and tracking the progress of recruitment marketing campaigns. The greatest advantage of utilizing a recruitment software is that it can work wonders for increasing organizational efficiency, thereby helping recruiters attain the desired hiring results with minimal effort.

Provide timely responses to applicants’ queries

Many times, candidates are unable to find the answer to their queries on the FAQ section of your career website. In order to prevent such applicants from abandoning the job application process, recruiters must provide them with a good solution to their problem at the earliest possible time frame. Since manually answering questions around the clock can prove to be extremely burdensome for HR professionals, the best option is to leverage AI-powered virtual recruiting chatbots that will interact with applicants in real-time and provide timely responses to their queries whenever the need arises.

Make sure your application process is well-optimized for mobile devices

Unlike in the past, there are multitudes of applicants who prefer completing the application process on their mobiles as they find it more convenient. Besides simplifying your application process for computer users, you must also optimize it for mobile phones and similar devices. Once you make it easier for applicants to apply to open job positions on their mobile phones, you will be able to get in touch with the best talent in the current hyper-competitive labor market instantly.

Eliminate unsuitable candidates with pre-screening assessment tools

Applicants who do not hold the required educational qualifications and work experience must be weeded out in the initial stages of the talent acquisition process. To give an instance, if a particular job role demands certain soft skills, recruiters must test candidates for the same. This can be done easily with the help of pre-screening assessment tools. By conducting such assessments, HR managers can identify and eliminate incompetent individuals without difficulty.

Without a doubt, talent shortage is one of the top emerging risks that is being faced by a large number of companies across the world. Human resources personnel are consistently striving to attract top-notch talent by delivering an exceptional candidate experience with the help of modern HR tech tools that are driven by Artificial Intelligence. Lastly, make certain that you assess your business needs before buying an advanced user-friendly recruitment software to simplify your application process and hire qualified applicants faster.