How to Improve Recruitment and Selection Process

How to Improve Recruitment and Selection Process

From cutting hiring costs to creating diverse workplaces, there are a lot of things that employers are focused on right now in order to improve their overall recruitment process.  A smart recruiter doesn’t necessarily need to spend 12 hours in the office to ensure better performance.  With the right strategy and tools at one’s disposal, efficiency can be increased to a great extent without breaking sweat.


A recruiter’s task is in spotlight more than ever. A company’s workforce is its greatest asset and the competition to hire the best talent out there is growing by the second. Such circumstances call for utilizing all the available resources in best possible way, avoiding redundant efforts, automating manual task to extract maximum efficiency and streamlining the entire recruitment process to create a seamless experience for hiring manager and candidate.

Suggestions to improve recruitment and selection process

Well defined job posting is a good step to improve recruitment process

Uninteresting job postings are a major put off for candidates who know their worth and are interested in making an impact with their work. The best candidates not only care about the paychecks but also want to create a definite business impact with their work. They want to know what will be their contribution to business’s growth. To convey this, the description should talk about the role’s importance for business, and how it will aid in its growth. This will give a sense of importance to the candidate applying to the job and they will know what’s expected of them even before the interview. Hence, recruiters should ideally coordinate with the hiring managers to draft accurate job descriptions which provide a sense of purpose to the candidate.

A quick proofread for any kind of formatting and grammatical error is most essential. Also, recruiters should eliminate words that project a bias against a particular gender or underrepresented minority, unless of course that is a specific requirement of the role. “Gendered language”, as it is popularly known as is rampantly used in online employment listings but the future needs to change this and a recruiter must share this responsibility. Words like “Ninja” might make the job listing exciting to read, but it may also dissuade women from applying. Same goes for words like, “dominate” and “competitive”. If a company believes in narrowing down the applicant-pool gender gap, a simple way to do so is to purge the gendered language and rewrite job descriptions.

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Use HR technology to improve recruitment and selection process

Use HR technology to improve recruitment and selection process

Sourcing is very critical to the recruitment process. Recruiters should block greatest chunk of their time daily to sourcing otherwise they may end up devoting this time to something low priority task.  The easiest way to speeding up candidate sourcing is to use a recruitment software that automatically pulls candidate profiles from various sources like social media accounts, job boards, career site etc.  Also, using a fully automated recruitment suite with latest resume search and matching technology gives the most suitable CVs for a particular role. This reduces recruiter’s screening and shortlisting time and helps them expedite the overall selection process. A good recruitment software also helps recruiters schedule interviews with shortlisted candidates in bulk and allows interviewers to provide structured feedback post candidate’s interview. Recruiters can then take quick action based on feedback from the interviewer which is visible to them in real time. They can even manage and track the status of their offers given to the candidates. Hence, making HR technology part of the recruitment strategy makes the selection process extremely quick and effective.

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Enhancing candidate experience is a good recommendation to improve recruitment and selection process

Candidate experience is often a neglected area of the recruitment process, which more often than not has huge

Enhancing candidate experience is a good recommendation to improve recruitment and selection process

repercussions in the long run. Recruiters must value a candidate’s time as they will value their own. The application process must be simple and quick for the candidate. In case they want candidates to answer some specific questions, they should be short, crisp and relevant to the application. A lengthy application process will only dissuade a candidate to apply. Creating short personalized videos that feature company stories and sending them across to prospective hires will not only give the candidates an insight into company culture but also let them know how excited you are to have them on-board. Such efforts on your part will always have an overall positive outcome. Additionally, communicating with candidates to keep them in loop of their hiring status is a good idea to improve the recruitment and selection process. No only in cases where a candidate is made an offer but also where a candidate has been rejected, it’s a good practice to let the candidate know about it. Even if a candidate is not suitable for a particular position today, he could be a prospect for another position tomorrow.

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Keep improving your overall recruitment and selection process. Happy hiring!


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  1. Robin Joseph
    Robin Joseph says:

    The article is amazing and the tips you mentioned were really effective in boosting recruitment process. One can go with self-assessment tools to analyze and dreive complete insights of the candidates. This will save recruiters time and effort in sorting deserving candidates.
    Thank you for the worthy post.

    • Saurabh Tyagi
      Saurabh Tyagi says:

      Hi Mallika, There are a number of tools that employers are using these days. From AI powered ATS to full fledged Recruitment Management Systems that are one stop solutions for all hiring needs. These tools are the future of recruitment. Not only do they reduce the time of hiring through automation but also improve the quality of hiring through application of Artificial Intelligence.

  2. Aahana Laghari
    Aahana Laghari says:

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