How To Get More Applicants To Apply To Your Job?

Since today’s recruitment industry is driven by rapid digital innovations, getting in touch with prospective candidates has become a piece of cake for the new breed of HR professionals. Previously, recruiters had to spend numerous hours on talent acquisition activities and hence, they were hardly left with any time to source quality candidates needed for the open job posts. With so many AI-powered hiring tools in hand, companies can easily find, attract, and recruit the best talent in the current tough recruiting market. However, the real struggle that is being faced by the majority of HR managers in the present age is getting more qualified and skilled applicants to apply to vacant job positions within their company. In fact, connecting with top industry talent can be a really daunting task for recruiters who lack the necessary experience needed for the same. Although  applicants worldwide are hunting for vacancies and filling out job applications, the recruitment plans of most companies are turning out to be ineffective. The top 4 strategies listed below will come in handy to encourage more candidates to apply to your open job roles, reduce the overall employee turnover rate, and turbocharge the recruitment process in a single go.


4 Best strategies to encourage more candidates to apply to your job


The advent of modern recruiting technology has given job seekers access to multiple sources of applying to vacant job positions like companies’ career pages, job boards, online social networks. Although there is no shortage of job applicants in the present-day job market, remaining focused on sourcing the right candidates is of prime importance for recruiters looking to hire faster. Now, let us quickly take a look at the 4 best strategies that will help motivate more candidates to undergo the job application process, thereby greatly boosting the speed of hire in an instant.


Invest in an AI-powered Applicant Tracking System

 Since the majority of organizations are employing ultramodern technologies to source prospective candidates, investing in an AI-powered Applicant Tracking Software has become a necessity for recruiters who want to survive the intense competition for the best talent in today’s age. Hiring managers can benefit a lot from the known automation facilities that a recruitment software offers and this can make it simpler for them to accelerate the talent acquisition process. Moreover, human resources personnel can utilize a technologically-advanced ATS to publish their job openings on a variety of channels including renowned job boards, social media networks, etc., to target a large number of individuals who may be an apt fit for certain vacant job roles in the company. A modern-day digital recruitment system can also be really useful for building an attractive career website as it is usually the first place where most candidates land after coming across a job opening. Another phenomenal advantage of having a well-built career site is that it can work wonders for supercharging the social media presence of the company in a short span of time.

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Optimize your job advertisments


Optimizing job adverts has undoubtedly become a top priority of new-age human resources professionals as it is a sure-shot way of getting more potential candidates to apply to open positions in the firm. For this purpose, you must use enticing language that motivates prospective job seekers to indulge in the application process. Make sure that you list all the skills that are required for the job along with other essential details such as annual salary package, the scope for career development etc. Also, see to it that you offer employees a competitive salary which is in accordance with the prevailing industry standards. Most importantly, you should optimize your job adverts in such a way that they appear at the top of search results. This way candidates will not have any difficulty finding your job adverts online.

Create an employee referral program


Owing to the proven effectiveness of this strategy, a multitude of companies have started reaping the excellent benefits of employee referrals for recruiting prospective job candidates faster. Without a doubt, creating a powerful employee referral program can pave the way for high quality hires, thereby producing better recruiting results in a flash. You can encourage your employees to leverage their networks to find suitable candidates and get them to apply so that you can build a strong applicant pool without any substantial effort. Whenever your workers promote your job posts to highly talented and well-qualified individuals whom they know from before, you can offer some good incentives or rewards to make them feel that their efforts have been recognized by the company. Best of all, effective referral programs will not only help you get rid of additional recruiting costs but they will boost employee retention while facilitating the creation of an engaged workforce that will drive business efficiency in the wink of an eye.

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Make the application process simple and mobile friendly


It is extremely important for recruiters and hiring managers to put in the required efforts to simplify the application process so that job seekers can finish the same without facing any challenges. But if your job application process is time-consuming and complicated, it will lead to a major increase in the candidate drop-off rate, thereby causing your company to lose out on some of the most skilled individuals. Hence, you must make certain that you make the job application procedure as simple as possible so that applicants who have all the requisite educational qualifications can apply with ease. Another important point is that you should ensure that your application is optimized for accessibility on smartphones and similar devices.

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Getting a large number of prospective candidates to apply in today’s hyper-competitive talent market is not an uphill task provided that recruiters employ effective talent acquisition strategies and make use of modern tech-tools that can help them produce excellent business outcomes. The greatest benefit of having a large applicant pool is that HR professionals can easily shortlist individuals who are sufficiently qualified to meet the basic requirements of the advertised job role. Therefore, make it a point to gain acquaintance with the latest hiring trends and utilize cutting-edge technologies simultaneously in order to recruit the right candidates for open job positions instantly.