How Can Technology Improve Your Employer Brand ?

Without a doubt, the majority of the recruiters are up against the odds when it comes to attracting the right talent for open job roles within the company. According to a recent report, 94% of job applicants take into consideration the brand of the organisation before applying for a particular position. For this reason, businesses looking to attract and retain inordinately talented candidates cannot afford to have a negative employer brand at all. With the advent of new-age technological solutions, it has now become feasible for organizations across the world to efficiently maintain a strong corporate reputation. Nevertheless, the sad news is that very few recruiters and hiring managers are aware of the fact that technology can work wonders for improving their recruitment branding, and more importantly, the extent to which is can simplify the process.

In this article, we will explain in detail how you can go about boosting your recruitment brand instantly. But before proceeding further, let us understand the importance of having a good employer brand.

What is the importance of a good employer brand?

Owing to the never-ending hunt for talent in today’s hyper-competitive job market, building and maintaining a good employer brand has become more important than ever. Organizations that have a reputable employer brand do not face any difficulties when it comes to recruiting highly qualified candidates for open job vacancies. In addition to helping recruiters source new talent, a good recruitment brand facilitates talent retention.

A company with a strong brand image is always more attractive to potential candidates who are perpetually on the lookout for golden employment opportunities. Furthermore, a strong employer brand can motivate the employees who are already working in your company, thereby giving a notable boost to your business’ overall productivity. Above all, a good employer brand usually signifies a strong company culture and allows recruiters to maximize savings by cutting down on marketing costs. Also Read: The Importance of Employer Brand in Attracting and Retaining Talent


What are the different ways in which technology can help to improve recruitment brand?

There is absolutely no doubt that modern-day technology can come in handy for strengthening the employer brand. In fact, organisations can effortlessly build a strong employer brand and attract top industry talent in an instant by picking out a technologically-advanced recruitment software.

Here are some ways in which HR technology can be leveraged to improve the recruitment brand in as little time as possible.


A Mobile friendly SEO-enabled career site helps improve Employer Brand

First of all, it is essential for recruiters to understand that openings for new roles posted on job boards are not sufficient for attracting talent. Investing in a branded career website is an outstanding way to augment your employer branding. You can also make effective use of customized landing pages to communicate directly with the various segments of your targeted audience. Other than that, you can also add simple talent network forms to encourage candidates to learn more about your organization and drive them to apply to your open job vacancies. However, make sure that your smart career website is mobile-friendly. Also, it should be optimized for online searches so that potential job applicants can find you from anywhere on the globe.

Email marketing can help boost employer brand

 One cannot deny that factors like timing and personalization play a pivotal role in determining whether you will find the right talent for a specific job role or not. So, hiring managers looking for instant success should continually put in efforts to create an innovative email campaign to directly communicate with their target audience. Similarly, you can also share captivating content related to the advertised job role in order to boost recruitment branding and generate interest in the position.

Social media campaigns provide boost to the employer brand

It is a known fact that establishing a strong social media presence is of great importance nowadays. Most recruiters agree that social media is the best place to build and expand your recruitment brand in less time. Moreover, social media has created plenty of opportunities for hiring managers to create a strong employer brand and learn more about the present-day recruiting landscape. Various popular social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have emerged as effective tools for fostering professional relations with the best talent in the industry. Hence, make it a point to ensure that your employer branding strategy is supported by a technologically-driven social media campaign to yield fruitful results without facing any hassle.

 Using Advanced analytics can help improve recruitment brand

 It is extremely crucial to measure your recruitment brand with the help of advanced analytics. It is so because assessing your employer branding strategy will help you spot inadequacies and make the necessary changes instantaneously. With the proper utilization of recruitment technology, you can easily measure the efficacy of certain aspects of your employer branding strategy like career site pages, email updates, job descriptions, and so on. Once you successfully identify the approaches which are not producing the desired results, you can do away with them and modify your strategy accordingly.



Regardless of your business size, maintaining a strong employer brand is of utmost importance as it can have a significant impact on your organization’s growth. Moreover, it is extremely important to know that a bad employer brand is bound to repel talent and hamper your entire recruitment process. But by boosting the overall appeal of your employer brand, you can attract and hire newly emerging talent in the job market without putting in any additional effort. Therefore, see to it that you invest in the right technology in order to improve your recruitment brand, thus attracting top talent that can take your organisation to greater heights