How Can Applicant Tracking System Improve Your Selection Process?

Selecting the right candidates is important for the success of the company. To ensure there is a synergy that works for the fulfillment of company goals and mission it is essential to identify and build a team of people who have the required skills and experience. This is the reason that most CEOs today place so much importance on improving the hiring and selection process. However, in this competitive environment, without the right technology in place it is almost impossible to get the talent you want, when you want it.

You may get the most number of applications, but these applicants may fall through the gaps resulting in a missed opportunity both for the talent and the recruiter. Therefore, having an advanced applicant tracking system in place is most important for improving the selection and overall hiring process.

Here are the 5 ways in which an Applicant Tracking System can improve the selection process:

• Identify relevant applications faster and better with an Applicant Tracking System
Zero in on the right candidates for Interview using an ATS
• Conduct interview faster through an ATS
• Maintain interview records using an Applicant Tracking System
Provide a better candidate experience using an Applicant Tracking System

Identify relevant applications faster and better with an Applicant Tracking System

An advanced Applicant Tracking System like Naukri RMS now comes equipped with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms that learn from the past recruiter actions and candidate behavior to suggest the best matches for a particular job. While earlier recruiters had to manually go through all applications and then select the most appropriate one as per their understanding, an ATS now could quickly scan through all the received applications and suggest the most relevant ones based on semantic keyword matching, recency, past recruiter actions on similar profiles and many other data points. This all happens at the speed of a mouse click, which is what makes applicant tracking system so pertinent to the current hiring scenario.   Also Read: What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) ?

Zero in on the right candidates for Interview using an ATS for recruitment

As if getting the most relevant profiles was not enough, an ATS can also help perform the further selection process by automatically triggering an online assessment test to the candidates. These online assessment tests are custom designed to zero in on the candidates which not only have the requisite skill set but also fit in the company culture, and share the same mission and values as the organization. Recruiters can design these assessment tests as per the functional area and role for which they are hiring to make sure only highly qualified and best-fit candidates move on to the interview round.

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Conduct interview faster through an ATS

The next step in the selection process of a new hire is the interview. An applicant tracking system can not only help recruiters schedule an interview, but also conduct it through third party video platforms. Naukri RMS is one such Applicant Tracking Software, where recruiters can easily schedule interview of multiple candidates at a go. They can even conduct a video interview of candidates through third party integration with video conferencing platforms. This all takes just a few mouse clicks. Conducting video interviews through ATS not only helps save time for both candidates and hiring managers, but also reduces hiring costs, and makes the entire selection process quick.

Maintain interview records using an Applicant Tracking System

A general practice that is followed in almost every organization is to take notes while conducting face to face interviews. Hiring Managers would jot down the important points on a piece of paper and communicate their observations to the recruiter verbally or on the email. In many cases, the important information was lost in translation and even recruiters could not hold most of that received information. With ATS, this problem was also solved to a great extent. An ATS allows recruiters and HMs to add their comments against the candidate profile at various stages of recruitment. At the end of the interview, HM can use the ATS to record their interview notes in the form of a feedback and send it across to other stakeholders. Not only does this improve collaboration, but also helps ensure fair and transparent hiring practices are being followed in the organization.

Provide a better candidate experience using an Applicant Tracking System

An improved selection process is not only about recruiter or employer. A candidate is an equal stakeholder in this process and therefore, it is of utmost importance to improve the candidate experience so that these satisfied candidates eventually become your brand advocates. Whether it is providing them an option to apply to a job easily with a click of a button, or sending them regular updates of their application status in the selection process, an Applicant Tracking System can make sure that candidates do not feel unimportant or neglected. Also Read: Why is Candidate Experience So Important?



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