How can Applicant Tracking System Improve Candidate Reach?

Owing to the unceasing war for talent, the majority of the recruiters agree that it has become rather difficult to attract and hire well-qualified candidates in today’s highly competitive job market. Businesses around the globe are making the switch from traditional hiring methods to AI-based recruiting solutions to succeed in their hunt for talented candidates and fill open job roles within the company. For this reason, you should also step up your hiring game by modernizing recruiting tactics in order to win the race for top talent without putting in any extra endeavors. Nonetheless, you must expand the reach of your job postings to find better employees. Here, we will throw some light on the importance of candidate reach and discuss the various features of an ATS that can help improve the same in a short span of time.

Why is it important to improve candidate reach?


One cannot deny that improving job posting reach is of utmost importance as it makes it possible for recruiters to reach out to candidates with diverse backgrounds, thereby strengthening the talent pipeline in a single go. The biggest benefit of having an improved candidate reach is that it helps hiring managers to overcome the various talent acquisition challenges without facing any sort of hardships. Moreover, another great advantage of improving job posting reach is that it enables recruiters and hiring managers to find appropriate candidates for hard-to-fill job positions that demand specific educational qualifications and experience. By improving the candidate reach, your company will gain access to a large pool of qualified job seekers instantly. Therefore, you will no longer have to settle for candidates who do not meet all the necessary requirements for the open job role in the organization.


What are the various features of an ATS that can help improve the candidate reach?


There is absolutely no doubt that a cumbersome job application process can have a negative impact on the overall efficacy of your recruitment process. But with the effective deployment of an easy-to-use and feature-rich Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you can effortlessly simplify the job application process for all the various parties involved. Having said that, let us quickly skim through the various features of an ATS that can work wonders for helping your business enhance the candidate reach in as little time as possible.


Job Posting on multiple channels with a Click through an ATS

 The very first step you should take to improve your candidate reach is to publish job openings on popular boards, SEO-friendly career site pages, and other channels simultaneously. With an advanced Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), you can easily post job openings on different channels with a few clicks. But make certain that you write clear and catchy job descriptions to capture the attention of potential job applicants. Also Read: 7 Recruiting Tools to Improve Candidate Sourcing

 Social Media Integration with the ATS improves reach of job posting

Similar to online job boards and branded career pages, hiring exceptionally talented candidates via different social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. is an excellent way of improving job posting reach. By opting for an ATS solution that supports social media integration, you can expand your candidate reach in the blink of an eye. The greatest benefit of social media recruiting is that it helps recruiters source passive talent which is normally very hard to find.

Mobile Integration with the ATS helps improve candidate reach


You can widen your candidate reach with an ATS solution that offers seamless mobile integration. In fact, job seekers prefer to apply for open job positions via their smartphones nowadays as they find the process much more convenient and faster. More importantly, mobile integration is a must-have ATS feature as it allows recruiters and hiring managers to connect with the best talent in the industry.

Employee Referral Management within ATS increases candidate reach

 It is a well-known fact that employee referrals have a high conversion rate. Make sure that the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) you select for your organization comes equipped with all the required referral management tools. Most employees usually recommend candidates who are an ideal fit for the job. This way recruiters can easily reach out to a large number of talented candidates. The best part about using an ATS for improving candidate reach is that you can manage all your referrals in one place. Also Read: Why Implement a Employee Referral Software?

 Automated Communication with jobseekers also helps in increasing candidate reach

 Maintaining automated communication with job seekers is of utmost importance. Although it is impossible to recruit every other applicant, you should make efforts and utilize automation communication tools to efficiently follow up with each one of them. However, if you do not maintain regular communication with talented prospects, there are high chances that they may lose interest in the job openings posted by your company. Therefore, you should send automated emails to candidates to keep them updated about their job application status so that they can know whether they have been selected for the current role or not.

 Building Talent pipeline with an ATS boosts the candidate reach

 In the current candidate-driven job market, it is extremely important to create and perpetually expand a talent pipeline for rediscovering candidates whenever there are open job vacancies within the company. A well-featured ATS solution collects and stores all the important information related to applicants in the pipeline for meeting the long-term hiring needs of the organization. Companies can cultivate great relationships with candidates in their talent pipeline by regularly sharing relevant content.


Nowadays, recruiters and hiring managers work tirelessly to fill open job vacancies within the organization. But when it comes to searching for the best talent, they usually end up squandering their valuable time and effort without yielding any positive results. By automating the hiring process with a technologically-advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you can easily do away with complex paperwork and other time-consuming manual tasks, thereby shifting your entire focus on finding top talent in the industry. Last but not the least, ensure that you adopt a trustworthy ATS solution with all the aforementioned features so that you can optimize your recruitment process and reach out to multitudes of potential job candidates across the world instantaneously.