How ATS Can Help Businesses Grow?

Owing to the incessant difficulties associated with attracting and hiring skilled candidates in today’s hot job market, 54% of companies worldwide are facing a severe talent crunch. Now that bringing quality talent into the company has become a big challenge for hiring managers, the only option left is to leverage new-age recruiting technology. But it is essential for recruiters to thoroughly evaluate their organizational requirements before investing in digital talent acquisition tools. For this reason, researching the different ATS solutions available in the software market is of prime importance, especially for businesses that want to save their valuable resources, time and money. A sophisticated applicant tracking software always comes loaded with advanced features such as career page hosting, infinite cloud storage, social website integration, analytics and dashboard etc. The most remarkable benefit of deploying talent acquisition technology is that it assists human resources professionals in creating personalized recruitment workflows requisite for achieving core hiring objectives. Keep reading to find out how companies with a limited recruitment budget can leverage ATS to improve hiring efficacy and grow in a highly competitive business environment.


Top 5 Ways ATS can help businesses thrive:


With hundreds and thousands of talent acquisition teams across the globe harnessing recruitment tech tools to connect with prospective applicants, the applicant tracking system market is expected to witness massive expansion by the year 2025. Apart from reducing recruitment costs and improving business agility, modern-day hiring technology enables human resources personnel to stay up to date with the latest HR compliance requirements so that they do not end up facing a lawsuit over alleged illegal recruiting practices. In fact, the best ATS solution can help businesses flourish and give them a notable edge over their competitors in the recruitment industry, thereby making it a lot easier for them to stay ahead in the race for top-tier talent. Here are the top 5 ways applicant tracking software solutions can help businesses attain organizational goals faster.

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 Applicant Tracking System helps accelerate the recruitment process

It is an indisputable fact that a slow talent acquisition process can drive talent away and negatively impact a company’s overall productivity rate. This is where an ATS solution can come in handy for HR professionals looking to increase the speed and quality of hire at the same time. Applicant tracking systems can speed up the process of candidate selection in an instant by digitizing highly monotonous hiring activities, the completion of which typically requires numerous hours. Since most present-day ATS tools are powered by AI, they can weed out bad talent, thereby facilitating the elimination of candidates who are not sufficiently qualified to ensure that recruiters only consider the best prospects for vacant job positions.


 ATS decreases workload of recruiting teams 

The majority of professional recruiting teams find it extremely difficult to deal with the burden of excessive workload. Manual recruitment tasks like posting jobs and scrutinizing resumes leave hiring managers so exhausted that they are unable to dedicate effort to core business activities that hold great significance. Applicant tracking software can reduce the workload burden of recruiting teams by automating the repetitive aspects of the hiring process. This way talent acquisition leaders can shift their attention to more important recruiting tasks such as sourcing top candidates and building a quality workforce which is necessary for boosting business efficiency.


Applicant Tracking System paves the way for better applicant experience

There is no doubt that delivering a rich user experience is key to attracting experienced and skilled candidates for applying to open positions. Even the candidates who could not get hired for a particular job role would most probably reapply in the future provided that they had a great experience throughout the recruitment process. Applicant tracking solutions can be utilized for simplifying the application process and developing highly attractive mobile-responsive career pages that will grasp the attention of prospective candidates in the wink of an eye. Another phenomenal way of amplifying candidate experience is to indulge in timely communication with applicants by sending personalized emails and notifications to them, every once in a while. This will bolster your company’s brand image online and help drive intended business results.

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Using an ATS gives valuable analytic insights


Data insights can be extremely beneficial for businesses that want to find bottlenecks in the hiring process and make more informed recruiting decisions. The best part about employing an applicant tracking software is that it allows recruiters to analyze talent acquisition insights and gives them access to business performance reports so that they can make the needed improvements with ease and convenience. By properly scrutinizing valuable data insights, HR leaders can get a bird’s eye view of the recruitment operations and hence, evaluate their effectiveness. This way they can allocate their budget accordingly and focus on the recruitment channels which are apt for recruiting quality job candidates.

ATS enhances team collaboration and supercharges workplace productivity


One cannot deny that businesses looking to succeed must put in efforts to improve team collaboration and boost workplace productivity. Unlike previously, departments operating within a company do not have to rely on paperwork for collaborating owing to the arrival of ATS solutions. Authorized team members can access the applicant tracking software’s centralized database to view the status of the recruitment process. Other than this, they can set interview reminders, share candidate reviews, and give feedback in real-time, thereby making sure that only the brightest job applicants who possess the requisite skill set move through the recruitment funnel.


Manually sifting through candidates’ resumes, screening applicants, and scheduling job interviews is undoubtedly an uphill task. Nevertheless, the advent of modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data have made the lives of recruiters much easier. Since both workforce quality and productivity rates play a crucial role in determining the long-term success of a company, it has become necessary for recruiters to effectively evaluate candidates to ensure that they are an apt fit for the open job role. Hence, ensure that you buy a full-featured applicant tracking software to recruit top industry talent swiftly and make your business thrive in the age of digital transformation without any difficulties.