Finding Best Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses

Owing to the fact that recruitment has gone digital in the last couple of years, the adoption of modern-day technology has become vital for the overall growth of small businesses. However, startups and small businesses are not as financially strong as large enterprises.  Also, their recruitment process is not that intricate and they have very specific business requirements that can be fulfilled with an Application Tracking System (ATS) having a limited number of features only. The best Applicant Tracking System for small businesses enhances the hiring efficiency and makes it easier for recruiters to get in touch with top talent.

Having said that, this article will list the various key features that a small business or startup should look for in Applicant Tracking Systems:


Customizable Career Pages is a must have in ATS for startups or small businesses

It is very essential to leave a good impression on prospective applicants when they come across your career pages over the internet. If you really want to attract and engage more potential candidates without spending much, you require fully-branded and customizable career pages where your job openings are automatically posted and applicants can finish the application procedures without any hassle. With the effective deployment of career pages, you can collect a lot of job applications from highly qualified candidates while boosting your brand image. Therefore, make sure that the ATS solution you employ comes with all the features required to develop customizable career pages for your small business.

ATS for small businesses should be mobile ready

When it comes to selecting an ATS solution for your small business, it is necessary for recruiters and hiring managers to understand that mobile functionality is of utmost importance. Now, most candidates make use of their mobile devices to apply for a particular job position as they find it more convenient than the traditional methods. Hence, you should see to it that your ATS solution offers a simple and convenient mobile functionality with easy navigation in order to attract a large number of candidates.

Candidate Screening is important in Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses

With this particular feature, a small business can save plenty of time as all the incoming applications of candidates are automatically screened. Nevertheless, recruiters are able to focus on the best talent as applications that lack the minimum qualifications required for the job position are automatically discarded. Unlike manual screening which is very time-consuming, this AI-based procedure is much faster and stable.

Applicant Tracking System for Startups should have CV Parsing

One cannot deny that CV parsing is a must-have feature for small businesses. Other than helping candidates to apply faster, this feature ensures the proper organization of applicants’ data on the Applicant Tracking System for recruiters and hiring managers to scrutinize. So, make sure that the ATS solution you pick out has this particular feature.

Talent Pipelining is a key feature in ATS for small businesses

Without a doubt, talent pipelining is essential in an applicant tracking software without which recruiters cannot automate and improve the efficacy of the recruitment process. This feature automatically sorts and tracks applicants through the various stages of the hiring process. Make certain that the Applicant Tracking System you employ has an inbuilt search function that allows you to filter candidates using certain keywords, skill sets, ratings etc.

Robust Analytics is key feature in ATS for small businesses

People often undermine the importance of keeping a check on the overall performance of the various hiring procedures. The consistent measuring of recruitment activities allows small businesses to gain insightful data that they can use to assess and enhance their hiring procedures. Therefore, you must ensure that the Applicant Tracking System that you deploy features an easy-to-use analytics dashboard and offers real-time reports to deliver a top-grade hiring process. Keeping everything else aside, having access to important statistics such as cost per hire, the total number of applications received etc. can significantly help small businesses track the performance of the different recruitment activities.