Everything You Need to Know About Applicant Tracking System

The modern recruiting world is continuously witnessing rapid digital innovations that are redefining talent acquisition practices. Now that technology holds paramount importance in the hiring industry, opting for an ATS software has become a prerequisite for recruiting highly skilled and talented employees in today’s age. As the name implies, an applicant tracking system helps recruiters to keep track of potential candidates and organize them in a consolidated database based on their overall skill set, experience, and educational qualifications. But it must be noted that ATS solutions do a lot more than just tracking applicants and sorting through their resumes. They can minimize the workload of hiring managers to a great extent by automatically filtering talent and highlighting the best-fit applicants for vacant job positions in the company. If utilized efficiently, they can supercharge the entire recruitment process in one go. The best part about applicant tracking systems is that they help organizations remain compliant with regulations. Continue reading to learn more about applicant tracking software solutions and how they are being used by businesses to enhance recruitment efficiency.


Why are companies increasingly investing in applicant tracking systems?

 As a company grows and scales up its operations, managing the large influx of new prospective applicants becomes an uphill task. This is the major reason why organizations globally are increasingly investing in applicant tracking systems to automate their talent acquisition process so that their employers can shift their focus on identifying and recruiting the most skilled job candidates, thereby creating a high-quality workforce. Companies nowadays have lost interest in in-house solutions owing to limited accessibility and hence, they opt for a modern applicant tracking software as it is based in the cloud. Another great benefit is that ATS software solutions boost collaboration in the HR team and make it a lot easier for recruiters to provide their personal feedback so that applicants can be rated accordingly. Above all, applicant tracking systems give recruiters access to real-time analytics which they can employ to improve the hiring process.

How do applicant tracking systems help recruiters?


How do applicant tracking systems help recruiters?

ATS software gathers all the essential candidate-related data into one single database so that recruiters can filter and screen applicants with the utmost ease. Since the solution retains the important information and maintains the database even after the opening for the job position is closed, this facilitates the creation of a talent pool. Hiring managers can always refer to this well-maintained pipeline to track prospective applicants whenever there is a requirement for a new hire in the near future. Apart from helping HR professionals, the most advanced applicant tracking systems remove complexity from the job application process, thereby making it much easier for candidates to apply for vacant positions. Now, let us quickly take a look at the top 6 ways how ATS solutions simplify the job of recruiters.


Applicant Tracking Systems help in scrutinizing job applications

Without a doubt, manually scrutinizing every single job application can be extremely difficult and time-consuming for the modern breed of recruiters. By effectively utilizing an ATS, recruiters can save plenty of time by skipping through applications that are not worth considering. The ATS solution can highlight the most important information about the candidate like his/her job titles, qualifications, past work experience etc., so that recruiters can decide for themselves whether they really want to read the entire resume or not.

ATS helps in ranking resumes for shortlisting applicants

ATS solutions come packed with excellent features that help hiring managers rank candidates’ resumes for further consideration. The software ranks applicants’ resumes based on certain parameters such as job requirements, traits, and needed educational qualifications. This way recruiters do not face any major hardships while shortlisting the best job applicants.

ATS software in improve communication with applicants

 The most remarkable advantage of employing applicant tracking systems is that they help recruiters improve communication with candidates. HR professionals can make use of automated emails to keep applicants updated about their progress in the recruitment cycle and provide them with instant answers for their queries.

ATS has the ability of seamless integration with other tools

When it comes to implementing an ATS, recruiters are often concerned about losing valuable data which they have collected using different talent acquisition tools. But the good news is that most ATS software solutions offer seamless integration with other tools so that HR teams can easily recruit and onboard job applicants. This way recruiters can keep accurate records in a single system without the fear of losing access to them.

Applicant Tracking System allows performing keyword search to find the right talent

Performing keyword searches is vital for finding the right job candidates for various hard-to-fill positions within the organization. An applicant tracking system can sift through the job titles and key skills to provide recruiters with the keywords they are searching for to locate the right talent. Moreover, human resources personnel can use a combination of such keywords while performing the search so as to get better results in an instant.

Applicant Tracking System allows generation of performance reports

Most recruiters concur to the fact that measuring the effectiveness of talent acquisition activities is key to enhancing the recruitment process. By monitoring the efficacy of the hiring campaign and leveraging performance reports, recruiters can spot bottlenecks and make the required adjustments. But the manual creation of such reports can take a lot of effort, money, and time simultaneously as it involves the evaluation of core recruitment metrics. Applicant tracking solutions can automatically generate accurate performance reports that can assist recruiting teams in turbocharging the talent acquisition process.

Owing to the evolution of recruitment technology in the HR landscape, one cannot deny that new-age applicant tracking systems have become more advanced and user-friendly than ever. Equipped with a plethora of new capabilities, talent acquisition teams worldwide are deploying these modern recruitment solutions to deliver an outstanding candidate experience and attain hiring success in a brief timespan. Taking into account the swift adoption of AI-powered technological tools, the applicant tracking software market is expected to be valued at US$ 1345.7 million by the year 2025. So, ensure that you pick the most efficient ATS solution for your company to expand your reach online and hire top-tier talent instantly.