Recruitment Management System And its Benefits for Recruiters

It is evidently true that finding ideal candidates for open job positions has become incredibly difficult. In fact, recruiters and hiring managers have to sift through volumes of data to get in touch with highly qualified job applicants. But HR professionals can perform more efficiently when it comes to hiring top-tier talent by employing a trusted and holistic recruitment management software.

What is a Recruitment Management System?

Abbreviated as RMS, a recruitment management system is basically an application suite designed to manage core HR functions. It facilitates the automation of an organization’s recruiting operations to help recruiters attain exceptional hiring results as quickly as possible.   Moreover, a recruitment management system streamlines manual routine tasks and frees up the time of hiring managers so that they can shift their focus on fulfilling other essential business objectives that require considerate attention. From publishing job openings on different channels to keeping potential applicants engaged with relevant content, a recruitment management software can work wonders for supercharging your hiring process. Applicant tracking, candidate relationship management, reporting and analytics etc. are some of the key components of an advanced RMS solution.

What are the benefits of a Recruitment Management System?

Now that it has become indispensable for recruiters to improve the talent acquisition process, they require a smart RMS solution for the fulfillment of this purpose.  Let’s explore the various benefits of having a recruitment management system to help you arrive at the right decision without facing any kind of challenges.

Recruitment Management System allows recruiters to find top industry talent

Most HR professionals agree with the fact that traditional recruitment techniques are not sufficient for hiring highly talented candidates. Nevertheless, recruiters can easily find top industry talent by utilizing the latest recruitment management system. They can make use of appropriate keywords and tailor their candidate searches accordingly to find the best fit for the job in a short span of time without putting in any substantial effort. In addition to this, they can utilize the RMS solution to conduct live video interviews to boost hiring efficiency and deliver a positive candidate experience.

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Using RMS optimizes the entire recruiting process

Old-school recruitment usually involves plenty of tedious tasks and lengthy paperwork which only eats up the valuable time of HR professionals. With the efficacious utilization of a good recruitment management system, hiring managers can effortlessly optimize the entire recruiting process at once by automating monotonous tasks. The best part about using an RMS solution is that it boosts the productivity levels of recruiters by many times. And since the majority of modern-day recruitment management systems are based in the cloud, recruiters and HR managers can effectively work from the comfort of their homes without having to travel long distances.

Recruitment Management Software Improves communication channels

When it comes to recruiting exceptional candidates, it is imperative for recruiters to maintain effective communication with teammates and potential job applicants. A recruitment management system makes it easier for hiring managers to improve communication channels so that they can keep their candidates engaged around the clock in the best way possible. By making use of an advanced RMS software, you can automate communication with a single click. This way you will not have to worry about sending out super-relevant emails to keep your preferred job candidates engaged without any hassle.

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Recruitment Management System boosts social media reach

Having a strong social media reach is of utmost importance to HR professionals, especially in the current recruitment landscape. Recruitment management systems come with top-notch social media integration tools that recruiters can link to their online profiles on different channels across the internet. Similarly, you can employ a recruitment management software for your business in order to reach out to a wider array of talented job applicants on the most popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. This way you can also strengthen your candidate pool and enhance the overall quality of hire at the same time.

RMS Helps enhance talent sourcing strategies

Many times, hiring managers end up recruiting the wrong person owing to inefficient sourcing strategies. Hence, devising effective sourcing strategies is extremely important for recruiters looking to hire top-notch talent in less time. You can easily analyze the overall effectiveness of your sourcing strategies and make the necessary improvements with the help of a recruitment management system. Other than this, you can also make effective use of the software’s reporting and analytics section for the identification of similar bottlenecks in different stages of the hiring process.

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Recruitment Management System augments recruitment marketing efforts

An organization’s brand image plays a pivotal role in determining the overall efficacy of its recruitment marketing efforts. The greatest advantage of a recruitment management system is that it helps hiring managers to augment their marketing efforts as rapidly as possible so that they can build a good reputation online and hire skilled candidates without facing any sort of hardships. You can employ a trusted recruitment management software to improve your business’s employer branding on a number of channels like social media, official career pages etc.

Hiring quality candidates in today’s ultra-competitive job market has become an inordinately challenging task for recruiters. But the good news is that recruitment inefficiencies can be eliminated in a single go with the proper utilization of an advanced RMS software. Therefore, ensure that you consider all the available alternatives in the HR software market before investing in an AI-powered RMS solution to kickstart your recruitment process with little effort.


Top Online Recruitment Tools to Simplify Your Hiring Process in 2020

Are you looking for top online recruitment tools to simplify your hiring process in the new year? In the current hyper-competitive talent market, recruiting skilled job candidates has become harder than ever. Moreover, the various recruiting costs associated with the hiring process like advertising fees and relocation expenses can impose a huge financial burden on your business. For this reason, HR professionals must utilize AI-powered recruiting tools for hiring more efficiently.

By leveraging modern recruiting technologies, you can easily cut back on extraneous expenses by streamlining the talent acquisition process in one go. Automated recruiting tools not only increase recruitment efficacy but also shorten the total amount of time taken to source and hire fresh talent for quickly filling vacant job positions within the firm.

In this article, we have come up with a comprehensive list of top 7 online recruitment tools that will help you to simplify your hiring process without much ado.

A Cloud-based Recruitment Software is one of the best online recruitment tool

 A cloud-based recruitment software can make it feasible for HR professionals to eliminate routine paperwork from the hiring process within the twinkling of an eye. Recruiters can employ a cloud-based hiring solution to streamline various monotonous processes such as job publishing, resume evaluation, candidate sourcing, and so on. Other than that, cloud recruiting solutions can also be very useful for automating candidate communications. With a feature-filled cloud-based recruitment solution, you can properly manage all the important data and create excellent collaboration opportunities in your business. The best part is that you do not need to be in any particular location to access your cloud-based recruitment tool. No matter where you are, you can always access the software whenever the need arises. Lastly, make sure that you take your organizational requirements into consideration and pick a smart cloud-based hiring software to simplify your recruitment process in as little time as possible.

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AI-enabled Chatbots are Innovative Recruitment Tools


AI-enabled chatbots are some of the most valuable recruiting tools that hiring managers have at their disposal today. In fact, they are slowly becoming a vital aspect of the new-age recruitment process. Chatbots guide potential applicants throughout the application process while allowing them to ask questions whenever they require clarification for their doubts. Moreover, AI-enabled chatbots reply to queries instantly and provide effective solutions to problems, thereby delivering a pleasant experience to applicants. So, see to it that you invest in this recruitment tool to enhance the candidate experience at once without facing any kind of hassle.

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Job Aggregator is a good online recruitment app


In simple words, job aggregators are advanced search engines that gather job postings from all over the internet and consolidate them into one single place. Job aggregators waive off the need for candidates to sift through different channels like career pages, recruiting sites, popular job boards etc. to find new vacancies. Candidates can easily come across their preferred job openings on aggregators if they search the interface with the right set of keywords. Moreover, job aggregators are considered the most cost-effective channel for recruitment as they make it much easier for the new breed of recruiters to reduce the overall hiring expenses so that they can maximize savings.


Video Interviewing Tools are best for simplifying the hiring process


Most HR professionals agree that digital video interviews can come in handy for simplifying the recruitment process manifold. With these AI-powered recruiting tools, hiring managers can conduct live face-to-face video interviews with job applicants irrespective of wherever they are. Candidates living in remote areas can appear for such interviews without having to worry about travel expenses. This way recruiters can save their precious time and provide a positive experience to candidates as well. The greatest advantage of digital video interviews is that they facilitate collaborative hiring by allowing recruiters to make other team members a part of the process.


Employee Onboarding Tools are good for hiring process


HR professionals deploy these tools to organize and streamline their company’s employee onboarding process for simplifying hiring in the best way possible. By leveling up your onboarding game with the right technology, you can increase retention rates, boost overall business growth and foster long-term relationships with employees at the same time. With more and more organizations embracing the latest AI-powered recruitment tools, the international employee onboarding software market is pegged to grow at a CAGR of 12.2% by the year 2027.


Candidate Relationship Management Tools are a must for smooth recruitment process


Without a doubt, building and fostering strong relationships with candidates is a prerequisite for making quality placements in today’s age. Candidate relationship management tools help recruiters to augment their employer branding so that they can attract, hire and retain top-tier talent without facing any sort of difficulties. With the efficacious utilization of technologically-advanced CRM tools, you can easily build excellent long-term relationships with candidates within a short span of time. In addition to paving the way for more successful hires, candidate relationship management tools can simplify the hiring process and boost employee satisfaction too.

Pre-employment assessment Tools are highly popular recruitment tool


Nowadays, most organizations globally have started using pre-employment assessment tools to make their recruitment process prompt and faster. These tests allow recruiters to evaluate the skills of potential job candidates from anywhere in the world. This saves the time of both recruiters and candidates significantly. Besides being an excellent timesaver, pre-employment assessment tools also contribute to a great candidate experience as well. With the right set of pre-employment tools in hand, you can easily screen potential applicants and find the most ideal match for the open job vacancy in your organization.


One cannot deny that hiring managers face a plethora of challenges when it comes to recruiting top industry talent for filling certain key positions in the company. But owing to the rising adoption of new-age HR technologies in the recruitment landscape, recruiters can now optimize their hiring process with ease and convenience. So, make sure  you consider implementing the aforementioned recruitment tools in your business for best results.


Best Recruitment Automation Tools for Your Company

Today many businesses globally have started incorporating technology into the various HR processes to optimize the results in a short span of time. Recruitment automation tools waive the need for excessive paperwork, thereby making it easier for recruiters to perform tasks like publishing jobs, scanning resumes, hiring new employees etc. With the right set of  automation tools in hand, HR teams can facilitate the automation of certain processes that were earlier performed manually. Recruitment automation tools eliminate common hiring biases and empower recruiters to easily find candidates who are the right fit for the job. Here, we have prepared a list of the  best recruitment automation tools in the software market so that you can simplify your candidate search and streamline the hiring process without any hassle.

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What are the Best Ways to Automate Hiring Process?

Looking for effective ways to minimize the amount of time you spend on repetitive manual recruiting tasks? Owing to the advent of technology in the HR industry, the hiring process has evolved by leaps and bounds with the passage of time. According to a recent survey, the majority of small-sized businesses face extreme challenges when it comes to attracting qualified talent. However, HR managers can easily speed up the hiring process and find exceptionally qualified candidates by opting for recruitment automation. The best part about hiring automation is that it eliminates unnecessary work, thereby allowing recruiters to shift their focus on other important tasks that require more attention. In this article, we will explain in detail the process to implement an automated hiring process in an organization where all the operations are performed manually so as to ensure that you do not face any kind of hardships while searching for the best talent.

How to automate hiring process?


Technology has played a vital role in improving recruitment processes and it will continue to do so. Having said that, let us take a quick look at the various steps involved in implementing an automated recruitment process in order to gain a competitive advantage in the current candidate-driven job market.

Using an Applicant Tracking System is helpful in hiring process automation

 The very first step that you should take for recruitment automation is to choose a feature-rich Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) that will eliminate the need for complex paperwork. However, it is imperative to make sure that you opt for the right ATS solution to fulfill your business requirements instantly. Being the best ATS solution in the market, Naukri RMS comes equipped with all the features needed for facilitating hiring automation. Moreover, the software provides recruiters with all the important information related to candidates such as their demographics, educational history, details of their previous job etc.

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Using candidate screening technology is essential to automate hiring process

When it comes to making an offer for a job, most organizations screen candidates to determine whether they are suitable for the position or not. Candidate screening usually involves personality tests, physical evaluations and other assessments based on the job requirements. By utilizing an ATS to automate candidate screening, companies can store all the important documentation related to applicants in a single system for reviewing purposes in case such a requirement arises in the future. Recruiters can administer pre-recorded video interviews while screening multitudes of candidates at the same. In fact, they can also preselect the questions that they want the candidates to answer in order to get detailed results instantly. Besides being a time-saver, recruitment automation can work wonders for finding the best talent in the job market. The data collected through candidate screening can come in handy for making quick comparisons between potential candidates to find the most ideal fit for a particular job vacancy.

Building a Talent pipeline with ATS allows complete recruitment process automation

 There are many recruiters who only consider short-term business requirements and hence, they do not focus on building a branded talent pipeline. But with the right recruitment automation tools in hand, you can build a talent pipeline without much effort. All you have to do is to create a database of candidates with all the necessary educational qualifications. Once you successfully create a strong database, you would gain instant access to a pipeline of engaged applicants. Keeping everything else aside, you can cut down on the unnecessary costs and time required for candidate discovery by sourcing new talent from your pipeline.

Using software to manage offer process helps in implementing hiring automation

The prime purpose of sending out offer letters is to make certain that the candidates who have been selected are well-versed with the various terms and conditions of employment. In simple words, an offer letter is basically a documentation that is used for reference in case any disagreements arise in the future. Even if a candidate refuses to abide by the terms mentioned in the official offer letter, hiring managers can easily solve the problem by drafting a new offer letter with revised terms and conditions. Although it is a piece of cake to feed in the information related to a particular candidate if you have predesigned offer letter templates, getting approval signatures from the heads of different departments can be extremely time-consuming. But by automating the offer management process and using digital signature solutions, you can get the approval to send out offer letters to newly hired candidates much faster.


Recruitment automation solutions make it easier for companies to get in touch with the right talent. Moreover, they help ease workload and enhance the productivity of the HR team as well. Therefore, if you are looking forward to implementing an automated hiring process for improving business efficiency, make efforts to research and select the most advanced recruitment automation tool available in the market to yield promising results.


5 Best AI Based Recruitment Software in India

The advent of the internet and consequent digitization has made getting employed significantly easier for candidates. Tasks that once took hours can now be done with a single click. But this ease has made recruitment all the more difficult for employers. Today, companies see a massive flood of applications for any job posting. How does one navigate across this flood? Well, two emerging technologies can be the answer – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Applicant tracking systems have already transformed the landscape for many, as 75% companies claim to use Application Tracking Systems (ATS) for recruitment. Now, ATS has been using AI and ML to facilitate easy parsing and search across the huge number of resumes. They can learn about the specific requirements of recruiters and then automatically use filters to ensure that only the relevant resumes are shortlisted. They can also auto-suggest CVs that might interest you!

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An Overview of the Recruitment Software Market

The recruitment software market has emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry today. In fact, a large number of small and medium-sized businesses are making use of recruiting technology to improve overall efficiency in the recruitment process. What is noteworthy is that recruiters are now more open and receptive to transition from old and traditional methods of recruitment and leverage the latest technology to manage their day to day tasks and optimize the processes. From AI-driven recruiting tools to other cutting-edge automation solutions, the global recruitment software market has evolved tremendously in recent times and is  poised to grow further in the coming decade.

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How Does Recruitment Software Work?

In any organization, recruitment is one of the most important responsibilities of the HR department.   There are multiple recruitment teams that handle the entire recruitment process from identifying the requirement to bringing the most appropriate and productive candidate on board. However, with changing times and technological advancement, recruitment processes have now been digitized and automated by the use of recruiting software.

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The Top 10 Staffing Agency Software

There is no doubt that recruitment has become more difficult and costlier than ever. Consultancies or staffing agencies face plenty of challenges when it comes to opting for a recruitment solution since their business requirements are different than that of a corporate. Although there are a lot of options available, not every recruitment software is ideal for the execution of intricate functions like client data management and invoice creation. Hence, a lot of research and planning is imperative to narrow down on the best recruitment software for agencies.

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How to Find the Best Recruiting Software for Your Company?

Job search and recruitment are no longer the way they used to be. With the world trying to keep pace with the changing times and rapidly progressing technology, a recruiting company now needs to depend on more than just databases. Recruitment related studies have shown that filling a vacant job position takes about 1.5 months on an average, with small businesses spending around $1,872 to complete this process.  Therefore, application tracking or recruitment software has now become the most helpful tool for recruiters to reduce their hiring costs and improve quality of hire.

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The Top 10 Recruitment Software 2019

As a recruiter, recruitment software is a must today to ensure you never miss the right talent. There is no doubt that recruitment is a time and labor intensive process which requires a lot of manual efforts and constant collaboration between different stakeholders. There are a number of tasks involved.  A heap of resumes are received for every vacancy, from which the right CVs are to be shortlisted. The shortlisted applicants then need to be interviewed, sorted and ranked as per their eligibility. Decisions are to be done based on multiple data points which are mostly scattered across the process. Then, one also has to keep a track of the generated offer letters and candidate responses. Thus, considering the complexities involved, every organization today, however big or small, should invest in stellar recruitment software.

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