How To Virtually Onboard Your Candidates?

One cannot deny that talent acquisition practices are rapidly changing amid the ongoing pandemic. Now that connecting with well-qualified candidates in today’s competitive employment market has become incredibly hard, human resources professionals worldwide are opting for technological solutions to step up their hiring game. In fact, many companies are switching to video interviewing for recruiting new talent.

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Digital Transformation In Recruitment: Need Of The Hour

Taking into account the current COVID-19 situation globally, it is evident that remote work culture is on the rise and the digitalization of HR, especially recruitment, has become the need of the hour. Now that many organizations are constantly being confronted with major problems amid the pandemic, recruiters are finding it extremely difficult to connect with the best job applicants. Thanks to the digital revolution, modern talent acquisition solutions can work wonders for helping employers get in touch with the right candidates.


From holding live face-to-face interviews to conducting online assessments to test prospective job applicants, HR managers can now leverage new-age hiring technologies to recruit high-quality candidates from the comfort of their homes. Plenty of modern-day recruiters are resorting to smart digital hiring strategies such as social media recruiting, mobile recruiting, analytics etc., in order to keep the talent acquisition process going uninterruptedly.


The continuous efforts put in by HR leaders can play a significant role in ensuring that companies get candidates with the necessary skillsets for filling vacant job positions and attain their core organizational objectives at the earliest. Other than this, a digital recruitment solution can be really useful for identifying and getting rid of serious bottlenecks in the hiring process. In today’s article, we will discuss the importance of digital transformation in recruitment and how it can assist companies in performing more efficiently.


Why is digitalizing the recruitment process important in today’s age?


There is no doubt that the process of recruiting a candidate for an open job position is often long and time-consuming as it involves various stages. From identifying individuals with the right qualifications and skills to screening shortlisted applicants, a manual recruiting process requires a lot of time, resources, and effort simultaneously. Nevertheless, the good news is that talent acquisition leaders can easily tackle the challenge of attracting, recruiting and retaining candidates. Multitudes of businesses are perpetually focused on harnessing the power of AI-powered automation tools to boost productivity and enhance the overall hiring efficiency. Considering the present scenario, it would not be wrong to say that digitizing recruitment has become a pressing priority for recruiters looking to gain a competitive advantage over other talent acquisition leaders.


Presently, a large number of companies are digitizing their talent acquisition strategy and making the shift towards virtual platforms to recruit effectively. In addition to speeding up the recruitment process, digital transformation can improve workflow and free up recruiters’ precious time by facilitating automation, thereby allowing them to remain dedicated to core business tasks. More essentially, the digitalizing of HR is extremely important for providing employees with a better experience and making them feel more involved.

The best part about digital transformation in HR is that it can help companies build a strong brand image online to quickly attract top industry talent. Since digital recruitment strategies are proving to be highly effective even during uncertain times, their adoption is bound to increase in the future.


How can digital transformation in HR benefit companies and help them drive results?


With more and more companies opting for HR technological solutions, the modern talent acquisition landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Contrary to popular belief, digital transformation in recruitment can benefit companies in numerous ways. In recent years, digital transformation in HR has made it possible for the new breed of hiring managers to automate tiresome recruiting tasks and shift their focus to high-value activities that hold greater significance. Advanced recruiting solutions based in the cloud can help companies manage large talent pools and keep track of the ongoing vital business processes 24*7. AI-driven virtual chatbot assistants can be employed by organizations to ease recruiters’ burden and increase the speed of the hiring process.


In addition to all this, chatbots can also come in handy for giving personalized responses to the various queries posed by prospective job applicants, hence delivering an outstanding candidate experience around the clock. Another added advantage of utilizing digital recruitment tools is that it helps save a huge amount of time as all the essential documents related to candidates can be retrieved and reviewed in an instant. Moreover, HR teams can effortlessly screen candidates and quickly create important records. With the proper deployment of modern recruitment tools, recruiters can give a notable boost to the efficacy of the hiring process with minimal effort. Above all, they can digitally approve and reject the job applications of candidates as per their choice.


It must be taken into consideration that digital cloud-based recruitment allows hiring managers to evaluate and organize highly qualified job candidates with the utmost ease. Human resources professionals can leverage digital assessment tools to assess applicants’ potential. Upon successful completion of online assessments, recruiters can quickly identify and weed out candidates who do not possess adequate skills. This way the overall quality of hire can be improved to a great extent. Besides allowing recruiters to save valuable resources while hiring, digitizing recruitment can help them onboard top-performing candidates in a short time span.


With technology becoming increasingly prevalent in the HR industry, digitalizing recruitment has become a necessity for the majority of companies. Numerous companies worldwide are abandoning outdated talent acquisition methods and going digital to reap the great benefits of cloud recruiting. Apart from eliminating bottlenecks and paving the way for a faster hiring process, digital transformation in HR is allowing organizations to cut down on unnecessary talent acquisition costs. The greatest benefit of digital recruitment is that it comes in handy for team collaboration and gives HR managers access to a larger talent database. Now that digital transformation is helping the new-age HR leaders implement smarter hiring tactics, it would be completely safe to say that the use of AI in recruitment is set to increase soon. More importantly, it must be noted that only the companies which wholeheartedly embrace and keep pace with digital innovations will be able to enjoy business growth in the long run. Therefore, make it a point to choose the best HR automation software to quickly streamline your entire recruitment process and ensure successful digital transformation without any difficulty


6 Myths About Automation In HR

Taking into consideration the swift adoption of modern digital technologies in the present-day recruitment industry, the human resources software market is expected to be valued at $9.89 billion by the year 2022. Despite the rising number of recruiters supporting the use of tech-enabled tools, a lot of misinformation about HR technologies is being circulated across the web. Nevertheless, the truth is that hiring automation can work wonders for digitizing manual repetitive talent acquisition tasks, thereby decreasing the overall workload of the HR team instantaneously. From facilitating payroll management to quickly paving the way for core policy generation, automated workflows can add quality and consistency to the recruitment process. Another notable advantage of new-age technologies is that they come in handy for attracting passive job candidates in the current hot employment market. This article seeks to debunk the persistent myths about HR automation and shed light on the potential it holds for supercharging recruitment.

Here are 6 Miconceptions about Automation in HR:

 Jobs will be eliminated due to HR automation

 One of the biggest misconceptions about HR automation is that the technology’s ultimate purpose is to eliminate jobs. Without a doubt, this is what prevents human resources professionals from investing in automation tools and hence, they are unable to use the same to their own advantage. On the contrary, automation in HR aims to streamline monotonous manual activities and get rid of inefficiencies from the talent acquisition process to ensure that company goals are achieved at the earliest. To give an instance, a regular workday of HR professionals revolves around fulfilling tedious administrative tasks that consume a great deal of valuable time and effort. By opting for digital HR technologies, they can easily automate many aspects of the hiring process and improve engagement within the departments. Hence, HR automation aims to make employees more efficient at their jobs so that they can drive progress and help the business grow.

 Artificial Intelligence is same as Automation in HR

A large number of HR professionals believe that HR automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the same. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that these two technologies are quite different. Automation refers to the technology that helps recruiters streamline manual hiring tasks so that they are left with more free time in hand which they can devote to fulfilling other important organizational activities. But HR automation solutions cannot work on their own and hence, they require the involvement of human judgment. On the other hand, tools powered by Artificial Intelligence learn from machine learning and perform repetitive tasks using the collected data.

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It is difficut to implement HR automation

 There is a widespread belief that implementing automation in HR is highly complex and difficult as it involves plenty of additional costs which cannot be borne by businesses with a limited budget. But with the rapid technological advancements in the talent acquisition landscape, automation solutions have become much cheaper. Companies just have to bear the installation costs in the beginning and they are all good to go. Moreover, other charges associated with maintenance and software updates are pretty easy to afford. Moreover, hiring managers usually have plenty of concerns regarding the deployment of HR technology such as dealing with bugs, training employees to make effective use of the same etc. This is where a cloud-based recruitment automation software can help recruiters simplify their jobs as one does not need to possess any technical knowledge for getting started with it.


There is not much tech support available for automation technologies

 Many recruiters are afraid that if they integrate an HR automation solution into their business and come across an issue, they will not be able to receive immediate tech support. When it comes to picking out a recruitment automation solution for the HR department, it becomes important for recruiters to consider all the available options before making the final choice. This way they can effortlessly find trustworthy software vendors and make them familiar with their business model for producing A1 outcomes. Whenever there is a problem with the solution, human resources professionals can instantly connect with their vendors and get the much needed technical support imperative for resolving the issue that they are facing.

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Very few companies use automation technologies

 Another popular misconception among recruiters is that automation technologies have only recently made their way into the talent acquisition landscape and very few companies are using the same. Nevertheless, digital automation tools have been around for quite some time now and organizations are increasingly investing in them to increase the overall efficiency of their HR teams. Automation in HR helps companies with their core business operations such as screening applicants’ resumes, creating effective hiring workflows, managing the performance of workers, facilitating communication between managers etc. Chatbots and big data analytics are some of the popular automation technologies that are being leveraged for turbocharging the recruitment process

It is difficult to test automation efficiency

 Multitudes of recruiters think that it is impossible to test the effectiveness of automation technologies. But the reality is that HR professionals can easily find out whether automation is helping them achieve their business goals or not. For example, they can experience a notable increase in the speed of hire by conducting live video interviews using automation tools to screen the applicants faster. Above all, hiring managers easily gain access to valuable data-based insights to spot bottlenecks in the recruitment process and make the needed changes for driving the best results.


Owing to the increasing acceptance for intelligent automation technologies in today’s hiring landscape, the HR industry is bound to undergo a massive transformation in the coming times. Now that advanced digital tools constantly evolving, recruiters globally are embracing technology to handle strategic HR tasks with more efficiency. Contrary to popular belief, HR automation possesses the potential to benefit both large corporations and small companies alike. Above all, streamlining the various human resources processes can help organizations prevent the loss of valuable data in case of any unforeseen event. So, make it a point to effectively utilize the latest automation technologies to enhance your HR team’s productivity and achieve core business objectives without undergoing major hardships.


Why Invest In Recruitment Technology?

In recent years, the digital revolution has had a major impact on how businesses operate, including the present-day talent acquisition landscape. Unlike in the past, recruiters no longer rely on traditional hiring methods for connecting with top-notch talent in the industry as it only leads to wastage of their valuable time and effort. Instead, they opt for new-age recruitment tools to find ideal matches for effectively filling open job positions in the organization much faster.

The best part about recruitment technology is that it enables hiring managers to shift productivity measures to help them combat talent shortage in the current hyper-competitive labor market. Nevertheless, there are multitudes of old-school human resources professionals worldwide who are reluctant to abandon their outdated recruiting strategies, thereby being unable to embrace the latest technological innovations continually taking place in today’s fast-growing recruitment industry. In this article, we will delve into the top 5 reasons why you should invest in recruitment technology so as to help you turbocharge your entire talent acquisition process as swiftly as possible.


Top 5 reasons to Invest in Recruitment Technology

 Now that the present-day recruitment landscape has undergone an evolution, surviving the race for top industry talent without the right technology is incredibly difficult. For this reason, it is extremely important for the new breed of HR professionals to invest in a smart recruitment software that is powered by advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to accelerate hiring efficiency instantaneously.


Investing in Recruitment Technology boosts recruiter productivity


There is no denying the fact that modern-day recruitment professionals often have to deal with a number of monotonous hiring tasks which cost them their precious time and effort simultaneously. Be it sourcing prospective candidates, maintaining effective talent pools, or facilitating employee retention, human resources professionals usually end up squandering their energy on manual hiring activities and fail to focus on core business tasks. But the good news is that they can boost their productivity and increase the speed of the hiring process with the assistance of modern recruitment technology. From automating job posts, rapidly screening resumes to shortlisting potential job candidates for live face-to-face interviews, recruiters can derive excellent benefits from the effective deployment of the latest tech tools. Another phenomenal advantage of employing recruitment technology is that it makes it easier for human resources professionals to hire exceptionally qualified employees for remote positions based on certain parameters and traits for identifying the most ideal fit for the job role.


Recruitment Technology helps Improve Candidate Engagement


Enriching the candidate experience has become a topmost priority for the majority of hiring managers as it plays a pivotal role in improving employee engagement. In simple words, candidate engagement is all about keeping potential applicants interested throughout the talent acquisition process to ensure that they do not lose interest in the open job position for which they have applied. Hiring technology can help recruiters improve candidate engagement manifold. They can utilize candidate engagement recruitment tools to send out personalized content to applicants, thereby keeping them engaged 24*7. Best of all, improved candidate engagement can work wonders for attracting diverse talent and reducing employee turnover rate at the same time.


Using Recruiting Technology simplifies recruitment


Simplifying online job applications is a great way to attract and encourage prospective applicants to apply for vacant positions within the company. The best way to do this is to employ mobile recruiting technology for optimizing the entire job application process for smartphones and similar devices. Moreover, another great benefit of utilizing the latest talent acquisition tools is that it paves the way for smart recruitment by enabling recruiters to proactively search for prospective job applicants with the help of predictive technologies and data analytics.


Recruitment Technology allows easy measurement of employee performance


Evaluating employee performance on a regular basis is of paramount importance for modern-day recruiters and hiring managers looking to enhance the recruitment efficiency in a short span of time. Most new-age recruitment solutions come equipped with employee management tools that allow human resources personnel to keep a constant check on the performance of workers operating in different departments of the company. This way HR professionals are able to gain deep insights through recruitment analytics which give them access to all the essential data needed to monitor employee performance so that feedback can be provided to the workers accordingly. Other than this, recruitment technology also allows recruiters to recognize and rectify serious bottlenecks across the various stages of the hiring process for improving employee satisfaction.


Using Recruitment Technology recruiters can find best fit candidates



One cannot deny that finding apt candidates for open vacancies in an organization is a hard task. Human resources professionals spend plenty of time while sifting through hundreds and thousands of social media profiles in order to find highly talented employees for filling open job positions. They are able to find the most suited candidate only after manually scrutinizing tons of job applications and resumes of potential applicants. But with the proper utilization of recruitment technology, modern-day hiring managers can manage their valuable time wisely while recruiting and onboarding extraordinarily skilled candidates. They can hunt through their talent pools to effectively source the best talent in the industry instead of scanning multiple resumes for the same. Once they have successfully sourced the candidates with all the requisite educational qualifications, they can conduct live interviews and analyze their traits and demeanor with the help of natural linguistic data to determine whether they are really the best fit for the advertised job or not.


Considering the superfast pace at which the global recruitment market is growing, it is safe to say that new-age technologies possess the potential to improve communication capabilities, boost the productivity of modern-day HR professionals and supercharge overall business growth in an instant. By investing in the right recruitment technology, human resources personnel can streamline their efforts and devote more time to core organizational tasks that require to be addressed on priority. So, make it a point to ensure that you evaluate the different offerings of all the popular hiring software vendors in the market before picking out a talent acquisition solution to pave the way for recruitment success with minimum effort.


What Are The Benefits Of An Automated Hiring Process?

One cannot deny that recruiting top industry talent has become a corporate necessity in today’s age. The increasing pressure on employers to attract and hire ideal job candidates has led them to invest in new-age talent acquisition technologies for the purpose of easing the overall workload. Unlike in the past, recruitment automated systems are more advanced and user-friendly than ever. Since the latest automated recruitment solutions are pretty much easier to afford, companies no longer have to spend a fortune for facilitating the implementation of the same. By effectively leveraging modern-day hiring automation technologies, HR professionals can streamline a number of repetitive manual recruiting aspects and shift their focus on other productive organizational tasks, thereby driving significant business results within the shortest possible period of time. Owing to the large number of companies optimizing their hiring process for improved outcomes, automation is bound to be the future of recruitment as suggested by a global survey.

This article will list down the top 5 benefits that present-day organizations can reap with the implementation of an automated hiring process:


Automation in Hiring leads to Huge time savings and effort reduction

The best part about recruitment automation is that it allows HR professionals to increase hiring efficiency without spending much time and effort. The time-intensive administrative workload can oftentimes burden recruiters, thereby negatively impacting their overall productivity levels. But with the effective utilization of an automated recruiting system, hiring managers can streamline multiple tasks like sourcing top-notch talent, engaging passive candidates, writing appealing job descriptions, scheduling live interviews etc. Moreover, recruiters can also make efficacious use of predictive analytics for gaining access to actionable information instantly. They can use these meaningful insights to identify prospective applicants who could be an ideal fit for the various open job vacancies within their organization. Besides saving the precious time of recruiters and paving the way for effort reduction, an automated recruitment process can work wonders for enhancing the quality of hire in a short time span.

  Hiring Automation creates a central database for storage of data 

Facilitating knowledge retention is of prime importance for the new breed of hiring managers. Taking into account the speed at which recruiters hire, it is practically impossible to store the information related to each and every applicant in an integrated platform where it can be easily accessed whenever there is a requirement for the same. But the good news is that recruiters can have a dedicated central database for the storage of valuable candidate-related information with the help of new-age hiring automation technologies. By opting for recruitment automation, they can effortlessly track the application status of all the candidates across the different stages of their talent acquisition process. This way recruiters can formulate actionable plans to retain crucial knowledge that could come in handy for identifying future HR trends and improving the overall organizational performance with little to no effort.


Automation in Recruitment leads to improved candidate experience

It is an undeniable fact that a stellar candidate experience significantly contributes to the formation of an organization’s brand image. For this reason, it is imperative to provide applicants with a professional-seeming and smooth experience throughout the recruitment process. Unlike previously, recruiters no longer need to incur huge expenses and spend countless hours for delivering a remarkable candidate experience. They can easily automate their entire talent acquisition process by employing the newest recruiting automation solution for their business. The most efficient way to encourage more candidates to apply is to create a simple and easy-to-complete job application process. Similarly, HR professionals can leverage recruitment automation technology to simplify the job application process to ensure that potential candidates do not face any hardships while applying to open positions in the company. Recruitment automation can also help recruiters remain in contact with high-quality candidates by keeping them updated about their job application status and regularly sharing captivating content. Other than that, hiring automation can make it much easier for recruiters to cut back on extraneous expenses and decrease time-to-hire, thereby notably boosting applicant experience.


Recruitment automation improves workforce diversity


Without a doubt, workforce diversity can enhance the performance of businesses multifold. In fact, a diverse workforce makes it a lot easier for organizations to drive innovation and produce desirable hiring results when there is less time available. With the help of automated recruiting tools, hiring professionals can easily get rid of unconscious bias from the recruitment process. They can also utilize automation solutions that employ artificial intelligence (AI) for facilitating the creation of unbiased job descriptions in order to attract candidates from different backgrounds and boost workforce diversity without additional effort. Moreover, improved workforce diversity contributes to improved organizational performance and helps HR managers build varied talent pools for quickly filling job vacancies in the future without spending a large amount of money on sourcing and hiring.

Automation results in easy evaluation of hiring process


When it comes to evaluating recruitment processes, it is essential for human resources professionals to deploy a technologically-advanced automation solution for the same. Since the primary aim of every recruiter is to attract and hire the best talent in the industry, companies are required to constantly assess the effectiveness of the recruitment process so that the requisite changes can be made in an instant. HR professionals can make effective use of the latest recruiting automation technology to gain access to important recruitment metrics such as sourcing statistics, time to hire, cost per hire, employee turnover rate, offer acceptance rate etc. In addition to facilitating the easy evaluation of hiring endeavors, cutting-edge automation tools can also be really useful for making the entire recruitment process less costly and more efficient.


Owing to the intense competition for quality talent in today’s candidate-driven job market, recruitment automation has gained paramount importance amongst modern-day HR managers and recruiters looking to supercharge their hiring efforts without much hassle. With the right set of advanced automation tools in hand, human resources professionals can revamp their entire talent acquisition strategy with utmost ease and convenience. Moreover, if you want to eliminate administrative workload and boost overall business productivity, invest in the best recruiting automation software in the market to accelerate your hiring process instantaneously.



5 Changes due to Artificial Intelligence In Recruitment

Taking into account the increasing adoption of new-age technologies, the majority of hiring managers concur on the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is perpetually reshaping the recruitment landscape. AI-enabled technology possesses the potential to make the entire recruitment process a lot simpler and faster. In fact, employers across the globe are leveraging tech tools powered by artificial intelligence to address hiring challenges in the most efficacious way feasible, thereby giving a powerful boost to their overall recruiting efforts.

The best part about artificial intelligence is that it opens the doors to immense possibilities for HR professionals looking to streamline monotonous and time-consuming recruiting tasks without putting in substantial endeavors. By properly integrating AI technology into the talent acquisition process for facilitating automation, modern-day recruiters can easily free up their hectic schedules and devote more time to productive organizational activities. In this article, we will delve into the 5 key areas of recruitment that are going to be positively impacted by AI technology in the coming times.

Candidate sourcing made better with AI in Recruitment

When it comes to finding the best talent in the industry for filling vacant job positions, the process begins with sourcing potential candidates who possess all the requisite skills and educational qualifications. Nevertheless, it can be tedious for recruiters to source highly talented candidates from various channels like popular job boards and social media as the same requires one to devote a great deal of time. But the good news is that hiring managers can extend their reach in an instant by automating the entire process of candidate sourcing with the help of present-day AI technologies. With the efficacious deployment of AI-powered candidate sourcing tools, HR professionals no longer have to waste their valuable time digging through enormous volumes of data for identifying the most ideal candidates for job vacancies. Artificial intelligence makes it feasible for recruiters to identify top industry talent and reach out to them for getting started with the interview process at the earliest. Other than that, employers can leverage sourcing automation tools to send customized messages and relevant content to keep applicants in their talent pipeline engaged in the best manner possible.

AI-powered interviews for assessing applicants while hiring


It is an undeniable fact that conventional interviewing methods are highly laborious and time-consuming. But AI-powered interviews can come in handy for assessing potential job candidates in a short span of time. Interviews powered by artificial intelligence impose numerous challenges on candidates as they have to build a strong preparation strategy to communicate important information in order to stand out from the crowd. This way candidates get the opportunity to showcase their skills and level of knowledge. On the other hand, AI-powered interviews allow employers to assess candidates on the basis of their body language, voice tonality, facial expressions, and similar factors. By combining AI-powered interviews with modern-day candidate assessment tools, hiring managers can make more informed and evidence-based recruiting decisions without coming across any kind of obstacles throughout the entire talent acquisition process.

Simplified employee background checks through AI in Recruitment

Before a candidate is hired for an open job position, it is extremely important for HR professionals to run a background check to identify any potential threats. However, manually conducting employee background checks is nothing less than a nightmare for recruiters as they have to spend their precious time in deriving information by extracting volumes of data from multiple sources. But with the advent of AI technologies, conducting candidate background checks has now become a cakewalk. AI-enabled background check tools sift through the web to collect all the available candidate-related for the purpose of examining. This basically comprises social media presence, criminal history, past employment records, financial status etc. Keeping everything else aside, the prime purpose of conducting employee background checks is to ascertain whether a candidate is worthy of being hired or not.

Faster applicant screening process through AI in Recruitment


There is absolutely no denying the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) paves the way for a faster applicant screening process, thereby helping HR professionals evaluate ideal job candidates in less time. By effectively deploying AI screening software, recruiters and hiring managers can quickly identify the most skilled applicants who perfectly match their recruiting profile. For instance, AI-enabled chatbots can be leveraged by employers to facilitate convenient interaction with potential job candidates instantly. Chatbots can be utilized to ask preliminary screening questions so that candidates who do not hold adequate qualifications can be eliminated in the initial stage itself. Best of all, the international AI recruitment market is expected to be worth $388 Million by the year 2027.

Data-driven recruitment automation through application of AI

Data-driven recruitment automation can work wonders for improving hiring efficacy as it allows human resources professionals to get in touch with the best talent even when there is a serious shortage of time. Modern-day hiring managers can employ data advanced analytics for targeting potential job candidates on different channels over the internet such as social media websites including LinkedIn, Twitter etc. This way they can save an enormous amount of their precious time and resources while augmenting their recruiting efforts and enhancing the overall hire quality. Recruiters can also use AI technology to analyze conversion rates and build strong recruitment funnels consisting of active job seekers as well as passive candidates for simplifying hiring. In addition to all this, recruiters can employ artificial intelligence (AI) to target their candidate searches on the basis of educational level, industry type, job title etc.


It is totally true that artificial intelligence (AI) is driving transformative change in the hiring industry. Now that AI technologies have become an integral aspect of the present-day recruitment technology landscape, they are constantly being leveraged by companies worldwide. HR professionals are utilizing artificial intelligence to prevent hiring bias and identify different bottlenecks so that they can take the requisite measures to make the necessary improvements in their recruitment process. So, if you want to optimize tedious business processes and improve recruiting performance with minimal effort, ensure that you invest in an AI-powered recruitment management software to attain excellent hiring results instantaneously.



Latest HR Tech Trends in 2020 You Should Know Of

The world of technology has been evolving at breakneck speed in recent years and there is hardly any area of our work or life that it hasn’t been touched by it. Businesses too have benefited tremendously by adopting technology in various areas of operations and seen faster growth owing to reduced costs and greater efficiency, so there was no way that the thriving HR and recruitment industry could be left behind. In fact, most progressive businesses understand the impact technology can make in giving them a competitive edge in the market, and therefore, consider it as the backbone for their operations.

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How Can Technology Improve Your Employer Brand ?

Without a doubt, the majority of the recruiters are up against the odds when it comes to attracting the right talent for open job roles within the company. According to a recent report, 94% of job applicants take into consideration the brand of the organisation before applying for a particular position. For this reason, businesses looking to attract and retain inordinately talented candidates cannot afford to have a negative employer brand at all. With the advent of new-age technological solutions, it has now become feasible for organizations across the world to efficiently maintain a strong corporate reputation. Nevertheless, the sad news is that very few recruiters and hiring managers are aware of the fact that technology can work wonders for improving their recruitment branding, and more importantly, the extent to which is can simplify the process.

In this article, we will explain in detail how you can go about boosting your recruitment brand instantly. But before proceeding further, let us understand the importance of having a good employer brand.

What is the importance of a good employer brand?

Owing to the never-ending hunt for talent in today’s hyper-competitive job market, building and maintaining a good employer brand has become more important than ever. Organizations that have a reputable employer brand do not face any difficulties when it comes to recruiting highly qualified candidates for open job vacancies. In addition to helping recruiters source new talent, a good recruitment brand facilitates talent retention.

A company with a strong brand image is always more attractive to potential candidates who are perpetually on the lookout for golden employment opportunities. Furthermore, a strong employer brand can motivate the employees who are already working in your company, thereby giving a notable boost to your business’ overall productivity. Above all, a good employer brand usually signifies a strong company culture and allows recruiters to maximize savings by cutting down on marketing costs. Also Read: The Importance of Employer Brand in Attracting and Retaining Talent


What are the different ways in which technology can help to improve recruitment brand?

There is absolutely no doubt that modern-day technology can come in handy for strengthening the employer brand. In fact, organisations can effortlessly build a strong employer brand and attract top industry talent in an instant by picking out a technologically-advanced recruitment software.

Here are some ways in which HR technology can be leveraged to improve the recruitment brand in as little time as possible.


A Mobile friendly SEO-enabled career site helps improve Employer Brand

First of all, it is essential for recruiters to understand that openings for new roles posted on job boards are not sufficient for attracting talent. Investing in a branded career website is an outstanding way to augment your employer branding. You can also make effective use of customized landing pages to communicate directly with the various segments of your targeted audience. Other than that, you can also add simple talent network forms to encourage candidates to learn more about your organization and drive them to apply to your open job vacancies. However, make sure that your smart career website is mobile-friendly. Also, it should be optimized for online searches so that potential job applicants can find you from anywhere on the globe.

Email marketing can help boost employer brand

 One cannot deny that factors like timing and personalization play a pivotal role in determining whether you will find the right talent for a specific job role or not. So, hiring managers looking for instant success should continually put in efforts to create an innovative email campaign to directly communicate with their target audience. Similarly, you can also share captivating content related to the advertised job role in order to boost recruitment branding and generate interest in the position.

Social media campaigns provide boost to the employer brand

It is a known fact that establishing a strong social media presence is of great importance nowadays. Most recruiters agree that social media is the best place to build and expand your recruitment brand in less time. Moreover, social media has created plenty of opportunities for hiring managers to create a strong employer brand and learn more about the present-day recruiting landscape. Various popular social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have emerged as effective tools for fostering professional relations with the best talent in the industry. Hence, make it a point to ensure that your employer branding strategy is supported by a technologically-driven social media campaign to yield fruitful results without facing any hassle.

 Using Advanced analytics can help improve recruitment brand

 It is extremely crucial to measure your recruitment brand with the help of advanced analytics. It is so because assessing your employer branding strategy will help you spot inadequacies and make the necessary changes instantaneously. With the proper utilization of recruitment technology, you can easily measure the efficacy of certain aspects of your employer branding strategy like career site pages, email updates, job descriptions, and so on. Once you successfully identify the approaches which are not producing the desired results, you can do away with them and modify your strategy accordingly.



Regardless of your business size, maintaining a strong employer brand is of utmost importance as it can have a significant impact on your organization’s growth. Moreover, it is extremely important to know that a bad employer brand is bound to repel talent and hamper your entire recruitment process. But by boosting the overall appeal of your employer brand, you can attract and hire newly emerging talent in the job market without putting in any additional effort. Therefore, see to it that you invest in the right technology in order to improve your recruitment brand, thus attracting top talent that can take your organisation to greater heights



5 New Applications of AI in Recruitment

It is clear that technology has changed the way businesses hire potential candidates. With the rise of AI in recruitment, finding the right talent has become a pushover for the majority of the new-age hiring managers. Unlike previously, recruiters no longer have to spend their valuable time handling repetitive and labor-intensive hiring tasks. They can automate almost every aspect of the recruitment process in a single go by effectively employing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Moreover, AI can work wonders for creating a diverse workforce and facilitating talent retention within the organization, thereby eliminating unconscious hiring biases from the recruitment process. However, it is imperative to opt for the best AI-based recruitment software in order to reap the real benefits of this newly emerging technology. In this article, we will mainly focus on the latest applications of AI in recruitment so that you can implement the same in your future hiring strategy without facing any sort of difficulty.

Now, let us get started and discuss the 5 new AI applications for recruitment one by one.



Chatbot is an important application of AI in Recruitment


One of the latest applications of AI in recruitment, chatbots are used for automating communication usually through advanced textual methods. They are becoming increasingly popular because they boost the overall candidate experience instantly. AI-powered chatbots provide great assistance to hiring managers as they employ Natural Language Processing (NLP) for undertaking recruitment tasks like collecting important details from potential applicants, posing job-related questions, scheduling interviews etc. Other than that, chatbots can easily automate the process of screening candidates’ resumes while offering instantaneous solutions to applicants in real-time. Once all the essential information is gathered by the chatbot, it is fed into the ATS system so that further measures can be taken by recruiters.

AI powered Video Interviews in Recruitment


In this age of digital transformation, video interviews are slowly becoming an integral part of the modern-day hiring process since they are easy to conduct. Digitized video interviews can come in handy for facilitating a face-to-face interaction with remote as well as non-remote candidates. Another benefit of video interviews is that they allow both recruiters and potential job candidates to save a great deal of time. By conducting AI-powered digitized video interviews, recruiters can effortlessly assess the mood, facial expressions and behavioral traits of candidates. However, see to it that you invest your hard-won bucks in a well-featured recruitment solution to conduct digitized video interviews in the best way possible.

Automated Talent Sourcing through AI in Recruitment


Nowadays, recruiters and hiring managers face plenty of challenges when it comes to sourcing the right talent for vacant job positions in a company. Without streamlining the process of talent sourcing, connecting with high-performing can be an extremely herculean and time-consuming task. Due to the recent developments in AI for recruitment, it has now become possible for recruiters to automate talent sourcing and strengthen their existing pipeline of candidates. With the most advanced AI-powered recruitment solutions, you can browse through the large pool of candidates’ social profiles online to find the best fit for the job without putting in many endeavors. In addition to facilitating the automation of talent sourcing, hiring managers can also utilize artificial intelligence to forward personalized messages to candidates and keep them updated. Not only that, AI-powered recruitment tools come equipped with all the features that are required for keeping candidates engaged.

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Talent rediscovery can be accomplished through AI in recruitment


There is absolutely no denying the fact that talent rediscovery is of utmost importance for most hiring managers. Especially in today’s candidate-driven job market, reaching out to the best talent in less time is not a piece of cake in the least bit. Owing to the tough competition for the best talent, a large number of companies around the world are struggling to find highly qualified candidates for open job vacancies despite their best efforts. Another vital point is that recruiters have to spend a huge amount of money to find new candidates. Moreover, they also end up wasting their precious time while on the lookout for fresh talent. Nevertheless, it is better to sift through the existing talent pool for reaching out to potential candidates who had shown interest in previous job openings and applied in the past. You never know that the candidates in your talent pipeline might turn out to be an ideal fit for the open job position in your firm. Hence, recruiters can make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to instantly scrutinize job descriptions and rediscover candidates by searching through the existing ATS database.


Sentiment Analysis through AI in Recruitment


One of the newest applications of AI in recruitment, sentiment analysis tools are used by multitudes of recruiters around the world to improve the candidate experience by collecting feedback from candidates in their preferred social surroundings rather than via traditional feedback forms that take a lot of time to complete. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can easily analyze the sentiments of candidates in a better way than human beings. By deploying advanced procedures like biometrics, computational linguistics, facial recognition etc., AI-based recruitment management tools make it possible for hiring managers to judge the candidates’ sentiments without any scope for error. Recruiters can also make use of sentiment analysis tools to identify biased language at any stage of the hiring process. Additionally, they can create catchy job descriptions for attracting a diverse pool of candidates just by efficaciously utilizing this technology.


Ostensibly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been playing a crucial role in improving the overall efficacy of the modern-day recruitment process. The best part is that apart from helping companies recruit exceptionally talented staff, AI enhances the candidate experience during the hiring process as well. Clearly, artificial intelligence has made life much simpler for recruiters, and considering the technology is still an emerging one and undergoing further development, there are certainly going to be more benefits innstore in the years to come.


5 Best Talent Acquisition Software to Improve Your Quality of Hire

Owing to the dearth of good talent in today’s job market, recruiting has become tougher than ever. In fact, the majority of the recruiters are deploying modern-day technological solutions to streamline their hiring procedures as it helps them cut down on the hefty costs associated with recruitment. With a top-notch talent acquisition software, recruiters can easily find and hire appropriate candidates with the necessary qualifications for various job positions. But since there are many software vendors operating in the market, recruiters are quite likely to be baffled while making the final selection.

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