The 5 Best Employee Referral Software

Owing to the ever-changing trends in the current job market, employee referral is typically considered the most effective and result-oriented method for recruitment across the world. Being the best source for new hires, candidates recruited through referrals quickly undergo the interview process and tend to remain employed for a longer than usual time period. Moreover, it has become imperative for modern-day businesses to select a feature-rich employee referral software to increase referrals, offer rewards, and so on. In this guide, we have listed and discussed the top 5 employee referral management software in India to help you pick out the best tool for your company.

Now, let us get started and talk about the 5 best employee referral solutions one by one.



RMS Referral from Naukri RMS is the best employee referral software

Naukri RMS is India’s best recruitment software that facilitates the complete automation of the employee referral program. Popularly known as RMS Referral, this new age recruitment tool features a centralized interface for the publishing of vacant referral job positions. Since the software comes with a single interface, recruiters can source, track and manage all the referral applications in one place. Moreover, this modern-day employee referral solution also offers actionable analytics and provide businesses with ample golden opportunities to boost the total number of referrals in their company. Recruiters can make use of the comprehensive reports generated by Naukri Referral and gain full control over the various referral activities taking place in the organization. There is absolutely no doubt that this software can significantly improve the hiring efficiency of any business. Keeping everything else aside, you can also give real-time updates to employees about their referral efforts. If you are really on the lookout for the best employee referral software in India, Naukri RMS is a one-stop solution for all your hiring needs. So, make sure that you integrate this feature-rich ATS solution into your business in order to supercharge your company’s referrals instantaneously.

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Boon is another top employee referral solution

Another well-known employee referral software, Boon comes with a stunning dashboard that keeps the recruiters updated about the referral efforts of various employees. Businesses can easily build an efficient referral program without spending much money and time. This employee referral software makes use of the automation facility to enhance the efficacy of the employee referral process and yield the best results instantly. Boon allows recruiters to identify potential leads and get in touch with them as soon as possible, thereby helping companies gain an evident edge over competitors in industries where finding the best talent is a very herculean task. Furthermore, the employee referral software links all the networks of partaking employees, thereby leading to the formation of one big interconnected network. The tool makes effective use of machine learning to find the most suitable candidates and allows employees to refer jobs accordingly. Once a company recruits new candidates, the referral network continues to grow and hence, the business can easily find quality hires from its diverse talent pool. Owing to gamification. Owing to the inbuilt custom rewards, employees never run of motivation to send out successful referrals. Lastly, the employees can also choose to receive progress reports regarding their referral endeavors.

Rolepoint is a well known employee referral software

RolePoint is an employee referral software that automates the entire hiring procedure and eliminates the need for businesses to create spreadsheets in order to keep track of employee referrals and bonus payments. The best part about this employee referral solution is that it promotes employee participation in the hiring procedure. Whenever employees make successful referrals, they receive notifications about the same to ensure that they do not feel that their efforts are being wasted. The software is mobile-friendly and it makes it possible for employees to make referrals whenever they want. Not only that, but the software also allows potential candidates to apply for the job position straightway from a mobile device. With Rolepoint, businesses can recruit and onboard new candidates in a much faster way without having to incur any hefty charges.

Simppler is one of the best employee referral solutions

As the name suggests, this employee referral software has a user-friendly interface and it is very simple to use. Besides engaging employees to come up with more referrals, Simppler allows hiring managers to easily keep a check on the efforts of employees so that they can be rewarded accordingly. With this employee referral tool, you do not have to squander your precious time skimming through hundreds of applications and hence, you only have to onboard quality employee referrals. In addition to all that, employees can also link their social media profiles Simppler so that the software can pick out the best leads from employees’ networks, thereby making it easier and convenient to recruit new hires. This employee referral software also comes with plenty of analytics and reporting tools that allow recruiters to measure their referral campaigns online. Furthermore, you can also analyze employee engagement and track your referral efforts with this employee referral management tool.

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Jobvite Refer is a top employee referral software

One of the greatest challenges faced by rapidly growing organizations is getting quality hires. Jobvite Refer makes use of the social network profiles of your employees so that you can extend your hiring reach in as little time as possible. It even has a fully-dedicated Facebook application that allows employees to send individual invitations to potential candidates. With Jobvite Refer, recruiters are easily able to find the best candidates for the job position and furthermore, they can reward employees for successful referrals in a number of ways.

 One cannot deny that employee referral programs are becoming an integral aspect of modern recruitment. Hence, it is necessary for companies to opt for a top-notch employee referral solution to facilitate the conduction of successful referral programs. Additionally, your company can save on plenty of time, money, and other valuable resources with proper deployment of the best employee referral management tool in the market. So, take help from the aforementioned guide to select the most-suited employee referral software for your business to boost the total number of quality hires instantaneously without any hassle.


Why Implement a Employee Referral Software?

An employee referral software allows current employees to refer friends, families and other acquaintances for open job vacancies within the organization in exchange for rewards. Companies can build a huge talent pool in a short span of time just by connecting with their employees’ professional network. This article will shed some light on the various advantages of deploying a tried and tested employee referral software to help you make the right decision.

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How to Encourage Employee Referrals?

There is enough data to show that employee referrals are the best source of hire, are faster and less expensive to hire. Also, candidates hired through referrals tends to stay longer and hence reduce the employee turnover rate also. However, even with these clearly authentic benefits it is still one of the most underutilized sources of hires. Recruiters fail to maximize the benefits of employee referral as they treat it as an organic source and therefore do not put in the required efforts and strategy to motivate employees to provide more great referrals. Sometimes it is the same set of 10-20% employees providing referrals while other 80% of the employees remain inactive. As a recruiter how can you change this? Let’s find out.

Make the process simple to get referrals from your employees

If you want to increase your employee referrals, you must provide an optimum user experience. The easier it is to provide and track referrals for employees, the more often will employees participate in your employee referral initiatives. While using a tool can definitely help, even if you do not use dedicated software for it, make sure to design your referral program in a way where it is easy and quick to submit a referral, track the status of the referral and track the incentives pay out. With these three main aspects taken care of, you are well on your track to improve the chances of getting referrals from your employees. However, if employees have to spend half an hour of their time to place a referral, you can be sure that it won’t attract many participants. Therefore, focus on making the process smoother and simpler in order to give your program maximum organic reach.

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Improve employee referral program branding to increase employee referrals

Companies with strong employer brands get more job apply and hire better quality talent. Branding has a major role to play while running an employee referral program also. Company events like job fairs, or other volunteering events, play an important role not only in improving the branding, but also impacts the synergy within employees. With such bonding, employees tend to be happier and more productive. Such activities promote positive brand awareness within the team and inculcate a desire to get their friends and professional connections to work for the company.  When there’s a company opening, employees will naturally want their connections to apply.

In addition to marketing your brand, it is also essential to market the referral activities you are conducting. Use the help of your marketing department to design campaigns that can encourage employees to participate in the referral program. Focus these campaigns on various benefits that employees can experience by getting their referrals hired in the organization. These regular email campaigns will keep the referral process top-of-mind for all employees, which makes it that much easier for them to take part in it.

Incentivize employee referrals

Offering monetary bonuses to incentivize referrals is a tried and tested method to get more referrals from employees. However, make sure that the bonuses are high enough to incentivize the work, but not so high that the ROI cannot be justified. Also, too high monetary rewards often increase the number of referrals but impact the quality of those referrals negatively. You would surely not want to screen through hundreds of profiles submitted by employees to find only one or two relevant candidates. In addition to monetary bonus, even a simple ‘thank you’ mail can go a long way towards motivating employees to continue referring candidates.  A company meeting, in a company-wide email, or on the employee referral site, there can be different channels through which you can convey this ‘thank you’ message. Other non-cash alternatives include a weekend getaway, movie tickets, a fully paid meal for family at a local restaurant, or tickets to a local event.

Gamification to increase employee engagement and referrals

Gamification inculcates a feeling of healthy competition, which if often more effective than money at driving employee engagement and participation. You can create a public leaderboard on your employee referral website to show which employees have provided the most number of referrals successfully, or reached out to the most people in their network. Such social rewards become a motivating force for employees to take continues interest in the referral program.

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Use technology to increase employee referrals

An automation tool like Applicant Tracking System (ATS), makes referral management very simple and efficient. You can use the ATS to create a centralized database of all the received referrals, and track them to their sources. Dedicated employee referral software, like Naukri RMS Referral is still a better option as it will provide you advanced referral management capabilities with comprehensive reports and analytics to identify the bottlenecks in your referral program and improve them.

The referral software will save you from wasting time in switching back and forth between emails to get, view, and share all the referred profiles. It will allow you to easily evaluate the performance of the program and spot areas that need improvement. Referral technology like RMS Referral requires minimal effort to setup and provides complete transparency and visibility over the performance of the referral activities and keeps the employees engaged. With its robust features, you can quickly improve the participation rate of the employees and get more quality referral candidates.

why employee referral is best source of hire

Why Employee Referrals are the Best Source of Hire?

Every organization wants to hire the best talent out there and therefore spends great time and money on advertising jobs on multiple boards to source maximum applicants for a role. But do you know that there is one source which doesn’t require any significant advertising budget and yet returns better quality talent than other sources? Yes, that one source is called Employee Referral. What are the myriad benefits of hiring through employee referrals? Let’s examine.

What are employee referrals?

Employee referrals are the candidates sourced through an internal recruitment drive where current employees of an organization provide potential candidates for a vacancy using their social network. Recruiters sources candidates using their current employees, and in return offers them monetary or other rewards. An employee referral program is used to perform this entire activity.

The Importance of Employee Referrals

The growing talent war has forced organizations to try out innovative ways of sourcing. Today’s job market has given more power to candidates where they can choose and pick roles as per their eligibility and future aspirations. In a talent driven market, recruitment must change, and that involves making it a more personalized and long-term process. Recruiters do not have a magic wand to identify the best talent for any given role, but they certainly can use all the help that is provided. Employee referrals is a way of including the existing employees in an organization to identify and recruit quality talent. For many reasons, employee referrals have proven to be one of the best ways of sourcing.

Employee Referrals Advantages

There are numerous direct and indirect benefits of employee referrals. Here we list the top 5 which make it the best approach to recruitment.

Employee Referrals Increases Retention

Employee referrals are usually more reliable because they already have an idea of the company’s vision, work culture through your employee. Thus, they know what to expect and won’t be left scratching their heads once hired. Being familiar with the environment, the new employee won’t take much time to absorb and adapt to it and would stay longer than other employees.

Employee Referrals Improve Quality of Hire

The quality of talent is always high when hired through an internal recruitment method such as employee referral. The biggest reason is that your employee has already done the initial screening by considering if he is right fit for the job. No employee would put their reputation at stake just for the sake of a small monetary reward. Therefore, they will only be referring candidates once they are sure about their suitability and eligibility of the role. A poor referral reflects badly on the employee also, putting a question over their judgment skills. Most employees are wise enough to understand this and therefore provide only high quality candidates as a referral.

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Employee Referrals Reduce Cost to Hire

With no expensive advertising on multiple job boards, it is a given that employee referrals will cost you less than other sourcing channels. Plus, as a recruiter you will be saving a lot of productivity in screening the candidates as that’s already been done by the employee. This will also impact the hiring cycle positively, shortening it, which ultimately brings down the hiring costs further.

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Hire more specialized candidates with employee referrals

When it comes to finding candidates with specific skills, nothing works like employee referrals. Employees have personal communication with their network and that’s how their knowledge about the candidate’s professional skills and capabilities is far greater than that of a normal recruiter. Sometimes, an ATS or any other screening system may miss those specific skills while screening, or the candidate themselves may not put it prominently in their CV. However, since the employee has a personal connection they would surely know about it and would recommend them for that position. Therefore, employee referrals are very helpful while sourcing for hard to fill positions.

 Employee referral Statistics

The data on employee referrals is the biggest reason why they are called the best source of hire. There are plenty of researches that have proved the superiority of employee referrals over other sourcing channels.


When we have strong evidences supporting the employee referrals as a recruitment method, it makes sense to invest in it and may be use employee referral software to get optimum results.


You Need a Dedicated Employee Referral Software

Purpose of Having a Dedicated Employee Referral Program

Employee Referral is one of the most reliable sources of hiring as the candidates hired through referrals stay longer and generally perform better than their colleagues. Therefore, any smart recruiter would try to maximize the number of candidates he could gain through employee referrals.  However, the big challenge that HRs face is getting employees to refer candidates. Can referral software change that?  Let’s examine.

Role of employee referrals in recruitment

There is no arguing to the fact that employee referral is the solution to every recruiter’s woes. Search about employee referrals and you will chance upon not one but many researches and surveys that confirm the superiority of employee referrals as a source of hiring over all other sources. Let us have a look at some statistics in this context, all of them available in the public domain.


Why Interview Sources Matter in Hiring: Exploring Glassdoor Interviews Data

This report based on a sample of more than 440,000 job interview reviews presents numerical evidence on how different sources of interviews impact the chances of a successful job match. The research concluded that employee referral is most likely to lead to an accepted job offer, with the probability of successful job match rising by a significant 2.6 to 6.6 percent.

However, referrals account for a meager 10 percent of reported job interviews whereas 42% of hired candidates applied online.


SilkRoad’s Sources of Hire Research 2017

Employee referral reigns as the best source of hiring. It is also the top internal source of hire with a 45% success rate which is a 5% increase from last year.


The Value of Hiring Through Employee Referrals in Developed Countries

Referred employees have lower recruiting cost, higher productivity and impact the entire workforce in a more positive manner as compared to employees hired from any other source.


LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends 2016


Employee Referrals as a long lasting trend

32% companies reported employee referral as their top source of quality hires. Another 26% consider employee programs to be a long term trend. Owing to their long lasting impact, there is an increasing need to invest more time and resources in strengthening referral programs.


Utilizing employees for referrals

The worrying aspect of the report is that currently only 8% have realized the full potential of their employee referral program while an average of 39% talent leaders have high usage pattern. India finds itself at top, above USA in utilization of employees for job referrals as shown in the graph.


Employee Referrals –The Best Leveraged Talent Acquisition Strategy amid Recession

The comprehensive research points towards the utility of employee referral as a best in class strategy to hire new employee during the recessionary periods. The various benefits elicited in the report confirm the trends of other researches in this direction, i.e referrals are gold for recruiters. They are number one source of hiring quality candidates, lead to greater retention and also the “most productive” source for diversity hires, against the common perception that referrals have a negative diversity impact. Yet, employee referrals are only 6.9% of the total job applicants.

Why do employee referrals not work?

Despite being a mine of quality talent, why employee referrals lag behind other sources when it comes to the number of job applications? Clearly, recruiters are either lacking in tools or application of best practices when it comes to attracting more employees towards providing quality referral candidates for a vacant position.

  • First of all, recruiters have to effectively communicate with their employees of job openings.  It’s quite common to find employees having little or no awareness regarding the current openings in the organization due to absence of any form of active engagement between employees and the HRs.  To be honest, employees cannot be blamed for low referral generation if they are not kept actively engaged on an ongoing basis. This problem can be solved to a great extent if we automate the entire process using a referral tool.
  • Secondly, there is not enough motivation for employees to refer a candidate. To find a suitable match for a particular role, an employee has to leave their daily work schedule and dedicate time specially for reaching out to their network, get back responses and then hand over the CVs to recruiters either manually or through emails. Motivation can be in many forms and not necessarily monetary. In fact, recruiters at Google found that increasing bonus compensation had little effect on referral generation. Increasing employee engagement is the path to success, which can be achieved with greater effectiveness through devising and deploying gamification strategies and increasing communication and transparency between employee, referred candidate and the HR.  Providing regular status updates to employees on their referred candidate and speeding up the interview schedule are just two simple ways of ensuring that everyone has a pleasant experience.
  • Another problem that limits the number of referrals is a long and cumbersome process, which creates a disinterest amongst the employees for taking up the task of referring their friends or professional networks. The manual process which requires employees to draft messages and contact members of their network and then forward CVs to recruiters is a long and archaic one. Most employees simply don’t have that kind of time at hand.

Why implement an employee referral program?

All of the above discussed bottlenecks can be overcome through deployment of a dedicated employee referral tool/software.

Benefits of employee referral programs in speeding up your referral hiring process

Such a recruiting technology can help HRs in spreading the word about a vacancy quickly, manage the responses without losing their mind and also schedule interviews as soon as they receive an application.

Importance of employee referral program in driving employee engagement

Many of these referral solutions come embedded with advanced gamification and other engagement tactics like leaderboards which can provide the much needed motivation to employees for making their next referral. Even keeping a track of the status of the referred candidate in real time is possible for both the employee and the recruiter using these solutions.

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Use an employee referral program for easy social media sharing

Tapping into the social networks of employees is the key to building next generation referral programs. While manually it can be difficult to persuade every employee to share a particular job listing in their social network, this objective can be achieved easily by providing a sharing mechanism like a button or widget in the automated emails sent by these tools. The software is essentially making the sharing easy by helping the employee instantly post the job to social media without even typing a word. This serves two fold objectives. Even if none of employee’s friends apply to the job, it can be further shared by their connections on their own social media profiles and software can track the referral back to the original publisher and reward them.

Mobile Integration is also an advantage of employee referral program

One of the biggest advantages of these solutions is that they can be used on any computing device ranging from a desktop to smartphones. With the mobile integration capability, the software makes it possible to share jobs and track referrals on mobile computing devices as well.

All these benefits make a strong case for using an automated referral solution for maximizing the success of your next employee referral program.  What do you say?

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