How ATS Can Help Businesses Grow?

Owing to the incessant difficulties associated with attracting and hiring skilled candidates in today’s hot job market, 54% of companies worldwide are facing a severe talent crunch. Now that bringing quality talent into the company has become a big challenge for hiring managers, the only option left is to leverage new-age recruiting technology. But it is essential for recruiters to thoroughly evaluate their organizational requirements before investing in digital talent acquisition tools. For this reason, researching the different ATS solutions available in the software market is of prime importance, especially for businesses that want to save their valuable resources, time and money. A sophisticated applicant tracking software always comes loaded with advanced features such as career page hosting, infinite cloud storage, social website integration, analytics and dashboard etc. The most remarkable benefit of deploying talent acquisition technology is that it assists human resources professionals in creating personalized recruitment workflows requisite for achieving core hiring objectives. Keep reading to find out how companies with a limited recruitment budget can leverage ATS to improve hiring efficacy and grow in a highly competitive business environment.

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Everything You Need to Know About Applicant Tracking System

The modern recruiting world is continuously witnessing rapid digital innovations that are redefining talent acquisition practices. Now that technology holds paramount importance in the hiring industry, opting for an ATS software has become a prerequisite for recruiting highly skilled and talented employees in today’s age. As the name implies, an applicant tracking system helps recruiters to keep track of potential candidates and organize them in a consolidated database based on their overall skill set, experience, and educational qualifications. But it must be noted that ATS solutions do a lot more than just tracking applicants and sorting through their resumes. They can minimize the workload of hiring managers to a great extent by automatically filtering talent and highlighting the best-fit applicants for vacant job positions in the company. If utilized efficiently, they can supercharge the entire recruitment process in one go. The best part about applicant tracking systems is that they help organizations remain compliant with regulations. Continue reading to learn more about applicant tracking software solutions and how they are being used by businesses to enhance recruitment efficiency.


Why are companies increasingly investing in applicant tracking systems?

 As a company grows and scales up its operations, managing the large influx of new prospective applicants becomes an uphill task. This is the major reason why organizations globally are increasingly investing in applicant tracking systems to automate their talent acquisition process so that their employers can shift their focus on identifying and recruiting the most skilled job candidates, thereby creating a high-quality workforce. Companies nowadays have lost interest in in-house solutions owing to limited accessibility and hence, they opt for a modern applicant tracking software as it is based in the cloud. Another great benefit is that ATS software solutions boost collaboration in the HR team and make it a lot easier for recruiters to provide their personal feedback so that applicants can be rated accordingly. Above all, applicant tracking systems give recruiters access to real-time analytics which they can employ to improve the hiring process.

How do applicant tracking systems help recruiters?


How do applicant tracking systems help recruiters?

ATS software gathers all the essential candidate-related data into one single database so that recruiters can filter and screen applicants with the utmost ease. Since the solution retains the important information and maintains the database even after the opening for the job position is closed, this facilitates the creation of a talent pool. Hiring managers can always refer to this well-maintained pipeline to track prospective applicants whenever there is a requirement for a new hire in the near future. Apart from helping HR professionals, the most advanced applicant tracking systems remove complexity from the job application process, thereby making it much easier for candidates to apply for vacant positions. Now, let us quickly take a look at the top 6 ways how ATS solutions simplify the job of recruiters.


Applicant Tracking Systems help in scrutinizing job applications

Without a doubt, manually scrutinizing every single job application can be extremely difficult and time-consuming for the modern breed of recruiters. By effectively utilizing an ATS, recruiters can save plenty of time by skipping through applications that are not worth considering. The ATS solution can highlight the most important information about the candidate like his/her job titles, qualifications, past work experience etc., so that recruiters can decide for themselves whether they really want to read the entire resume or not.

ATS helps in ranking resumes for shortlisting applicants

ATS solutions come packed with excellent features that help hiring managers rank candidates’ resumes for further consideration. The software ranks applicants’ resumes based on certain parameters such as job requirements, traits, and needed educational qualifications. This way recruiters do not face any major hardships while shortlisting the best job applicants.

ATS software in improve communication with applicants

 The most remarkable advantage of employing applicant tracking systems is that they help recruiters improve communication with candidates. HR professionals can make use of automated emails to keep applicants updated about their progress in the recruitment cycle and provide them with instant answers for their queries.

ATS has the ability of seamless integration with other tools

When it comes to implementing an ATS, recruiters are often concerned about losing valuable data which they have collected using different talent acquisition tools. But the good news is that most ATS software solutions offer seamless integration with other tools so that HR teams can easily recruit and onboard job applicants. This way recruiters can keep accurate records in a single system without the fear of losing access to them.

Applicant Tracking System allows performing keyword search to find the right talent

Performing keyword searches is vital for finding the right job candidates for various hard-to-fill positions within the organization. An applicant tracking system can sift through the job titles and key skills to provide recruiters with the keywords they are searching for to locate the right talent. Moreover, human resources personnel can use a combination of such keywords while performing the search so as to get better results in an instant.

Applicant Tracking System allows generation of performance reports

Most recruiters concur to the fact that measuring the effectiveness of talent acquisition activities is key to enhancing the recruitment process. By monitoring the efficacy of the hiring campaign and leveraging performance reports, recruiters can spot bottlenecks and make the required adjustments. But the manual creation of such reports can take a lot of effort, money, and time simultaneously as it involves the evaluation of core recruitment metrics. Applicant tracking solutions can automatically generate accurate performance reports that can assist recruiting teams in turbocharging the talent acquisition process.

Owing to the evolution of recruitment technology in the HR landscape, one cannot deny that new-age applicant tracking systems have become more advanced and user-friendly than ever. Equipped with a plethora of new capabilities, talent acquisition teams worldwide are deploying these modern recruitment solutions to deliver an outstanding candidate experience and attain hiring success in a brief timespan. Taking into account the swift adoption of AI-powered technological tools, the applicant tracking software market is expected to be valued at US$ 1345.7 million by the year 2025. So, ensure that you pick the most efficient ATS solution for your company to expand your reach online and hire top-tier talent instantly.


ATS vs CRM: Things You Should Know

Owing to the growing demand for quality candidates in today’s employment market, human resources professionals worldwide are perpetually striving to identify the right talent for filling vacant posts. With the arrival of new recruitment technologies in the HR software market, implementing digital solutions has become a necessity, especially for companies looking to outperform their business competitors and win the battle for top industry talent without undergoing hardships. Moreover, two of the most widely used hiring tools in the modern era are none other than recruitment CRMs and applicant tracking systems (ATS). The prime purpose of these tools might appear to be the same to a layman. But the truth is that these two new-age technological solutions are not at all identical and they both play a very specific role in enhancing the recruitment process. This article seeks to cover all the essential points about ATS versus CRM and explain how the integration of these tools can be advantageous.

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Evolution of Applicant Tracking System

The world knows that Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) made their way into the recruitment landscape just a few years ago. Although, previously, ATS solutions were implemented only by a handful of companies that could bear the heavy investment costs but now their use in the HR arena has risen to a great extent. It is so because modern recruitment technologies have become a lot more accessible and cheaper with the course of time. According to a recently released survey report, the majority of staffing firms worldwide will opt for an Applicant Tracking System by the end of 2020 to improve the overall talent acquisition efficacy. Most ATS solutions available in the market are similar and hence, they serve the same purpose when it comes to hiring. Nevertheless, innovative software vendors keep introducing new functionalities and features every once in a while, to stay ahead of their competitors in the most efficient way possible. Read on to find more about the evolution of Applicant Tracking Systems and how the same has been beneficial for the new breed of recruiters.

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How to Implement An ATS Software In Your Organization

Owing to the giant strides witnessed in modern talent acquisition technology in recent years, the latest digital recruitment tools have reduced the workload and simplified the job of human resources professionals to a great extent. From streamlining time-consuming manual tasks to recognizing potential bottlenecks in the hiring strategy, a full-fledged ATS that is powered by new-age technologies can be really useful for improving the present-day recruitment process.

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ATS Software: Guide To A Secure Applicant Tracking System

Have you been looking for a secure ATS solution? Do you want to protect your organization’s confidential data and candidate records from falling into the wrong hands? Now that a majority of new age Applicant Tracking Systems are based in the cloud, and since there is a great deal of confidential and highly sensitive data at stake, it is very much susceptible to cybersecurity breaches. In fact, data such as job applicants’ personal details is nothing less than a gold-mine for cybercrooks, and hence, it can be misused if the appropriate safety measures are not taken on time. Moreover, if this confidential data is exposed, it can lead to serious organizational disasters like financial damage, loss of reputation etc.

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5 Changes due to Artificial Intelligence In Recruitment

Taking into account the increasing adoption of new-age technologies, the majority of hiring managers concur on the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is perpetually reshaping the recruitment landscape. AI-enabled technology possesses the potential to make the entire recruitment process a lot simpler and faster. In fact, employers across the globe are leveraging tech tools powered by artificial intelligence to address hiring challenges in the most efficacious way feasible, thereby giving a powerful boost to their overall recruiting efforts.

The best part about artificial intelligence is that it opens the doors to immense possibilities for HR professionals looking to streamline monotonous and time-consuming recruiting tasks without putting in substantial endeavors. By properly integrating AI technology into the talent acquisition process for facilitating automation, modern-day recruiters can easily free up their hectic schedules and devote more time to productive organizational activities. In this article, we will delve into the 5 key areas of recruitment that are going to be positively impacted by AI technology in the coming times.

Candidate sourcing made better with AI in Recruitment

When it comes to finding the best talent in the industry for filling vacant job positions, the process begins with sourcing potential candidates who possess all the requisite skills and educational qualifications. Nevertheless, it can be tedious for recruiters to source highly talented candidates from various channels like popular job boards and social media as the same requires one to devote a great deal of time. But the good news is that hiring managers can extend their reach in an instant by automating the entire process of candidate sourcing with the help of present-day AI technologies. With the efficacious deployment of AI-powered candidate sourcing tools, HR professionals no longer have to waste their valuable time digging through enormous volumes of data for identifying the most ideal candidates for job vacancies. Artificial intelligence makes it feasible for recruiters to identify top industry talent and reach out to them for getting started with the interview process at the earliest. Other than that, employers can leverage sourcing automation tools to send customized messages and relevant content to keep applicants in their talent pipeline engaged in the best manner possible.

AI-powered interviews for assessing applicants while hiring


It is an undeniable fact that conventional interviewing methods are highly laborious and time-consuming. But AI-powered interviews can come in handy for assessing potential job candidates in a short span of time. Interviews powered by artificial intelligence impose numerous challenges on candidates as they have to build a strong preparation strategy to communicate important information in order to stand out from the crowd. This way candidates get the opportunity to showcase their skills and level of knowledge. On the other hand, AI-powered interviews allow employers to assess candidates on the basis of their body language, voice tonality, facial expressions, and similar factors. By combining AI-powered interviews with modern-day candidate assessment tools, hiring managers can make more informed and evidence-based recruiting decisions without coming across any kind of obstacles throughout the entire talent acquisition process.

Simplified employee background checks through AI in Recruitment

Before a candidate is hired for an open job position, it is extremely important for HR professionals to run a background check to identify any potential threats. However, manually conducting employee background checks is nothing less than a nightmare for recruiters as they have to spend their precious time in deriving information by extracting volumes of data from multiple sources. But with the advent of AI technologies, conducting candidate background checks has now become a cakewalk. AI-enabled background check tools sift through the web to collect all the available candidate-related for the purpose of examining. This basically comprises social media presence, criminal history, past employment records, financial status etc. Keeping everything else aside, the prime purpose of conducting employee background checks is to ascertain whether a candidate is worthy of being hired or not.

Faster applicant screening process through AI in Recruitment


There is absolutely no denying the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) paves the way for a faster applicant screening process, thereby helping HR professionals evaluate ideal job candidates in less time. By effectively deploying AI screening software, recruiters and hiring managers can quickly identify the most skilled applicants who perfectly match their recruiting profile. For instance, AI-enabled chatbots can be leveraged by employers to facilitate convenient interaction with potential job candidates instantly. Chatbots can be utilized to ask preliminary screening questions so that candidates who do not hold adequate qualifications can be eliminated in the initial stage itself. Best of all, the international AI recruitment market is expected to be worth $388 Million by the year 2027.

Data-driven recruitment automation through application of AI

Data-driven recruitment automation can work wonders for improving hiring efficacy as it allows human resources professionals to get in touch with the best talent even when there is a serious shortage of time. Modern-day hiring managers can employ data advanced analytics for targeting potential job candidates on different channels over the internet such as social media websites including LinkedIn, Twitter etc. This way they can save an enormous amount of their precious time and resources while augmenting their recruiting efforts and enhancing the overall hire quality. Recruiters can also use AI technology to analyze conversion rates and build strong recruitment funnels consisting of active job seekers as well as passive candidates for simplifying hiring. In addition to all this, recruiters can employ artificial intelligence (AI) to target their candidate searches on the basis of educational level, industry type, job title etc.


It is totally true that artificial intelligence (AI) is driving transformative change in the hiring industry. Now that AI technologies have become an integral aspect of the present-day recruitment technology landscape, they are constantly being leveraged by companies worldwide. HR professionals are utilizing artificial intelligence to prevent hiring bias and identify different bottlenecks so that they can take the requisite measures to make the necessary improvements in their recruitment process. So, if you want to optimize tedious business processes and improve recruiting performance with minimal effort, ensure that you invest in an AI-powered recruitment management software to attain excellent hiring results instantaneously.


How can Applicant Tracking System Improve Candidate Reach?

Owing to the unceasing war for talent, the majority of the recruiters agree that it has become rather difficult to attract and hire well-qualified candidates in today’s highly competitive job market. Businesses around the globe are making the switch from traditional hiring methods to AI-based recruiting solutions to succeed in their hunt for talented candidates and fill open job roles within the company. For this reason, you should also step up your hiring game by modernizing recruiting tactics in order to win the race for top talent without putting in any extra endeavors. Nonetheless, you must expand the reach of your job postings to find better employees. Here, we will throw some light on the importance of candidate reach and discuss the various features of an ATS that can help improve the same in a short span of time.

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7 Recruiting Tools to Improve Candidate Sourcing

It is a known fact that the majority of the recruiters encounter several hurdles when it comes to sourcing talented candidates. The war for talent in today’s hyper-competitive job market has made it even more challenging for them to identify prospective candidates with the right set of skills and adequate caliber. Nevertheless, recruiters and HR managers can effortlessly supercharge the recruitment process in a single go by utilizing feature-rich recruiting tools for sourcing the best talent. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best recruiting tools that will come in handy for finding high-potential candidates. So, make sure that you consider the  options discussed below before making your final choice.


Best recruiting tools for sourcing talented candidates

 Let us proceed further and take a quick look at some recruiting tools that you can utilize to source excellent candidates instantly:


 Naukri RMS is one of the best candidate sourcing tools in India

Naukri RMS is a recruitment management software in the cloud that caters to all the hiring requirements of modern-day recruiters and waives off the need for intricate paperwork, thereby helping them save time. Incredibly simple-to-use, the software is primarily employed for sourcing good quality candidates and facilitating the automation of the recruitment process. Having fulfilled the requirements of more than 2000 corporate customers, the best part is that this software comprises a trial period during which it can be used absolutely free of cost. Considered the best recruitment automation tool in India, Naukri RMS comes equipped with several incredible features that simplify the process of candidate sourcing and make it easier for recruiters to find top talent in as little time as possible.


 Hiretual is another good candidate sourcing platform

A fully-featured recruiting tool for sourcing candidates, Hiretual is used by a large number of hiring managers across the world. This recruitment solution combines your entire talent pool into a single pipeline for increased convenience. The software employs the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which identifies and ranks potential candidates, thereby allowing recruiters to connect with the best talent in the job market without making any extra effort. The greatest advantage is that recruiters can integrate their email account into Hiretual without any hassle. Therefore, you can make use of this software to source quality candidates while keeping a check on your talent pipeline simultaneously. Another important thing to note is that the lite version of Hiretual is free as it only has a limited number of features. Whereas the premium and professional versions of this software consist of a paid monthly subscription plan.


 Slack is an effective candidate sourcing tool

In addition to being an excellent communication service, Slack also serves the purpose of a great sourcing tool by helping recruiters and hiring managers to find ideal candidates for open job positions within the firm. Slack allows hiring managers to simplify and optimize their recruitment plans for yielding promising results in less time. You can reach out to hundreds of exceptional candidates by becoming a part of the local and international Slack channel network. Keeping everything else aside, Slack seamlessly integrates with plenty of third party applications unlike other sourcing tools available in the recruitment software market.

 Improver is a popular sourcing tool

 Improver is basically a browser extension that helps recruiters find the private contact details of potential candidates such as their email IDs and phone numbers from different social media platforms online to facilitate easy communication. This recruiting tool screens the profiles of various candidates on LinkedIn to find the best fit for vacant job positions in a company. It also automates the sourcing process, thereby allowing recruiters to focus on other vital tasks. Moreover, if the candidate whom you are targeting has not made his/her contact details freely available, there is no need to be concerned in the least bit. It is so because once the contact information becomes available, Improver will notify you about the same.


Connectifier is one of the best online sourcing tools 

Connectifier is another browser extension recruiting tool for sourcing good quality candidates over the internet. Easy to use, this unique messaging solution makes it possible for recruiters and hiring managers to reach out to potential candidates directly. With a recruiting tool like Connectifier, you can easily gain access to the contact details of candidates, including their social media profiles and email addresses.


AngelList is a great tool for sourcing candidates 

AngelList is a candidate sourcing tool that allows hiring managers to connect with the right talent in an instant. With this recruiting tool in hand, you can easily find the personal contact information of suitable job candidates and efficiently manage their talent pool in one place. Being a networking tool, Angelist also gives potential candidates access to details about the recruiters too. You can also utilize the search features of this tool to filter the best candidates before they forward their applications for various job roles.


Contactout is an excellent sourcing tool for recruiters

Contactout is a Chrome browser extension that enables recruiters to find the phone numbers, email IDs and other contact details of potential job candidates. By utilizing the search feature of this sourcing tool, you can find a large number of diverse candidates on different social networks like LinkedIn etc. Moreover, you can deploy this recruiting tool to contact multiple prospective candidates at the same time. Another added benefit is that Contactout is highly user-friendly and it comes with a free trial as well.


It has become imperative for modern HR teams to embrace new technological approaches in order to stand out in a highly competitive job market. With the effective deployment of advanced recruiting tools, you can reduce the total amount of time and effort spent on sourcing exceptionally qualified candidates for newly created vacancies. Therefore, if your aim is to source good quality candidates for filling the vacant job positions within your company, make sure you pick the right set of recruiting tools to meet your business needs and get the best results.



5 Best Applicant Tracking Systems for Small Businesses

When it comes to finding and hiring new employees, startups and small businesses often face plenty of challenges with the recruitment process. A lot of precious time that could have been utilized for important business tasks is spent on going through the bulky paperwork, filtering applicants, scheduling interviews etc. Moreover, startups may not always have enough resources to fit a professional hiring manager into their budget. However, small businesses can still boost the overall efficacy of the hiring process by utilizing a top-grade Applicant Tracking System (ATS) solution.

Besides facilitating collaboration among teams and maximizing participation, an ATS makes it possible for small businesses to eliminate the burden of having to undergo lengthy manual processes for recruiting new talent. In fact, the best Applicant Tracking System for small businesses comes equipped with all the crucial features that are required for improving the recruitment process. Earlier, ATS solutions were quite expensive and they were only meant for catering to the business requirements of large corporates. Owing to the recent technological advancements, startups and small businesses can now afford an Applicant Tracking Software without having to spend a fortune.

In this article, we have prepared a comprehensive list of the 5 best low-cost Applicant Tracking Systems so that you can make the right selection based on your business requirements.

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RMS Pro from Naukri is one of the best applicant tracking system for small business

 RMS Pro is a low-cost Applicant Tracking System that caters to the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses as well as enterprises. Equipped with a remarkable user-friendly interface, recruiters can utilize this economical recruitment software without any special training. Despite being an inexpensive technological solution, Naukri RMS comes with all the premium features needed for streamlining the various hiring processes. For example, advanced candidate search, API integration, interview scheduling and workflow management are some of the key features of this powerful recruitment software. Most importantly, this modern-day Applicant Tracking System automates the entire recruitment process instantaneously, thereby ameliorating the overall quality of hire. Since this is a cloud-based recruitment solution, all candidate data is stored in the cloud and is completely secure. So, startups and small companies that have a limited budget can opt for RMS Pro from Naukri to recruit and retain the best talent around.

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Freshteam is another applicant tracking system for small companies

Another popular budget-friendly ATS for small-sized businesses is Freshteam. Being a multi-utility recruitment software, Freshteam has helped plenty of small companies to achieve their hiring goals. With the assistance of this intuitive and easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System, small businesses can improve the efficacy of their recruitment procedures by many times. Some of the essential features offered by Freshteam consist of personalized engagement, contextual conversations, collaborative hiring, employment referrals etc. Moreover, Freshteam solution  makes it simpler for recruiters to get in touch with top talent via multiple channels such as popular job boards, social media platforms, emails, career pages etc. Another important thing to note is the affordable pricing of this Applicant Tracking System.


Recooty is one of the best applicant tracking software for small business

 Trusted by thousands of businesses across the world, Recooty is a cost effective Applicant Tracking System that makes it easy for recruiters to engage and hire the best candidates for new job openings. Simple to use, this ATS solution streamlines hiring right from stage one to the very end of the recruitment process. Recruiters make use of this Applicant Tracking System for important tasks like publishing job openings, scheduling interviews, onboarding candidates etc. Apart from all these phenomenal aspects of this ATS, Recooty is renowned for providing candidates with a great user experience. Without a doubt, small companies can reap great benefits by integrating this economical ATS solution into their businesses.

BambooHR is a popular applicant tracking software small business

 BambooHR is another pocket friendly Applicant Tracking System that is used by a large number of small businesses and startups worldwide. With a feature-rich ATS like BambooHR, recruiters can post new job openings and keep a check on the status of the various incoming applications of candidates without any hardships. The Applicant Tracking System comes with all the essential tools and features that enable recruiters to efficaciously manage and monitor every stage of the recruitment process. In addition to this, this remarkable ATS solution is known for its top-notch reporting capabilities. BambooHR helps small businesses to keep track of all the HR activities through reporting and email alerts. Startups with a low budget can select this Applicant Tracking System to boost the efficiency of their hiring processes.


Workable is leading applicant tracking system for small companies

 Workable is an all-in-one recruitment solution that helps businesses of all sizes, especially startups to optimize their hiring procedures without having to spend much. With Workable, recruiters can streamline the whole recruitment process in a single go without any sort of hassle. Easily implementable, this Applicant Tracking System quite simple-to-use and it also facilitates instant collaboration between recruitment teams. Businesses can easily find, track and evaluate the best candidates for the various job openings by effectively making use of this ATS solution. One of the major reasons why this Applicant Tracking System is preferred by most startups and small businesses around the world is because there are no additional charges associated with the installation of Workable, and hence, recruiters can get started with the hiring procedures within a couple of minutes.

The good thing about an ATS solution is that it can effectively perform certain recruiting tasks that would usually require a lot of time if done manually. Without the proper deployment of an Applicant Tracking System, it is not feasible for small businesses and startups to ensure a smooth-running recruitment process.

If you too want to leverage the many benefits an ATS offers, the aforesaid list will come handy in picking a well-featured ATS solution for your small business and improve the overall efficiency of the hiring process.