Best Free Applicant Tracking System You Should Try Now

Mining for the right candidates that fit a given job profile is not easy. Recruiters face a challenging time sorting out applicants from various platforms such as social media and job search websites. Logistically, it is a bit taxing to retrieve the right profiles from a heap of unorganized data. That is when companies, irrespective of their turnover, seek the help of applicant tracking systems.

Given the popularity and convenience of using an applicant tracking software (ATS), it is no doubt that these software solutions charge quite a bit to allow access to their gamut of features. However, a few cloud based recruitment software allow free access to basic features such as data processing, applicant communication and recruitment analytics.

Assessing a free application tracking system

 The foremost thing to do is to consider the features a free to try ATS offers. You should make sure it suits your needs.  Some of the primary features to look out for are:

  • Job posting: The applicant tracking software should be able to post job openings on multiple boards and even on career pages for free.
  • Application tracking: Certain ATS tools have a cap on the number of applications one can track for a particular job post. Additionally, look for features such as resume extraction that allows you to download a resume into your database from the webpage.
  • Communication: Any application tracking system should be able to form a communication link between the recruiter and the candidate via emails and messages. This way you can have a record of your association and also manage scheduling interviews and offers.
  • User Interface: The recruitment software should have the ability to push the data or the resume to the human resource.
  • Feedback Management: The software should be able to provide you with feedback on the interview or the notes made during shortlisting a candidate.

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Based on the above mentioned features, these are some of the best free applicant tracking systems one can try for free:

JobScore is one free Applicant Tracking System

It is an innovative web based applicant tracking system software that allows you to post your job on multiple free boards, report and manage tailored feedback. It offers a free 30 day trial. Web integration allows you to merge the job page with the website and the database. Depending upon the features you may want to utilize the credit top up that ranges from $99-$250.


  • One can customize the candidate notifications.
  • Allows you to design your questionnaire to modify the scoring criteria.
  • Allows recruiters to post only one job in the free version.

SmartStart from SmartRecruiters is a free Applicant Tracking System for Employers

Ideal for small and mid-range companies, SmartStart is a free version of the SmartRecruiters enterprise talent acquisition suite. It’s specifically meant for organizations with less than 250 employees. Its integration with social networks allows candidates to apply through those platforms directly. In addition to basic features, SmartStart also offers advanced features such as customizable interview scorecards, and a mobile-optimized career site.


  • It favors collaborative hiring. One can view the interview notes and score cards at a single place.
  • It also promotes employer branding by allowing you to post videos and testimonials.

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Zoho Recruit is an Applicant tracking system with free trial

Zoho Recruit is highly popular recruitment software that comes with a 15 day free trial version. It also offers a Forever Free Plan with limited functionalities. In the Forever Free plan, the recruiters get important modules such as candidate management, email management, client & contact management and Interview Scheduling. The free trial limits your usage to one recruiter and 5 job posts. However, they do come with the careers page where you can promote your job opening online. Furthermore, its integration with Google apps eases the process of contacting applicants.


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OpenCats is a free Applicant Tracking System for Recruiters

OpenCATS software system is highly recommended for IT industries to streamline the recruitment process and is completely free. This open source applicant tracking system is compatible with Linux and Windows servers. Its integration with various content management systems makes it easier for recruiters to be active in the community.


  • It is absolutely free as it is open source software.
  • It is completely customizable. Anybody can rewrite the software according to their requirements.
  • It supports multiple document formats.


iKrut is another free Applicant Tracking Software

iKrut is available for free but is not an open source platform like OpenCATS. Although it’s premium version requires you to pay around $200 to partner with professional HR services. It has been integrated with 20 free job boards such as Indeed and social networks. It even provides you with the ability to build your own microsite so that the applicants can apply directly online.


  • It can upload as many jobs as one desires. No limitation on that.
  • There are no time restrictions as well for the job opening post.
  • One can enjoy the functionalities of a premium version in this trial for up to 4 weeks.

Choosing a free application tracking system could be a bit daunting. The easiest way to determine the best ATS for your organization is to avail of a free run of all the systems parallelly. That way you can even customise your requirements and put certain features to test before finalizing the ATS. Make sure you test some of the key features such as feedback, recruitment speed, applicant tracking, candidate contact and access before you finally invest in one, for best results.