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Cognitive Computing in HR: The Evolution

Anyone with a flair for technology must have heard about the seemingly miraculous feats that have been accomplished by IBM’s Watson; a question answering super computer system, which relies on the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to replicate a high-functioning human’s ability to answer questions and with a greater accuracy. Watson has […]

5 Must Haves for a Company Careers Website

A company’s career website is one of the most important recruiting tools that a HR person has to their disposal. However, to only consider it as a recruitment aid would be underselling your employer brand. A corporate website is more than that. It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your true value proposition and can […]

Key Features of Applicant Tracking System that are Absolute Must Haves

This is no secret that recruitment departments across all scales of organizations are arming themselves with HR software, showing specific interest in the new age cloud based applicant tracking systems (Also Read: Why Cloud Based ATS is better). Buoyed by the useful features and productivity increments that these ATS present, organizations are lapping up every […]

Need for HR Digitization

Digital transformation is reinventing the way organizations perform and measure their success. Before we dig deeper to understand why HR digitisation is important for organisations, let’s understand the basics first. What is digitization in HR? The digitization of HR refers to increasing use of digital technologies to drive business objectives in HR.   For a long […]

5 HR Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

2018 is going to be a watershed year for HR and recruitment in particular. With most organizations already switching to cloud based HCM and HRMS, advanced and cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics will make a definitive impact on how regular business in HR is conducted. Multiple research papers and expert […]

How to Improve Recruitment and Selection Process

From cutting hiring costs to creating diverse workplaces, there are a lot of things that employers are focused on right now in order to improve their overall recruitment process.  A smart recruiter doesn’t necessarily need to spend 12 hours in the office to ensure better performance.  With the right strategy and tools at one’s disposal, […]

Why Cloud Based Applicant Tracking System is a Better Option?

Cloud is trending big time in technology space. From large enterprises to startups, everyone is either in the process or preparing for moving their core business functions to the cloud. Well, even governments around the world have now identified the benefits that cloud represents and hence are not averse to capitalizing on cloud computing’s myriad […]