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What Changes Artificial Intelligence Can Bring In Recruitment 2020?

With artificial intelligence (AI) redefining the recruitment landscape on a global level, the battle to attract and hire talented individuals is getting fierce. Since there is no dearth of good employment opportunities in the job market, candidates have become more selective than ever. They are mostly interested in working for companies that have a robust […]

How To Virtually Onboard Your Candidates?

One cannot deny that talent acquisition practices are rapidly changing amid the ongoing pandemic. Now that connecting with well-qualified candidates in today’s competitive employment market has become incredibly hard, human resources professionals worldwide are opting for technological solutions to step up their hiring game. In fact, many companies are switching to video interviewing for recruiting […]

Video Interviews : Tips For Recruiters

In response to the coronavirus crisis, a large number of modern-day recruiters are resorting to new-age hiring methods to connect with highly qualified applicants for filling open job positions. Human resources professionals are embracing technological innovations and streamlining manual aspects of the recruitment process so that they have more time on their hands for other […]

Digital Transformation In Recruitment: Need Of The Hour

Taking into account the current COVID-19 situation globally, it is evident that remote work culture is on the rise and the digitalization of HR, especially recruitment, has become the need of the hour. Now that many organizations are constantly being confronted with major problems amid the pandemic, recruiters are finding it extremely difficult to connect […]

Remote Working Tips For HR

Amid the increasing spread of COVID-19, embracing remote working has become a great necessity for the majority of businesses globally. With most countries in the world facing an economic decline owing to the ongoing pandemic, workers at all organizational levels are concerned. HR companies are now insisting their employees to adopt flexible work options so […]

What Are The Biggest Priorities Of HR Leaders in 2020?

Now that the modern recruitment landscape is perpetually undergoing rapid changes, the majority of companies globally are facing a talent shortage. In fact, chief human resources officers (CHROs) in different corners of the world are striving hard to attain operational excellence so that they can easily facilitate business transformation and stay ahead of competition. Apart […]

How to Reduce Time To Fill in Recruitment?

Taking into consideration the stringent competition for top quality candidates in the current employment market, filling vacant job positions has become a herculean task for most organizations. Apart from losing valuable resources, businesses globally are facing a serious productivity loss owing to the dearth of talented job applicants. Being one of the most essential hiring […]

How ATS Can Help Businesses Grow?

Owing to the incessant difficulties associated with attracting and hiring skilled candidates in today’s hot job market, 54% of companies worldwide are facing a severe talent crunch. Now that bringing quality talent into the company has become a big challenge for hiring managers, the only option left is to leverage new-age recruiting technology. But it […]

Everything You Need to Know About Applicant Tracking System

The modern recruiting world is continuously witnessing rapid digital innovations that are redefining talent acquisition practices. Now that technology holds paramount importance in the hiring industry, opting for an ATS software has become a prerequisite for recruiting highly skilled and talented employees in today’s age. As the name implies, an applicant tracking system helps recruiters […]

How to Overcome Hiring Challenges In 2020

 Despite the presence of numerous new-age digital tools and effective recruitment models, hiring top industry talent is still considered to be an uphill challenge by the majority of modern companies. The worst part is that the cutthroat competition for skilled applicants has made it even harder for recruiters to reach out to prospective candidates. Since […]