ATS Software: Guide To A Secure Applicant Tracking System

Have you been looking for a secure ATS solution? Do you want to protect your organization’s confidential data and candidate records from falling into the wrong hands? Now that a majority of new age Applicant Tracking Systems are based in the cloud, and since there is a great deal of confidential and highly sensitive data at stake, it is very much susceptible to cybersecurity breaches. In fact, data such as job applicants’ personal details is nothing less than a gold-mine for cybercrooks, and hence, it can be misused if the appropriate safety measures are not taken on time. Moreover, if this confidential data is exposed, it can lead to serious organizational disasters like financial damage, loss of reputation etc.

According to a newly released survey report, 69% of businesses in India are at great risk of data breach. For this reason, finding a secure ATS solution is of utmost importance for hiring managers and recruiters looking to gain a competitive advantage in the present-day recruitment industry instantaneously. In this article, we will talk about the various ways how you can check whether your ATS is secure or not to help you safeguard your organization against unauthorized data access.


How to ascertain whether your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is secure enough or not? 


Online threats can have an extremely detrimental impact on an organization. But owing to the advent of modern technological recruiting solutions, keeping job applicants’ details and essential business data secure has now become possible.  Let us find out how you can verify whether your Applicant Tracking System is secure enough or not.

Applicant Tracking System should be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant

With the growing importance of personal data protection in the current recruitment landscape, information confidentiality has undoubtedly become a top priority for today’s recruiters and hiring managers. Since an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) takes care of everything from gathering users’ personal data to storing confidential candidate records, it also must be able to offer the highest levels of data security. Before implementing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) into the business, HR professionals are putting in considerable efforts to ensure that the same has successfully attained GDPR compliance. In simple words, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is basically a newly implemented EU law that is concerned with information security and data protection. In fact, it has become imperative for companies across the world to adhere to the highest safety standards and become GDPR-compliant. It is so because if the organizations do not remain compliant, they may have to bear huge monetary penalties and suffer severe reputational loss at the same time. Most importantly, see to it that you opt for a GDPR-compliant Applicant Tracking Software that adheres to all the different safety protocols to safeguard candidate records and protect your company from potential security risks that may arise in the future.

Online Applicant Tracking System (ATS) must be HTTPS-enabled


Most new-age recruiters are in agreement with the fact that having an HTTPS-enabled Applicant Tracking System is of paramount importance in today’s age. Now that almost every recruiting task is done online, it is extremely essential to ascertain that your ATS is running over a secure connection over the internet. The easiest way to find out whether your ATS is HTTPS-enabled is to check your system’s URL. If the URL of your ATS solution commences with https://, it is an indication that the connection is totally secure. But if it does not, then you must keep it in mind that your company’s confidential data and applicant records are prone to various hacker attacks round the clock. Other than this, you should also find out whether your ATS vendor has run your official career pages through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to make sure that all your websites are not vulnerable to data breaches. So, make it a point to check that the Applicant Tracking Software you have employed for your business is running over HTTPS in order to ensure strong security levels without coming across any kind of hardships.

Applicant Tracking System should have Data encryption and backup facility


Another efficient way to ensure information security is to select an Applicant Tracking System that comes equipped with top-notch data encryption and backup facility. Nowadays, most cloud-based recruiting solutions employ the SaaS model for data encryption to pave the way for the secure transmission of information across different websites and portals over the internet. Besides safeguarding critical information from unauthorized access, an advanced ATS solution ensures that data is backed up on a regular basis for robust protection against serious security breaches, human error, hardware malfunction etc. Keeping everything else aside, the best part is that such automated data security features can turn out to be of great assistance to the new breed of HR professionals in case of an unforeseen event like data leak et cetera. You should always ask your ATS vendor whether the software features all the essential data security features.


There is no denying the fact that safeguarding sensitive organizational data is of vital importance. Owing to the rapid rise of database hack attacks, companies globally are putting in substantial effort to facilitate the protection of confidential business information. Similarly, the majority of modern-day recruiters and hiring managers are deploying reliable ATS solutions to address data security concerns without facing any kind of hassle. Last but not the least, make certain that you take the requisite measures and invest your hard-won bucks in the most secure Applicant Tracking System to keep your organizational data secure.