ATS in Recruitment: What’s going to change for recruiters?

Recruitment landscape is witnessing a transformation courtesy of the new age applicant tracking systems (ATS) that are now available in the market. Recruiters are also experiencing the effects of this shift towards technology. As the widespread acceptability of automation in HR increases we can expect this space to undergo some tectonic shifts.

Businesses have never done as much hiring as they are doing today, as testified by the burgeoning recruitment budgets. However, there are many challenges that face these businesses. Getting the right talent is one, and in fact, the main concern of the entire executive suite. The PwC’s 2017 CEO survey reveals that chief executives saw the unavailability of talent and skills as the biggest threat to their business. ATS vendors intend to change this threat into opportunity by developing Applicant tracking software that not only automate the hiring process but also provide business intelligence through inbuilt AI and machine learning.  This will lead to quicker hiring, better decision making and improved productivity.

Some other impacts of ATS in recruitment will be:


Raising requisitions and getting approvals will be easier and faster

With ATS, putting out a job requisition will now be a breeze. Hiring managers will no longer have to use manual methods like emails or pen and paper to raise requisitions. Use of ATS will bring automation and efficiency in this process. Also, waiting for requisition approvals to get started working on actual hiring will no longer be required as ATS will allow the approvers to instantly view the job description and provide their go ahead on the same through their emails. The best thing about this will be that approvers can view and approve the requisitions from anywhere and anytime, just from the comfort of their email inbox.

ATS powered recruitment will drastically shorten time for job posting

From the time when recruiters had to post a particular job description manually on their career page, multiple job boards and their social network to posting the job everywhere in one click, ATS recruitment will have a huge impact on the job posting process. ATS recruitment will ensure complete ease of process and a lot of time savings. Also, the integration of different job boards with the ATS is something that happens in the backend and recruiters rarely have to get their hands dirty. All that is needed is the job description, and a active subscription.

Using ATS enabled recruitment will help improve pre-screening of candidates

Screening candidates is one area that all future ATS and recruitment tools will excel in. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, applicant tracking systems will be able to quickly identify the right profiles for a particular job. Recruiters will no longer be dependent on manual screening of CVs. Going through each and every application and then parsing the CVs based on your description and skills list (screening for the best fit) will become a thing of the past as everything will be handled by the ATS only. This is not all, the AI will learn from the recruiter’s past action and will automatically rank the candidates and recommend similar candidates based on their past actions.

Managing offers will be simpler through ATS & recruitment tools

Once recruiters successfully select the right candidates for the job, the next level of hiring is sending out offer letters. In a big company, creating offers, tracking offer approvals and managing candidate responses can be quite a task. ATS will solve this piece of puzzle also as thanks to their automated workflows, recruiters will no longer have to manually slog for managing the offer process.  In ATS powered recruitment, the entire process from auto-generating offer letter templates to sending it across to selected candidates and collecting references and other pre-onboarding documents is automated. This is major time saver and also boosts the employer branding of the organization.

Artificial Intelligence powered ATS will lead to better decision making

While enhanced efficiency, productivity and time saving are more tangible benefits of ATS enabled recruitment, the more invisible but nonetheless important impact will be on decision making of the recruiters and hiring managers. The powerful analytics and AI ingrained in the new age recruitment solutions provide deep insights into the hiring process, and candidate quality which can be understood and used for making better hiring decisions.  This is just a small insight into what ATS recruitment means for the recruiter. This year, an ATS will become a must-have in the recruiter’s toolbox. However, the key is in choosing the right ATS for your hiring process.