Applicant Tracking System Pros and Cons You Should Keep In Mind

Owing to the technological revolution in the recruitment industry, the ATS market is booming across the world. It is a well-known fact that Applicant Tracking Systems are the lifeblood of the new age tech-savvy recruiter. Companies that employ an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can easily streamline their hiring procedures to attract, identify and recruit the best talent instantaneously. Without utilizing an Applicant Tracking Software and leveraging new recruitment strategies, it is almost next to impossible to find and hire the best candidates, especially the passive talent who is not actively seeking a job.

Although there are numerous advantages that an ATS offers to the recruiter, there are certain pitfalls as well which must be taken into consideration while implementing it in the recruitment process. In this article, we will discuss the various pros and cons of an Applicant Tracking System that you must keep in mind before integrating the solution into your business so as to avoid any unexpected issues in the future.

Applicant Tracking System Advantages

The Biggest Applicant Tracking System Advantage is Streamlined Hiring Process

 The best thing about an Applicant Tracking System is that it reduces the overall time spent on administrative activities and speeds up the recruitment process instantly. With an Applicant Tracking Software, companies need not publish their listings on job boards and send emails individually since they can do all of this with just a couple of clicks. Therefore, an ATS can help companies optimize their hiring process and save plenty of time for other more important tasks.

Improved Quality of Hire is another advantage of ATS

 Applicant Tracking Systems are known to enhance the overall quality of hire. Owing to the initial automatic matching of candidates, recruiters only hire the best talent from the applicant pool. With the automation of administrative activities, recruiters save a huge amount of time that they can utilize to engage with potential candidates in the selection procedure. Therefore, recruiters can collect more important information from candidates before finalizing their hiring selection.

Better Candidate Experience is one of the top benefits of Applicant Tracking System

 Most recruiters agree with the fact that candidate experience is of utmost importance as it ensures better engagement. In addition to streamlining the recruitment process, Applicant Tracking Systems improve the candidate experience manifold. To give an example, recruiters optimize their hiring process by making use of an ATS to send personalized texts and emails to their candidates. Clearly, an ATS makes for an efficacious technological solution that enhances the candidate experience and speeds up the recruitment process concurrently.

Strong employer brand is another advantage of an ATS

Applicant Tracking Systems make up for an incessant and engaging hiring process which in turn strengthens employer branding. Companies can attract and engage a large number of candidates with the help of an ATS. Moreover, recruiters can create branded and auto-updating career pages to leave a good impression on candidates and improve their talent pool.

Collaborative hiring is another benefit of Applicant Tracking Software

 There is no doubt that recruiters are effectively shaping future teams with the help of new technology. Moreover, Applicant tracking systems come with outstanding features that pave the way for collaborative hiring. ATS allows HR teams to quickly share important notes and give ratings to candidates in order to facilitate collective decision-making among workers. In addition to that, collaborative hiring offers amazing benefits to companies looking forward to creating highly diverse and productive teams.

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Applicant Tracking System Disadvantages

Now that you are acquainted with the pros of an Applicant Tracking System, let us proceed and discuss the various drawbacks of the same.

A Disadvantage of ATS is missing qualified applicants due to wrong keyword selection

 Owing to its automated nature, ATS can undermine its own potential and make companies miss out on highly qualified applicants. The majority of the Applicant Tracking systems make use of artificial intelligence (AI) and have algorithms that search for certain predefined keywords within candidate applications so as to categorize them accordingly. Therefore, Applicant Tracking Systems pose the risk of rejecting highly qualified candidates just because they did not include certain keywords in their job application.

Automatic elimination of resumes that algorithm cannot recognize and interpret is another drawback of ATS

All the resumes that have an atypical format are usually eliminated since the ATS cannot recognize and interpret them. Applicant tracking systems can straightforwardly reject exceptionally qualified candidates due to technical mishaps or just because their resumes are differently formatted. There are some Applicant Tracking Systems that are not familiar with common fonts like Times New Roman etc. Hence, an ATS can also eliminate applications created using fonts that are not recognized by the system. This way, companies can end up losing on several well-qualified candidates.


 An Applicant Tracking System Disadvantage is that they are prone to manipulation

 It is a known fact that an ATS, just like any other tool, is open to manipulation. Candidates who are well-versed with the filtering technology of the Applicant Tracking Systems can misuse the same and take advantage of the recruitment procedure. Irrespective of whether the candidate is qualified or not, he/she can simply stuff a resume with the right set of keywords to get selected. Such manipulation of the ATS can be extremely detrimental for businesses and deserving candidates.


The ATS market is expected to reach US$ 2.34 billion by the year 2026. Being a boon to the HR industry, Applicant tracking systems serve the purpose of an efficiency booster and time saver for modern-day recruiters. With top-notch ATS solutions, companies can optimize their recruitment process and hire exceptionally talented employees. Nonetheless, no technology is flawless and hence, Applicant Tracking Systems are also bound to have some drawbacks. This makes it all the more important that you select a reliable Applicant Tracking System for your business in order to achieve the desired results. Having gone through the article, make certain that you are mindful of all the various benefits and pitfalls of ATS before you make it a part of your recruitment process.