7 Recruiting Tools to Improve Candidate Sourcing

It is a known fact that the majority of the recruiters encounter several hurdles when it comes to sourcing talented candidates. The war for talent in today’s hyper-competitive job market has made it even more challenging for them to identify prospective candidates with the right set of skills and adequate caliber. Nevertheless, recruiters and HR managers can effortlessly supercharge the recruitment process in a single go by utilizing feature-rich recruiting tools for sourcing the best talent. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best recruiting tools that will come in handy for finding high-potential candidates. So, make sure that you consider the  options discussed below before making your final choice.


Best recruiting tools for sourcing talented candidates

 Let us proceed further and take a quick look at some recruiting tools that you can utilize to source excellent candidates instantly:


 Naukri RMS is one of the best candidate sourcing tools in India

Naukri RMS is a recruitment management software in the cloud that caters to all the hiring requirements of modern-day recruiters and waives off the need for intricate paperwork, thereby helping them save time. Incredibly simple-to-use, the software is primarily employed for sourcing good quality candidates and facilitating the automation of the recruitment process. Having fulfilled the requirements of more than 2000 corporate customers, the best part is that this software comprises a trial period during which it can be used absolutely free of cost. Considered the best recruitment automation tool in India, Naukri RMS comes equipped with several incredible features that simplify the process of candidate sourcing and make it easier for recruiters to find top talent in as little time as possible.


 Hiretual is another good candidate sourcing platform

A fully-featured recruiting tool for sourcing candidates, Hiretual is used by a large number of hiring managers across the world. This recruitment solution combines your entire talent pool into a single pipeline for increased convenience. The software employs the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which identifies and ranks potential candidates, thereby allowing recruiters to connect with the best talent in the job market without making any extra effort. The greatest advantage is that recruiters can integrate their email account into Hiretual without any hassle. Therefore, you can make use of this software to source quality candidates while keeping a check on your talent pipeline simultaneously. Another important thing to note is that the lite version of Hiretual is free as it only has a limited number of features. Whereas the premium and professional versions of this software consist of a paid monthly subscription plan.


 Slack is an effective candidate sourcing tool

In addition to being an excellent communication service, Slack also serves the purpose of a great sourcing tool by helping recruiters and hiring managers to find ideal candidates for open job positions within the firm. Slack allows hiring managers to simplify and optimize their recruitment plans for yielding promising results in less time. You can reach out to hundreds of exceptional candidates by becoming a part of the local and international Slack channel network. Keeping everything else aside, Slack seamlessly integrates with plenty of third party applications unlike other sourcing tools available in the recruitment software market.

 Improver is a popular sourcing tool

 Improver is basically a browser extension that helps recruiters find the private contact details of potential candidates such as their email IDs and phone numbers from different social media platforms online to facilitate easy communication. This recruiting tool screens the profiles of various candidates on LinkedIn to find the best fit for vacant job positions in a company. It also automates the sourcing process, thereby allowing recruiters to focus on other vital tasks. Moreover, if the candidate whom you are targeting has not made his/her contact details freely available, there is no need to be concerned in the least bit. It is so because once the contact information becomes available, Improver will notify you about the same.


Connectifier is one of the best online sourcing tools 

Connectifier is another browser extension recruiting tool for sourcing good quality candidates over the internet. Easy to use, this unique messaging solution makes it possible for recruiters and hiring managers to reach out to potential candidates directly. With a recruiting tool like Connectifier, you can easily gain access to the contact details of candidates, including their social media profiles and email addresses.


AngelList is a great tool for sourcing candidates 

AngelList is a candidate sourcing tool that allows hiring managers to connect with the right talent in an instant. With this recruiting tool in hand, you can easily find the personal contact information of suitable job candidates and efficiently manage their talent pool in one place. Being a networking tool, Angelist also gives potential candidates access to details about the recruiters too. You can also utilize the search features of this tool to filter the best candidates before they forward their applications for various job roles.


Contactout is an excellent sourcing tool for recruiters

Contactout is a Chrome browser extension that enables recruiters to find the phone numbers, email IDs and other contact details of potential job candidates. By utilizing the search feature of this sourcing tool, you can find a large number of diverse candidates on different social networks like LinkedIn etc. Moreover, you can deploy this recruiting tool to contact multiple prospective candidates at the same time. Another added benefit is that Contactout is highly user-friendly and it comes with a free trial as well.


It has become imperative for modern HR teams to embrace new technological approaches in order to stand out in a highly competitive job market. With the effective deployment of advanced recruiting tools, you can reduce the total amount of time and effort spent on sourcing exceptionally qualified candidates for newly created vacancies. Therefore, if your aim is to source good quality candidates for filling the vacant job positions within your company, make sure you pick the right set of recruiting tools to meet your business needs and get the best results.