6 Myths About Automation In HR

Taking into consideration the swift adoption of modern digital technologies in the present-day recruitment industry, the human resources software market is expected to be valued at $9.89 billion by the year 2022. Despite the rising number of recruiters supporting the use of tech-enabled tools, a lot of misinformation about HR technologies is being circulated across the web. Nevertheless, the truth is that hiring automation can work wonders for digitizing manual repetitive talent acquisition tasks, thereby decreasing the overall workload of the HR team instantaneously. From facilitating payroll management to quickly paving the way for core policy generation, automated workflows can add quality and consistency to the recruitment process. Another notable advantage of new-age technologies is that they come in handy for attracting passive job candidates in the current hot employment market. This article seeks to debunk the persistent myths about HR automation and shed light on the potential it holds for supercharging recruitment.

Here are 6 Miconceptions about Automation in HR:

 Jobs will be eliminated due to HR automation

 One of the biggest misconceptions about HR automation is that the technology’s ultimate purpose is to eliminate jobs. Without a doubt, this is what prevents human resources professionals from investing in automation tools and hence, they are unable to use the same to their own advantage. On the contrary, automation in HR aims to streamline monotonous manual activities and get rid of inefficiencies from the talent acquisition process to ensure that company goals are achieved at the earliest. To give an instance, a regular workday of HR professionals revolves around fulfilling tedious administrative tasks that consume a great deal of valuable time and effort. By opting for digital HR technologies, they can easily automate many aspects of the hiring process and improve engagement within the departments. Hence, HR automation aims to make employees more efficient at their jobs so that they can drive progress and help the business grow.

 Artificial Intelligence is same as Automation in HR

A large number of HR professionals believe that HR automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the same. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that these two technologies are quite different. Automation refers to the technology that helps recruiters streamline manual hiring tasks so that they are left with more free time in hand which they can devote to fulfilling other important organizational activities. But HR automation solutions cannot work on their own and hence, they require the involvement of human judgment. On the other hand, tools powered by Artificial Intelligence learn from machine learning and perform repetitive tasks using the collected data.

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It is difficut to implement HR automation

 There is a widespread belief that implementing automation in HR is highly complex and difficult as it involves plenty of additional costs which cannot be borne by businesses with a limited budget. But with the rapid technological advancements in the talent acquisition landscape, automation solutions have become much cheaper. Companies just have to bear the installation costs in the beginning and they are all good to go. Moreover, other charges associated with maintenance and software updates are pretty easy to afford. Moreover, hiring managers usually have plenty of concerns regarding the deployment of HR technology such as dealing with bugs, training employees to make effective use of the same etc. This is where a cloud-based recruitment automation software can help recruiters simplify their jobs as one does not need to possess any technical knowledge for getting started with it.


There is not much tech support available for automation technologies

 Many recruiters are afraid that if they integrate an HR automation solution into their business and come across an issue, they will not be able to receive immediate tech support. When it comes to picking out a recruitment automation solution for the HR department, it becomes important for recruiters to consider all the available options before making the final choice. This way they can effortlessly find trustworthy software vendors and make them familiar with their business model for producing A1 outcomes. Whenever there is a problem with the solution, human resources professionals can instantly connect with their vendors and get the much needed technical support imperative for resolving the issue that they are facing.

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Very few companies use automation technologies

 Another popular misconception among recruiters is that automation technologies have only recently made their way into the talent acquisition landscape and very few companies are using the same. Nevertheless, digital automation tools have been around for quite some time now and organizations are increasingly investing in them to increase the overall efficiency of their HR teams. Automation in HR helps companies with their core business operations such as screening applicants’ resumes, creating effective hiring workflows, managing the performance of workers, facilitating communication between managers etc. Chatbots and big data analytics are some of the popular automation technologies that are being leveraged for turbocharging the recruitment process

It is difficult to test automation efficiency

 Multitudes of recruiters think that it is impossible to test the effectiveness of automation technologies. But the reality is that HR professionals can easily find out whether automation is helping them achieve their business goals or not. For example, they can experience a notable increase in the speed of hire by conducting live video interviews using automation tools to screen the applicants faster. Above all, hiring managers easily gain access to valuable data-based insights to spot bottlenecks in the recruitment process and make the needed changes for driving the best results.


Owing to the increasing acceptance for intelligent automation technologies in today’s hiring landscape, the HR industry is bound to undergo a massive transformation in the coming times. Now that advanced digital tools constantly evolving, recruiters globally are embracing technology to handle strategic HR tasks with more efficiency. Contrary to popular belief, HR automation possesses the potential to benefit both large corporations and small companies alike. Above all, streamlining the various human resources processes can help organizations prevent the loss of valuable data in case of any unforeseen event. So, make it a point to effectively utilize the latest automation technologies to enhance your HR team’s productivity and achieve core business objectives without undergoing major hardships.