5 Recruitment Marketing Ideas for Your Organization

Recruiting employees from the current available talent pool is not an easy task. As millenials have entered the work arena, there have been persistent questions about their ability to fit in the existing workplace. They are a generation that doesn’t like to get stuck doing the same thing, and know how to utilize technology better to find solutions and get ahead.  Along with a different skillset, the millennial also bring a different mindset to the workplace, adjusting to which is a major challenge for employers. It is important for organizations to embrace the change to attract the best talent that can contribute to their growth. Recruiters have to start adapting their talent acquisition strategies and techniques to appeal to the current generation of workforce. This is where recruitment marketing techniques become important.

Learn here recruitment marketing ideas that can help you attract and retain the best talent.


What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment Marketing is the strategy implemented by employers to find, attract, source and nurture niche talent even before they apply to their job.  The concept is very similar to Marketing, where we know of a Funnel, which prominently has 5 stages, namely Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty and Advocacy. This funnel represents the buyer journey, where either they descend into the next stage of funnel or exit the funnel depending on their interest. Recruitment marketing is also a top of the funnel activity which intends to create awareness regarding the job, and employer so as to generate interest in active and passive jobseekers who might be looking for a change in their career or brand. It is the job of recruitment marketing to make such jobseekers a part of the recruitment funnel.

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How to create an effective recruitment marketing campaign?

In order to create a recruitment marketing campaign that works, recruiters need to start thinking like modern marketers and consider jobseekers like customers. The process involves creating awareness, curiosity, trust, and engagement for the brand and targeting it towards a particular pool of talent through the most conducive channels. An effective recruitment marketing campaign involves 3 steps:

  • Creating a strong Employer Brand
  • Segmenting and Targeting Talent Pool
  • Nurturing the talent pool and pipeline

5 Recruitment Marketing Strategies for 2019

  1. Creating an authentic brand identity is an effective recruitment marketing strategy
  2. Showcasing a careers website that attracts and converts candidates
  3. Creating your own talent community is a top recruitment marketing strategy
  4. Using Gamification is an effective recruitment marketing tool
  5. Using mobile at the center of your recruitment marketing strategy

Creating an authentic brand identity is an effective recruitment marketing strategy

It is important to advertise the employer brand on various channels to attract talented individuals to your organization. However, candidates want to see real people that make your employer brand and not glossy stock pictures. Make sure you tell people what you stand for, how great your company is at certain things and where you see the brand in the future. A good workplace has individuals with their own stories to tell. These stories can have a massive impact on the brand’s ability to attract new talent. These are the people with whom they will be spending most of their day with. Therefore, it makes sense to use inspirational stories of your employees along with their real pictures inside the office to showcase your company culture.

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Showcasing a careers website that attracts and converts candidates

It’s established by now that recruiting top talent is more of a sales and marketing effort, and therefore the jobs or careers you are selling needs an online shop window just like you would have for every other product. Careers website is the place where all your content, goals, ideas and stories should sit comfortably together. The career site needs to be able to talk with candidates in a language they understand. From the design to the content, everything needs to feel relevant to your audience. There is only one chance to make the perfect impression and it takes a perfect website for that.

Creating your own talent community is a top recruitment marketing strategy

Recruiting for a new vacancy takes a toll on the available resources of the company. Therefore, recruiters are constantly looking for ways to reduce the cost of recruitment and the timeframe over which a position is empty. One innovative method for doing this is building a talent pool. A talent pool is a list of qualified candidates who can be readily referred to in case a vacancy arises. This talent pool builds over time, as a part of the past recruitment efforts and constant engagement. Such a pool is a wonderful way to keep talented individuals at easy reach. This is also one of the most cost-effective and time-efficient way of recruiting as you will not have to keep advertising your vacancy. The talent community sidesteps the requirement to advertise on job boards or social media every time there is a new vacancy. Once you have your own talent community on your database they can be contacted without cost whenever there is a requirement.

Using Gamification is an effective recruitment marketing tool

Online games are a big draw for the youth today. If you can use gamification as a part of your recruitment marketing plan, it will make you appear as a dynamic and innovative employer.  This technique especially works wonders for industries that require problem solvers, dynamic and creative individuals. Gamification, such as an online contest on your website can allow candidates to compete against each other where the winner will automatically qualify for a role.   Since the millennial have grown up living around mobile games, video games, and online games, gamification will automatically inspire and motivate them to apply for a job.

Using mobile at the center of your recruitment marketing strategy

One of the defining characteristics of the millennial generation is that they want answers on the go, and therefore, heavily dependent on their always online smartphones. As such, having mobile at the core of your recruitment marketing strategy is not only desirable but essential. It is necessary to have a functional and quality mobile recruitment app for your target jobseekers, as most of them are already searching for jobs on their mobile.  The mobile app will give your company a competitive advantage putting you in front of the queue when jobseekers are looking for their next employer. The app should be user friendly and simple to understand. Also, a responsive career site is also an absolute necessity to make sure jobseekers apply to your company before moving on to others.

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